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  1. true that. Make sure you take all ur meals packed if possible take a portable chair as well
  2. This is the place https://www.google.lk/maps/@6.9671699,79.9079507,3a,75y,328.9h,79.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1snUOb0Ax5Kcu42UxHRP8k3Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en his contact no - 072 214 2143 (if you are going better go in the morning and stay there and get it sorted, otherwise it will take ages to get ur car as he is a busy person)
  3. im suspecting the crank position sensor as well. If you pay a visit to Ravi (kelaniya) he should have plenty of parts to swap and verify.
  4. Guess what... My father-in-law is secretly restoring a W124 :girl_in_love: :D yesterday he took me to show that it got a good 5 cylinder engine and has not been used much so as per him engine is in good condition.. Only some of the body parts needs bit of attention and its been taken care by the tinker after everything is done, going to do a full paint job after rust proofing..  

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    2. PerfMad


      @□AVANTE□ yeah same here. i think there is a different version which comes with turbo. But the one which we are restoring and the one my father-in-law owns both are 5 cylinders but non-turbo variants 

    3. alds


      The best looking merc IMO. There's one for sale on my way to work begging for a good restoration but this is one of those "aasai bayai" cases for me. :D


    4. PerfMad


      @alds do you have any pics ? if the motor and interior is in good shape then the rest is pretty straight forward. I've found couple of shops who has full car for parts too if needed :D


  5. Gonna check on a Merc this weekend (if time permits). Let's see whether it will turn me ON 😂😋:car-smiley-001:

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    2. PerfMad


      @tiv same old W124 :D 

    3. tiv


      All the best! 

    4. PerfMad


      if not, this time i'm gonna restore one :D $matters though 

  6. What should be the charging voltage range without load and with load??

    1. tiv


      Range total 13.8 to 14.2 max 

      14.2 under no load with a large alternator for a dual battery setup or dual ac setup, above mostly in diesels 

      14 to 14.1 in a relatively small car alternator, non hybrids 

      13.8 with factory load, mostly in all setups 

      13.4 with large non factory sound system with normal load

      13.2 and below alternator most likely faulty or loose belt 


      But mind u newer cars have alternator clutches that disengage and engage alternator with load and battery status so this is not fully reliable, also ISG units in Suzukis do the opposite and go to 11.9 in load as it propels the engine and goes to 13.8 to 14.2 whilst idling. Hybrids and electric cars run at a much lower voltage and narrow range and rarely touches 13v 12.5 to 12.8 mostly  

    2. Hyaenidae


      I'll check tomorrow

      If I remember correctly it was about 14.4ish w/o load

    3. PerfMad


      well mine was reading around 13.7 ish (if im not mistaken) with load (lights and AC) my garage said charging system is fine. But one battery shop said battery is good but charging system is performing low under load. So looking at ur answers, my charging system seems to be working fine.

      Battery is a exide and 2.8 years OLD now

  7. PerfMad

    Is Honda city a good vehicle to buy?

    hell yah. im using 2 of these 2001 and 2004 models for 5+ years now. very reliable and fuel efficient cars
  8. Getting a suspension noise when I go through pot holes. Any idea why? All four shocks were replaced 6 months ago and still the noise is same (just the shocks were replaced + rear linkages) but noise is still there

    Vehicle : Honda City (SX8) 2001

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    2. PerfMad


      @Dee Jay true that FDs are way more comfy than other civics i must say. Having a better suspension should ideally help steering. How come its tighter than its used to be ?

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Yes @PerfMad suspension helps steering and stability of the vehicle! 

      But, I have heard the same from others who have had their steering racks repaired. Maybe once they refurbish all the bushings and electric motors of the rack, it cannot be restored to factory spec. The garage that did the repair said it is normal for it to be tighter and that it will get normal once it gets used. However, even after a year the steering is not as it was prior to the repair and still tight. This stiffness can be felt straight away when I drive another car!

      When it comes to steering rack maybe replacing with a recon or brand new one might be the best thing. However, suspension noise wise repairing works. Don't know for how long though..

    4. alpha17


      @PerfMad As I’ve heard, the refurbishment of the steering rack is not a solution. I also had my rack repaired by a well known place, which they did the bushing and necessary adjustments to the rack but the same steering rack sound was heard after 3-4 months. Most people said that repairing is not the solution but replacement is. Sold the car as it was.

  9. Guys where can I purchase a clear coat spray can for a headlight restoration job?

    How much will it cost?

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    2. PerfMad


      Thanks Davy for the clarification. What should be the sand paper (grit) i must use to remove "orange peel" incase i get it?

    3. Davy


      1200 grit wet sandpaper. Then use a good cut and polish on top of that. 

    4. PerfMad


      Thanks Davy


  10. PerfMad

    which battery i should use

    but if the charging system is working correctly regardless of the battery status should it show 14v when charging under load ?
  11. PerfMad

    which battery i should use

    So guys my car didn't wanna start today morning. Battery charge indicator was showing "WHITE" jump started it and went to a battery shop. After checking voltage with and without AC and they said charging system is fine, its just the battery is weak and told 45amp battery (exide) will cost around 12k (with 2 year warranty) . I went to another shop and got my battery checked and they claimed battery is fine, its just the charging system is not giving maximum output when AC is turned on (currently its giving ~13V which should be around ~14 right??) Can someone please suggest a proper battery shop to get this checked (to get a third opinion) before replacing my battery blindly. P.S. This battery was bought on 2016 December
  12. PerfMad

    which battery i should use

    I think Exide dealer has it but its not cheap.. the cheapest we found was the LUCAS battery (which supports idle/stop function) costed around 12k
  13. PerfMad

    which battery i should use

    Since it has idle stop function, you can use LUCAS battery as well. One of my friend replaced his grace with the same and costed him around 11-12k
  14. PerfMad

    toyota ist 2007 electrical problem

    Check whether battery terminals are tightened properly
  15. MERC MERC go away, come again in another day when I have plenty of cash in hand to maintain 2 vehicles :D 

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    2. PerfMad


      @Hyaenidae how the hell did you come up with that story :D I don't have any elder brothers FYI #rofl 

    3. Hyaenidae



      I was in a hurry to buy a merc sometime back and then gave up the idea since i couldn't buy a good vehicle for my budget

      That's nowhere as exciting as my story 😎

    4. PerfMad


      @Hyaenidae i second it :D 

  16. Guys, I'm hoping to install a Short shifter to my Honda City. I was doing some searching on internet and found out couple of brands where price varies. I would like to know the following;
    1) Any DRAWBACKS of installing one?
    2) What is the best or reliable brand?
    3) Will there be any issues with shifting gears? Because I once drove one of my friends ek3 with a short shifter and it was bit difficult to put it to Reverse gear
    4) Any other advantage other than the short throw?

    Note that, I'm planning to use my existing original shifter knob (since my mechanic told me, shifter knob weight plays a role in shifting)

    Hoping to hear from you experts !!!

  17. PerfMad

    Honda City 2000-2001 Model Manuals

    Did you find one?
  18. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Great keep us posted. And as Rumesh mentioned better to check those small bits and pieces before going into major repairs.
  19. PerfMad

    Project A72V

    @varotone where do you live? If you are closer to kotte area, then i can give a contact no of a location (he might be able to resolve your concern as he is well equipped with most of the latest equipment's.
  20. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    you are welcome. Keep us posted on your findings after tuneup.
  21. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    well , if that's the case you can change the gear oil as well with Honda recommended oil. Um not quite sure about the civic CVT multimatic gearbox, however in my fitaria i was advised to change CVT fluid in 20k intervals. but i usually does it around 15-18k to be on the safe side. if you have a Stafford workshop close to your place, i would suggest you to do the oil change their, their labor cost will be around 1500 and they usually have the recommended oil as well
  22. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Better start with the Tuneup. My guess it should resolve your issue. Do you have any hesitations while changing gears? meantime get your gearbox oil checked as well
  23. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    First of all welcome to the forum.. Assuming a proper tuneup has not been performed recently, i would suggest you to start with it. Probably this could be due to clogged IACV or injectors as well. During the tuneup make sure to check all related components and clean/replace them accordingly..
  24. PerfMad

    Check engine comes up when accelarate beyond 2000 RPM

    To start with, this car comes with a OBD1 port which is located under left dashboard. Port should look probably green colour or blue. Secondly, most of the garages have the bluetooth scanner. Go for a garage which has the cable scanner and those comes with a OBD1 adapter which can be connected to yours (as far as i know). Best thing is to get it scanned without replacing items blindly. Where do you live? If you are close by i can recommend a garage which has this scanner.