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  1. firstgear

    Microwave oven - repair shops

    I once did a repair at Abans Wellawatte. They charged 1500 or something to fix a noise by replacing some rubber. I think that's a reasonable charge.
  2. firstgear

    Hole in the seat cover

    Thanks. I’ll first try upholstery shop. second I’ll try putting seat covers. is it safe to put covers when the seat has airbags? (swift rs)
  3. firstgear

    Hole in the seat cover

    Makes sense. any treatment or solution? 🤔
  4. firstgear

    Hole in the seat cover

    Please note this is an unregistered car. It’s with me only for a week now after importing directly. what’s the solution?
  5. firstgear

    Hole in the seat cover

    A hole appeared in my seat cover this evening. What could be the reason? And what is the treatment? TIA.
  6. firstgear

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    Yes, I already have a such a plan
  7. firstgear

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    Thanks a lot AVANTE
  8. firstgear

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    Okey.. In general, with regards to Japanese vehicles, which is considered better? JDM or Export variant?
  9. firstgear

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    Do you have a similar kind of Japanese link for the Lancer ex?
  10. firstgear

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    I don't think so. Do you have a reference? I took the reference from here: https://www.stcars.sg/singapore-car/cars/suzuki-swift-6542/specification PS: Please note I mentioned in BHP and you mentioned in PS.
  11. firstgear

    Swift boosterjet vs Lancer Ex

    Thank you guys for the input. I now understand the picture. My swift is on the way from japan. Can't wait till it comes here
  12. firstgear

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    May I ask you how much you spent for the 3M tint?
  13. Can we say Swift 1litre boosterjet is more powerful than 1.5l Lancer Ex? 🤔🤔 (I haven’t driven either so far) Coz when I checked the specs Swift has an edge (109bhp and 170nm torque vs 109bhp and 143nm torque in the lancer) On top of this Swift is about 300kg lighter. I still don’t understand why 2008 Lancer Ex is going same price range as 2017 Swift Rs. 😬
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=12_4vSDHGi0ub4gzDJdlnVP28Fgg4aZX6
  15. Hi all, I’m planning to upgrade from Viva Elite to Picanto 2018. But I’m confused as to whether is it a worthwhile upgrade? Because following facts are similar in both: 1) Engine capacity 2) Features (ABS, SRS) 3) Fuel efficiency 4) Ride quality And I’m planning to buy brand new and use it for minimum 5 years. Please help me to settle my mind. My other option is Lancer Ex, but it would be older. Thanks.