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  1. firstgear

    Wheel alignment problem

    Thank you all 3 for your valuable inputs. I will take the car to Unimo.
  2. firstgear

    Wheel alignment problem

    Hi guys, Vehicle: viva Elite problem: recently I replaced my right hand side front wheel knuckle at Unimo. This was done by then due to a break noise. After this change I realized that tyre started to wear from outside edge. This resulted in having to change all four tyres. And did a wheel balancing and alignment at CC. Even after that I notice that particular side tyre is starting to wear from the edge. In the attached image you can see the needle like things have disappeared from one tyre and remaining on the other. When I went to CC to complain they asked me to come after 500km. I need your your suggestions on this. Thank you.
  3. firstgear


    Thank you KMeeg. I consulted few people and decided not to apply there :). Thank you again for your thoughtful comments (y)
  4. firstgear


    Hi, I am planing to apply to JKCS for a lead level vacancy. Anyone know about their culture, flexibility etc?
  5. @Rumesh88 Thanks for your comment. In my case, I get the noise only at low speeds as you suggested. But I do not get the noise always. I get it only when the wheels are hot. And I don't get abs alarm (my car has abs). Should the hub be changed only if the abs alarm is triggered?
  6. Yes I understand your problem. And it's the same with me. There's no issue in parking brake, but when the adjustment varies it causes a noise when braking the normal brake. You can identify the problem more clearly if you tighten the parking brake to apply in 2 or 3 "kattas" as opposed to 4 or 5 "kattas". Then with little braking and sometimes with no braking at all that noise becomes prominent.
  7. Same thing happened to me and is happening again on my Elite. I have spent more than 25k trying to solve the problem. I replaced the drum and didn't solve the issue. The temporary solution is to adjust the parking brake. i.e. make it such that you have to pull the handle bit more higher. Then observe if you get the noise. It's a Rs.200 job.
  8. firstgear

    Vehicle Book

    It's KR.
  9. firstgear

    Vehicle Book

    Thank you very much guys. The postman brought the book today ??
  10. firstgear

    Vehicle Book

    I handed over docs to RMV on 10th of March. But they already confirmed me that the book was printed on May 27th. And their postal division told me that they don't keep the printed ones more than one week.
  11. firstgear

    Vehicle Book

    Thanks Sampath. Yes, that's what the post office also told.. They asked me to get the reference number. But again, with that reference number what can we do if the book is lost in the middle? Now I'm concerned if I would ever be able to get an original book.
  12. firstgear

    Vehicle Book

    That's sounds promising.. but will i get another original book, if they have already posted the original?
  13. firstgear

    Vehicle Book

    Hallo guys, It's been 4months since I applied for the book of my car. I got original book from the seller and applied for transfer the book under my name. I didn't receive the book yet. When I inquired from RMV they say the book has been created at the end of May. But when I inquire from the post office they say they haven't received it yet. They checked all the incoming records infant of me. Is there anyway I can get the book very soon. There's gonna be a problem, when the time comes to renew smoke test. Please advice.. Thank you.
  14. firstgear

    Services should be Provided by Fuel Stations

    Gayanath has a valid concern with a sensible opinion. Criticizing and trying to make fun of it only reflect the pessimistic attitude of most of us which deter progression as a nation.
  15. firstgear

    Brake noise when press lightly

    I have similar noise on my elite. This is after: 1) Rephasing disks 2) Replacing rebuild kit 3) Replacing brake pads 2) and 3) was done at the agents. I have taken the car to them couple of times now after the problem. But they don't seem to have a clue. And Asking to rephase the disk again. Any input is highly appreciated.