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  1. Hi all, I’m planning to upgrade from Viva Elite to Picanto 2018. But I’m confused as to whether is it a worthwhile upgrade? Because following facts are similar in both: 1) Engine capacity 2) Features (ABS, SRS) 3) Fuel efficiency 4) Ride quality And I’m planning to buy brand new and use it for minimum 5 years. Please help me to settle my mind. My other option is Lancer Ex, but it would be older. Thanks.
  2. firstgear

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    I have felt the shaking on both these flyovers. But I haven't felt that shaking when I was driving another vehicle.
  3. firstgear

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    Thank you @ghostwriter for the detailed post about your experience. Points taken. I didn't feel any vibrations. I only came to know about this when I requested them to do a full inspection of the car because it has reached above 100k kms. They gave 5 recommendations. 1st priority is to replace the rocker cover and 5th is gear box mount. In between some other less costs things like oil seals, viper blades etc.. However now I realize that this could be the reason for the rigorous shaking of the car when I stop facing upward or downward on a flyover during traffic (it is a shaking more than a vibration). I don't get that shaking on a flat road stop.
  4. firstgear

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    Thank you Davy. I was told that oil is leaking from rocker cover and it could even damage the coils. Yes I think it is plastic. Got quote from JM as 24k. (At the agent 40k). So hopefully I can do this from a good mechanic. Replacing gearbox mount also includes replacement of engine mounts?
  5. firstgear

    Journey With The Hiace

    Thank you for sharing this. Just curious, till what mileage you are planning to keep her? Or based on what other factors you would sell? (Not for buying purpose. But to know how long one can be attached to a well maintained vehicle)
  6. I am asked to replace tapper cover (rocker cover) and gear box mount for my Viva elite (100k+ kms done). Estimate for both at the agent is about 85k with engine tune up. Any members can share your experience with this change? Are these critical jobs which I can only the trust the agent with?
  7. firstgear

    Experience With Local Agents

    Being with the car is only possible at their Hyde park and Orugodawatte branches. Ratmalana branch doesn't allow this.
  8. firstgear

    Door rubber beading worn out.

    (071) 319 0234
  9. firstgear

    Door rubber beading worn out.

    Thank you guys. Checked few shops at Darley road. They didn’t have parts for Viva. Finally replaced it from Ja*** mo*** for 2.4k.
  10. firstgear

    Door rubber beading worn out.

    Thanks for the reply. Any idea what’s this beading called? I wanna check the availability over the phone.
  11. firstgear

    Door rubber beading worn out.

    My car is viva elite. It’s door beading got worn out. Will this cause water to get inside and corrode the door? Should I replace the door to fix this or can I only replace the beading? Thank you
  12. firstgear

    Wheel alignment problem

    Thank you all 3 for your valuable inputs. I will take the car to Unimo.
  13. firstgear

    Wheel alignment problem

    Hi guys, Vehicle: viva Elite problem: recently I replaced my right hand side front wheel knuckle at Unimo. This was done by then due to a break noise. After this change I realized that tyre started to wear from outside edge. This resulted in having to change all four tyres. And did a wheel balancing and alignment at CC. Even after that I notice that particular side tyre is starting to wear from the edge. In the attached image you can see the needle like things have disappeared from one tyre and remaining on the other. When I went to CC to complain they asked me to come after 500km. I need your your suggestions on this. Thank you.