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  1. Ok guys so i took the car to Pet#o lanka (kolpetty branch).. they removed the setup, did all the relevant checks installed a new unit also and checked and even for the new unit, the songs skips and plays for high bass... if you use the balance button and send the output to one speaker and play, then it plays without skipping beats - it only breaks when the balance is set to CENTER... if you give the output to a single speaker out of the 4, then it works fine... so this cant be because of a faulty alternator or anything right? ... so after 1.5 hours of checking they said, bring the car on another day and they will check the complete wiring and if its not ok, then will redo the wiring..
  2. ahh right, i will check with them too, thanks davy
  3. Ok so my power antenna broke few days back and i bought a new reconditioned one.. that also broke few days back, so i took it to an electrician.. he said there is a problem in the circuit and a radio making electrician needs to check the circuit.. so took it to a radio fellow and he said since there are 3 wires, he needs the power circuit to test it.. then i told it to the electrician and he said that radio guy doesnt know and without fixing it to a power circuit you can check whats wrong... so i need to find a proper radio maker to have my circuit fixed.. do you know anyone who can attend to this? anyone around darley road which i can give this circuit to?
  4. ahhh right... nah brightness is my main concern as i cant see in the night
  5. these are not LED's these are halogens not much of a HID or LED fan
  6. do you have a link of a product that you recommend?
  7. didnt check if its getting dimmed with the other though.. ah ok il check the wiring then
  8. oh damn, I thought this is the pair of bulbs didnt realize it until you told, thanks man
  9. ah right.. im gonna try the bulb in the 2nd link and see then
  10. Ah I forgot to mention that, when the songs skips and gets silenced in each second for songs with bass, the lights (reading lamps) in the car gets dimmed as well .. what does this say?
  11. Any idea where I can get the 7.5 size FUSE?
  12. Anyone have bought any of the below 2 Nightbreakers? @Magnum? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Osram-H4-472-Night-Breaker-Unlimited-Performance-Headlight-Bulb-64193NBU-01B/192668914725?hash=item2cdbf65425:g:50oAAOSwj81bqP2u:rk:6:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sale-Osram-H4-Night-Breaker-LASER-Bulb-x1-130-More-Light-472-64193NBL-01B/352468866031?hash=item5210c813ef:g:XVQAAOSw1fdbqPzF:rk:10:pf:0
  13. Ah right, I will have this checked.. thanks for the info
  14. no the 2nd pioneer was tested with just high volume.. vibration as in - lets say a song begins with no bass and then in the middle the bass starts.. so until the bass starts its very clear and when the bass kicks in, then because of the bass the car doors vibrates.. in my previous kenwood speakers, even if i hit 40, the doors didnt vibrate.. yeah the whole speaker itself vibrates (tested without the boards) and those are mounted properly... so how can i checked the actual issue with regards to point number 1) ?
  15. guys.. problem... i installed the speakers and everything... in the morning the pioneer player stopped working, as in not even the display came up... so the guy who did the speaker installations said that a fuse was blown, so he wrapped the fuse with a wire and the player started working again... he said this is temporary, so buy a 0.75 fuse and put it as they dont have that fuse... (i didnt install the new fuse yet).. even after this, for songs that has high bass, then song plays but skips every second and given a silence every second when it plays.. i switched off the bass and played those songs and the songs works fine.. for the songs that doesnt have a high bass, this issue is not there... what could be the issue here? also where can i find a 7.5 size fuse? and another thing is that, when you increase the volume to around 30, the speakers gives a vibration.. so the guy put another pioneer player and tested and the speakers didnt vibrate like it did.. so he said the setup I have doesn't control the audio well... this is a genuine pioneer double din setup i bought.. can anyone advise on this?
  16. Anyone has a set of H4 Nightbreakers I could buy from? Forgot to buy the nightbreakers during the restoration process.

    1. asrock


      Machan I think I removed mine from the allion when I sold it. Let me check.

  17. Those who work around HNB Towers, where do ya”ll park? Any spot with free parking?

    1. matroska


      There's a paid park near Access Tower/ BOC it gets full in the morning around 9-10 parking is a premium in that area 

    2. PreseaLover


      @matroskaah is that so.. I never pay for my parking 😛 we shifted to HNB Towers so finding a place to horen park when i occasionally drive to office :D 

    3. asrock


      HNB HQ has a good car park, it always has space when I go there.

  18. mate, is this place somewhere around here?---> https://www.google.lk/maps/place/McCallum+Rd,+Colombo/@6.9272269,79.8608127,3a,75y,40.85h,93.78t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s78B0PHgUfK5sWa9Jo5UcEQ!2e0!3e11!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x3ae25919dfe2d157:0x9db6ee1c80ec7941!8m2!3d6.9313923!4d79.8549925
  19. It is not limited out of the Preseas in SL, almost 75% of them has these
  20. yes its an R11.. The spoiler, 1.8l and manual transmission comes in normal preseas too.. my first presea had a spoiler and was manual..
  21. hmmm.. specs are the same as the normal presea though.. but havent seen a pic of a single black star PR11 presea in the net.. wonder why..
  22. The Blackstar was built only for the R10 model from 91 to 94, not for the R11 models that came after 95..
  23. Why didn't Nissan Make BLACK Presea's at all? I mean there is no black Presea's even in the internet, and even in Sri Lanka I have only seen 5 Black Presea's for my entire life.. WHY?
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