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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic

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  1. ArtfulDodger

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Yes, exactly why I'm planning this trip Full load with 4 more people in the Cefiro
  2. ArtfulDodger

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    so its time for the annual trip again.. this time we have extended the budget... how much does the blackwood bunglow cost btw? the requirement this time is a 3 day trip and should be in the mountains far far away from colombo and should be cold.. the plan is to stay the first night in 1 place and the 2nd night in another new places within a 100km radius... any suggestions guys?
  3. ArtfulDodger

    Help to Buy a car

    can give you a Cefiro A33 for that price if you are interested.
  4. ArtfulDodger

    Carpooling / Ride Sharing

    one app is functioning i see.. check carpooling .lk
  5. ArtfulDodger

    Carpooling / Ride Sharing

    Yes, and along for the ride with the cefiro
  6. ArtfulDodger

    Carpooling / Ride Sharing

    so have you started ride sharing so far? Btw there is a carpooling app also in SL ryt? is it functioning?
  7. Ever since I bought the Cefiro my spine problem has worsened and I happened to go for treatments again 😕 not sure if I can drive any other car or should I go for a presea again.. never felt a single pain sitting in the presea... advice please? 

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    2. PerfMad


      Why are you silent these days? I was expecting some daily status updates.. Looks like ur really happy with your new purchase after all :D 

    3. ArtfulDodger


      @PerfMad I dont know what to do with my car anymore.. whether to keep it or sell it.. one day i like it and the next day i want to go for another.. I did a math with the 3 number plates I had in my previous cars and this, and according to the numerology findings of mine and my calculations, I should not sell it within this month. So waiting till august is over... 

    4. matroska


      wtf did i just read ...keep it bung... good cefiro's are hard to come by :D take her for a long trip and ride it till it gives a really horrible gear-box issue. Then sell it off to crosswind.


  8. ArtfulDodger

    Buy a car

    You can buy a Nissan Cefiro for 2.2M from me.
  9. Drove the Cefiro at 150... Ammmahhhhh... I'm not selling the Cefiro you guys! 

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    2. PerfMad


      May be he started counting from 100kmph  :D

    3. asrock


      @ArtfulDodger Glad that you are still alive 🤪

    4. Crosswind


      Like I said earlier, we need the video.

  10. Any comments on a ROVER 75? 

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    2. ArtfulDodger


      Ah ok.. there is a rover 75 getting restored right now, but and a toyota engine...

    3. sathyajithj99


      You are crazy you know that? 😂

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Run, sarama ussan run fast! Big no no. 

  11. Guys I saw a black mark 2 and now I really want to buy a mark 2.. but I still didnt get the book from RMV to sell the cefiro.. what should I do? I don't mind even an exchange 

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    2. Crosswind


      Im trying to do u  a favour here. Nobody else will buy that car unless you give a free petrol bowser with it

    3. ArtfulDodger


      You know jack about cefiro's.. This car has a huge market and people are there to buy.. There was a white cefiro that went from an owner to a broker.. I missed buying the car from both of them.. likewise i missed quite a few cefiro's within hours trying to buy it.. 

    4. Crosswind


      Where? Manning market, Dambulla market or Peliyagoda fish market?

  12. The goal is to change cars every 6 months and go for upgrades every 6 months time. This way I get to drive many cars in my life and upgrading as well whilst the vehicle prices rise up accordingly... 

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    2. NRX


      Ado there is a Skyline 250GT in quick site :D 😍

    3. ArtfulDodger


      why is the skyline going for such a low price?

    4. iRage


      Because...you don't get Genuine Original Nassan parts at every shop in Panchi/Delkanda/etc...because it doesn't get 15kmpl like the fatta doctor sunny. No resale value....Sunny has appreciation, these cars are useless because they come with depreciation...

  13. ArtfulDodger

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

  14. ArtfulDodger

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    can anyone explain the 'POWER MODE' button and its functionality to me?
  15. ArtfulDodger

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    So for those who wanted to know in detailed differences of the Excimo and 2.0 I analyzed the 2 cars as I went to inspect close to 30 cefiro's (both eximo and 2.0's) here they are... 1. Singa version has electric seats, leather seats, auto bonnet (no need of pulling out that iron pole to have it stabilized, once you lift the bonnet it stays in the air supported by bonnet shocks) 2. singa version has an odometer of 260km/h but japan version has only upto 180km/h 3. singa version is faster in pickup and japan version is slower compared to the jap 4. japan version has the grille similar to the N17 and singa version has a different grille 5. Singa version comes with size 15 tyres by default and jap version comes with size 14 6. Singa version comes with 2 cigerette lighters..one for the dashboard and one in the rear.. so you can have 2 charging points 7. you can change the brightness of the odometer in the night in the singa version but in jap version you cant do that.. I also saw 2 different excimo models - one had the rear speakers in the rear doors and the other had the rear speakers in the board behind the rear seats. However, in the singa version the rear speakers comes to the rear doors. If I have missed anything in this list please add