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  1. Giving away the Presea if I get a very high offer over 2.1. If it doesn't meet my expected offer, I won't sell it. Why? Because I'm bored with my life and keeping it only cause I've invested a lot on it. I will either way sell it when Covid is over to fly for Music concerts. I don't love cars anymore. 

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    2. Hyaenidae


      @PreseaLover Everything degrades over time my man. There's a good chance for your love for music concerts to last as long as your love for cars did

    3. iRage


      What if Bono does something despicable and breaks your heart ?

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      I dunno man. I’m confused. Your older posts say a whole different story. Maybe try politics? You seem to change your beliefs and policies. Just right for politics 😛

  2. oh no, in reality i will never have 2 preseas with me at the same time. In fact at anytime I might sell when i get bored, cuz its a f**kin waste to just have a car at home not running at all
  3. mileage seems to be genuine.. i sold it at 151k
  4. Aaand I think I miss my white Presea, I want it back... but I also want my Black Presea, so I don't want to sell it.. I want both.. though I drive only 5km's for the whole month
  5. I saw I saw basically the current owner has copy pasted my same sale description I had for that car 2 years ago I think she has f**ked it up
  6. Never seen light blue tints in Sri Lankan cars.. how come? why only black and green tints?

    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Personal preference I guess 

  7. Howdy fellas? :D 

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    2. asrock


      @PreseaLover Good to see you machan!

    3. PreseaLover


      time to crawl back in wage :D 

    4. Kavvz


      lol! No don't do that...Give us an update on the two Preseas. Do you have both of them? And did you get the pictures done up as you wanted? 

  8. We can also call Gamini Viyangoda and Chandraguptha Thenuwara to file the petition
  9. logged in after 2 weeks (due to having dengue fever and being in the hospital and all that shit) and ammatasiri this thread is still going? dafaq you guys??? first thing i see when i logged it...*shakes my head and logs out again- take me back to the hospital*
  10. This thread is still going on??? Wake me up, when DFSK ends!
  11. @Nee what Davy said My first car was also presea, 2nd also presea and 4th also presea so go for it!
  12. OMG I'm going to sell my Presea and buy this!
  13. Usually I go at around 6pm and then I get the car at around 4am 7am is too warm to stay the whole day, so I take a pack of ciggies with me and spend the night there when there is less crowd, less noisy and less warm and sometimes I take few beers also, and a friend who lives closeby (who is also a customer of Ravi), and we do beers and chat till morning
  14. that's a weird warm start issue. I'm interested in knowing what causes this too.
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