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  1. Ok. I think i need to make up my mind and settle on something pretty soon. Even Wife wants me to upgrade my ride 😷 
    I'm struggling between W124 and FD3/4 😶

    Any recommendations? or suggestions

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    2. PerfMad


      @Magnum i was told that FD4 is not the JDM version as well. i drove a fd4 today and compared to my City manual vtec car it has a bit of low pulling power. but i think i can live with it. but the case is having low fuel consumption. Now im kinda into gp 1 as well :D 

    3. ramishkad


      @PerfMad How many km a month do you usually run? Decision between FD3 and FD1/FD4 is a lot dependent on that. @Dee Jay has explained the basics about FD3 above. And I have to say it surely does a lot more than 9kmpl in long drives. My experience with it over 125000km, it did 9-12kmpl in colombo traffic, 13-18 long distance depending on traffic flow, and 22kmpl on highway. The car has no issues with power as long as the hybrid battery is good. Its 1300cc engine outputs 90hp and the electric motor 20. So altogether 110 hp which I would say is on par with Allion/Premio/Corolla segment. Except you have a lot of torque and initial pick up thanks to the electric motor.

      That being said, you should only get the FD3 if you run 1500km+ a month, to really profit from it being a hybrid if thats your aim. If you dont run as much, just go for FD4 or a well maintained FD1. FD3 is the worst car to have parked around - primary cause of battery failure. It's a good work horse and a high mile runner. I didnt have issues selling it but I sold it for less than I brought it from. If you are getting one, you need to either get one with a good hybrid battery, or buy one with a drained battery for less and replace it with a good battery. Running the car on a new hybrid battery hasa day night difference in performance. 


    4. PerfMad


      @ramishkad thanks for your input. Im currently doing around 1000-1500 per month (not more than that) as of now. 

      If I break it down, i would roughly do around 400-500km in city and rest is mostly highway runs.

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