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  1. Sure will do soon man. Didn't have enough time to get some good shots
  2. Thanks a lot. Btw, Swift RST comes with automatic gearbox.
  3. Swift RST imported to SL with 46000km. The owners manual doesn't mention anything about gearbox oil change/intervals. A*W recommends to change every 40,000km. Appreciate an expert view on this.
  4. I am using this beauty for the last 6 months as my daily runner: Compared to my previous watch Seiko SKX007, this one is much better in build quality. And I am surprised that the crystal is still brand new without a single scratch, unlike in the Seiko which had many scratches although Seiko claimed their hardlex is more scratch resistant than the other minerals.
  5. I once did a repair at Abans Wellawatte. They charged 1500 or something to fix a noise by replacing some rubber. I think that's a reasonable charge.
  6. Thanks. I’ll first try upholstery shop. second I’ll try putting seat covers. is it safe to put covers when the seat has airbags? (swift rs)
  7. Makes sense. any treatment or solution? 🤔
  8. Please note this is an unregistered car. It’s with me only for a week now after importing directly. what’s the solution?
  9. A hole appeared in my seat cover this evening. What could be the reason? And what is the treatment? TIA.
  10. Okey.. In general, with regards to Japanese vehicles, which is considered better? JDM or Export variant?
  11. Do you have a similar kind of Japanese link for the Lancer ex?
  12. I don't think so. Do you have a reference? I took the reference from here: https://www.stcars.sg/singapore-car/cars/suzuki-swift-6542/specification PS: Please note I mentioned in BHP and you mentioned in PS.
  13. Thank you guys for the input. I now understand the picture. My swift is on the way from japan. Can't wait till it comes here
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