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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic

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  1. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    of course it is! its a classic!
  2. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    not 70, but upto 50 I would totally chose the old I've dated more 40 year olds more than the young ones
  3. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    for everything in life... older the better
  4. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    the 2 dogs can go in the dickey, and if the 14 children are still babies they all can fit in the presea. You can even put two dead bodies in the trunk of the presea
  5. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    NO. .. I had trouble finding a presea because i had so many requirements like, YOM, Numbers that fit my taste, transmission, interior etc. and that's why this presealogist took decades. since the OP has not specified any of it, its a piece of cake to buy a Presea
  6. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    the OP hasn't given specifics.. for those who asks questions like this without mentioning specifics, I also give answers like this
  7. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    Nissan Presea R11
  8. PreseaLover

    Timing Chain - Nissan Fb14

    what? The FB 14 had a B13 engine?? dafaq man?
  9. PreseaLover

    Nissan Pulsar VZR SR16VE neo

    Yeah i think the dude is a little bit sick. He has created around 50 Nissan groups for each car (nissan bluebird, nissan pulsar bla bla).. he doesn't like any other models.. Only Nissans.. so his world IS nissan.
  10. PreseaLover

    Nissan Pulsar VZR SR16VE neo

    yeah yeah that's the guy.. his 2nd name is Lakshan. Really? I havent gone in his car but what he says is that he has the best pulsar in the country.. well what a f**k up then no wonder he sold his car for a shitty price then.
  11. PreseaLover

    Timing Chain - Nissan Fb14

    NO. The FB14 engine comes with Timing chain and not timing belt.
  12. PreseaLover

    Nissan Pulsar VZR SR16VE neo

    you mean Lakshan's VZR right? He spent a fortune on it to build and then he sold it, I don't understand it man.. Yes i checked the car, its his car... he sold it last year.. @thushanthatjI know the previous owner too he is a friend of mine as far as I know he sold it for a pretty low price and I see this is advertised for a higher price
  13. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    Nope, was in colombo this weekend. Mine is easier to recognize.. HQ number.
  14. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    Thought of sharing this valuable information.. specially will be useful for users of old cars... So during my restoration process a part that I had to fix was the gear selector glass as it was broken.. I had two choices, either to replace the entire gear shifter panel which costs around 7k or to find a way to fix the broken glass.. then I found out this place infront of mount lavinia courts, where they completely make a new glass of the gear selector as per the original way, so i gave it a try and they made it exactly as how it was. They do it for any vehicles so if any of you need to fix your gear selector glass, you can get it done from this place. But you need to take the broken sample with you, so they would know the dimensions before making. They only took Rs. 1800 for the job and did it in 2 days. Here is the new one. No one could even figure out this is not the original one right?
  15. PreseaLover

    Phase 2 - 1st coat of paint

    thanks boss