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  1. power mode lets the gears engage quickly and gives your a better pickup and get you to a high gear in a few number of seconds. How to use it? just press the button and paddle. when to use? when you decide to race with your friends or when you get a death wish this button will come in handy. what condition to use it? use it when you have a lot of money in your wallet to throw away for fuel. Good luck
  2. Contemplating whether to keep the 185/70/14 or to go for 205/70/14... The idea of the project is to make this look classy and not sporty... So Worried of the following reasons:

    (i) The comfort level will reduce

    (ii) The classiness of the car will go away

    (iii) Fuel efficiency will drop down

    (iv) Handling will be harder

  3. Ok Update on parts purchasing for cheap... Took a Risk and ordered a center panel from Russia for the first time for Rs. 2000 with shipping, cuz couldnt find the exact teak panel from yahoo auctions as 1 of my vents in the teak panel is broken.. Let's see if this works.. they got stuff for cheap.. anyone has ordered before from Drom.ru before? for those who are looking for rare car parts, this site has got few in case you guys want to take a risk and purchase.
  4. this is not the SR18, this is the normal GA15DE engine one I bought, and yes Primera also comes with the SR18
  5. Yes, the buffer is not aligned with the bonnet, and the lights, and the bumper light is broken.. the entire body needs a restoration. Thanks Davy
  6. Guys can you let me know a good place where i can align the power shutter of my car..? seems like the power shutter is not aligned properly in the rear door and when closing the door, it gets stuck between the upper beading and getting closed. I need to fix this asap or otherwise the inner beading will get damaged. I need to find a proper person who is experienced on this matter, so is there any recommended person? (The root cause of this is, there was a visor before, and the visor has been broken for a while and sometimes when you slam the door, the window closes over the visor and maybe the window alignment got f**ked because of that. and after few days i noticed yesterday that the beading rubber has started to get damaged due to that wrong window alignment. If I don't fix this soon as the paint job is done, im f**ked for life as there is no place to get beadings for Presea..
  7. So as @PerfMad requested, here's a teaser of the car... broken and shit Right now the car is put to paint
  8. Adding few points to what crossi said... think of it in this way.. Have you watched the movie "pretty woman"? if not, do it asap and then you will not feel bad about the mileage anymore you should take the main actress (who is a whore- played by julia roberts) as an example and then you wouldn't mind about how many owners it had and the mileage anymore This was taught to me by @matroskaand ever since then i dont care about mileage and number of owners anymore so will you
  9. It has begun you guys... Project Presea Refina 'L' begins today! 

    1. PerfMad


      Good luck. Please post a teaser at least :D 

    2. Hyaenidae


      You could start a blog here on the forum and post all the updates... 💖

    3. PreseaLover


      yes that's the plan :) 

  10. Typical time wasters... no not interested in buying yours .. anyway you can't sell it either
  11. i said you advertised your car for sale 5 months ago, and you yourself admitted that i came to see the car wahahahahaha
  12. Yeah cuz liers like you believe that Cefiro's can be sold for 2.5 so I also lied saying i bought for 2.5 The engine seized after I decided to sell my car, and unlike you I didn't lie to the next buyer, I told that the engine is seized and the new buyer towed it and bought it for a lower price and of course even before selling it the whole A/L community was aware that I have seating problems in the car, and I'm about to sell it
  13. Yeah yeah when I came to inspect the car I remember ya"ll mentioning that this car was previously owned by Gamini Dissanayake.. Last time I checked, Gamini Dissanayake died in 1994 and the car was manufactured in 2000... WTF mate, don't yal know to at least lie properly? I laughed my ass off soo hard from the inside and kept my mouth shut and came back like a goat, cuz I really didn't want to waste my time with you guys arguing about the death of the minister and manufactured year of this car..
  14. I know this car... it's exactly his fathers car.. i went to inspect this particular car while I was looking for Cefiro's few months back and didn't buy it. Now the question arises.., if it has so much demand as he claims why isn't it sold until now for over 5 months? I went to inspect the car because this same description was given in the advertisement too and it made me wanna go buy it, but when I actually saw the car it made me wanna puke, sorry not sorry. Not condemning your car but you need to do an interior cleaning and bring the interior of the car to proper order as the interior condition is poor and seats has been abused the reason I didn't even take your car for a ride after coming to inspect is because I was highly dissatisfied with the condition of the car I'm mentioning this here cuz I don't want to see a fellow A/L member falling for this bulshit and wasting his time... you have mentioned in the advert that there is not even sound when the engine is started. I just wanted to ask "Are you deaf?" at the time i came to inspect the car, but then again didnt wan't to waste my breath on it too... so like I said, spare us the bulshit please and don't mislead people here..
  15. bulshit... they don't bring singapore engines to SL, that's what every shop said.. only the Neo Engine.. i checked every possible corner in the country even in galle.. in every shop they said, cefiro parts are rare, so spare us the crap
  16. I saw that my cefiro is put up for sale again all over fb and in the quick site.. feel sorry for the next buyer sigh..
  17. well honestly the cefiro is not the greatest as people claim to be it is.. I was expecting more of a comfortable and better ride but it was not upto expectations.. then i realized that people boast too much about the cefiro (which i fell for and bought), Pickup wise its good, but apart from the better pickup and speed it is just a normal car.. comfort level is also not the greatest.. well I could say the comfort level is a lil bit higher than the presea specifically on potholes but in a highway it will give the same comfort level... I didn't try to speed up to 260 cuz I didn't want to die.. it has a lot of space.. the people in the back can have a threesome easily... the excimo version is better in comfort level than the singapore leather seat version cuz the excimo comes with fabric seats..test drove excimo's too and that's what i felt.. so anyway, anyone who still wants to buy a cefiro, go for the excimo and not the leather seat version.. but i would suggest a cedric or laurel over the cefiro which has more options... well i dont have any positive experience on the cefiro to share much
  18. I did a gearbox overhaul from them in my previous presea... after the overhaul it felt good, like the gearbox was smooth, better pickup and gear change and they give a 6 month warranty too.. costed me only 28k for the overhaul and 6k for the gear oil, so its worth it.. after all its your own gearbox you repair, and you never know the condition of a reconditioned gearbox you buy.. I drove for 7 months after the overhaul and sold the car, i didnt have a problem with it.. im sure the new owner doesnt have any problem with it yet so far, cuz if there is a problem she would let me know... no complaints that means the car is still running good after a year.
  19. on average it does 5 that also if you keep your acceleration below 2000, and if not it will do 4 I had to keep 2 extra 1 litre bottles of spare petrol in my dickey when I had the cefiro
  20. Overhauling the gearbox is the best thing to do.. its cheaper and reliable too.. You need to pay a visit to 'Nilwala Motors' at Madiwala and see what's the issue, they do a good job and the prices are affordable... Totally recommend!
  21. Guys, since the year end is coming, if you come across any Tyre shops giving out discounts for Alloy Wheels and Tyres do let me know :D the tyres and alloy wheels are in the roadmap of my project and discounts would help alot :D 

    1. PerfMad


      Check stevans tyres at dehiwala junc (follow their fb page) wheels i guess may be JJ lanka ?

    2. PreseaLover


      yeah I was thinking JJ.. last time also i did from JJ.. ahhh thanks il check their page :) 

    3. PerfMad


      i bought 2 tyres for my honda from them last year (brand was ZETA, they have chinese and thailand both and claimed they will gv 50k KM warrenty) so far no issues have done 10+k KM on those and still in perfect shape. THey do have other brands too

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