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  1. PreseaLover

    Does anyone have this rubber piece and plastic?

    I tried in darley road and panchi but couldnt find this part 😕
  2. Guys, in one of my headlights this plastic piece and the rubber part as highlighted in the image below is not there. The bulb is directly fitted to the lamp casing without these. Since the bulbs are H4, I'm guessing the rubber circle and the plastic from many vehicles will fit??.. Anyway at least I'm guessing, these parts in Nissan vehicles will be compatible with any... Does anyone have a broken headlamp which yal don't use, so that I could get that rubber part and the plastic part from that broken headlamp?
  3. PreseaLover


  4. PreseaLover


    After 10 years of use, the air bag sensors and the mechanisms of the airbag deploying in most cars fail and there is nothing you can do about it. Take the car to Ravi and get it checked and he will tell you what to do. Just because the indicator light comes up doesnt mean you have to replace the airbag. most probably you will have to redeploy the existing airbags. It will cost you around a good 10k. Just take the car to Nissan Ravi in Kelaniya. That's the only mechanic I trust.
  5. PreseaLover

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    its called CX-668.. In the tyre itself it is mentioned "low noise"
  6. PreseaLover

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    the tyre shops guys told me that they dont bring the original bridgestone jap tyre anymore because its too pricey, so they import the taiwan one which wares off in just 10k km's.. my previous bridgestone could run only 2 services and it wore off (it was a taiwan one)
  7. PreseaLover

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    They dont bring down the Japanease Bridgestone to SL anymore, its the thaiwan version of Bridgestone they have nowadays!
  8. PreseaLover

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Bought Nankang for the first time and comparing to Bridgestone, and Westlake there is a huge improvement.. Noise is very less in the highway, and comfort is higher in the Nankang comparing to the other two... Realized the Bridgestone is a shitty tyre after upgrading to Nankang.
  9. Quick  question guys... whats the pressure amount I should pump to my tyres? The guy pumped upto 33 of nitrogen in all 4 tyres for the Nankangs.. he said if i dont put 35 the tyres will be worn out soon.. as i remember in my previous preseas i pumped 30.. is this statement true?

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    2. Magnum


      35 sounds bit too much for a car. Btw i thought you were gonna get Michelin tyres

      @alpha17 If im not wrong, the tyre pressure is mentioned in kpa in all JDM vehicles

    3. PreseaLover


      I was going to get michelling for my credit card (under installments), and when i went to D*MO to purchase, they said michellin stock is over and will not arrive for a month and then  the  offer wont be there, so had to go with Nankang, but the nankang is superb, its a huge transformation from bridgestone... very less road noise and higher comfort that bridgestone

    4. alpha17


      @Magnum sorry mate.lack of experience😅

  10. PreseaLover

    ##### So long 2018 and Welcome 2019 !! #####

    Happy new year to you all
  11. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    ah i thought you call that long pole that connects the two tyres are called the axle in the rear as well? the entire rear suspension kit was replaced along with this long pole as it came together after replacing this automatically an ABS issue in the car was also fixed, (didnt have to spend additionally on breakliners and racers as well as everything came with it) so it was a win for me
  12. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    replaced the rear axle of the presea and replaced the tires with Nankang... feels like heaven (roadnoise is really low) and such a compy set of tires... the project is almost coming to and end by the end of next week.. so much to include in the blog as well.. this time every worn out part was replaced the the project was huge.. will update the blog soon..
  13. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    on another note, one of my rear wheels are sort of crooked.. maybe due to an accident by a previous owner.. the smart wheels guys said that the drum needs to be fixed so i took it to this 'autobox' place in malay street and they said the entire rear axle needs to be replaced as thats the only solution.. anyone have experience in replacing the rear axle bar?
  14. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    ok so finally i went to a place in pannipitiya.. solid guy... i told him about the setup issue and the moment he got into the car he only took around 10 seconds to tell me that the issue is not in the setup but in the charging system of the car.. the problem doesnt occur when the car is in start but when in ignition mode.. he fixed the vibration issue for just 300 bucks just by configuring the pioneer setup.. the + and - of the speakers also has been setup wrong... anyway now its confirmed that the fault is in my charging system cuz the battery shop dudes also said the proper current doesnt come to the battery from the alternator.. now trying to find a proper electrician to fix this.. probably il try lucky in mabole... anyway for all those who are hoping to fix setups or related issues, better than going to these popular joints that doesnt know shit, go to this guy, he is a properly knowlegeable dude (i was also told to go here by a friend of mine).. his audio shop is infront of pannipitiya cargills...
  15. Ok so this time Restoration I think, I replaced  every possible worn out part, and spent more than the last and and the satisfaction is also higher than the last.. still not done with it though.. Basically to replace a worn out nickle handle I purchased an entire Presea door! We are talking about that kind of a restoration here cuz i have severe OCD. 

    1. alpha17


      Still not done yet!!!😨😨😨