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  1. Is it true that engine sound may reduce or increase based on the engine oil brand used? For an example assume oil used is 15W-40 and brands are Mobile and Castrol.. This is just for my curiosity..

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    2. iRage


      About somethings that the other have said...yes..I suppose sometimes additives can help muffle out some knocks and vibrations. As for the viscosity of oil...in SL we have a higher ambient temperature so our engines run hotter than normal, especially considering the traffic we have to sit through.  The issue with a light oil like the 20 is that although it helps with engine efficiency in terms of lowering component friction in the car it is not that good in thermal absorption...thus in extreme heat as the engine runs for long periods of time or in high heat..the oil thins out and then you start hearing valve knocks and clinks....when you put a thicker oil the thermal absorption is a bit better and the oi does not "thin" out as much....in fact if you are a heavy footed driver and you push the engine to the max..even the 30 will start making noise and you would want to put 40...I know a few 4age owners in SL who use 40 because they like to red line their engines a lot :D

    3. PerfMad


      assuming the velocity is same, only difference it could have is based on the addictive's used by each brand. Is Castrol mineral better than mobile? how about helix do they also have mineral?

    4. iRage


      I have no idea....are the addictive types printed in the packaging ? (highly unlikely when you think about it and jsut refer to it as secret technology) I suppose different manufacturers use different percentages of zinc, detergents, etc which can help (or harm) the engine in different ways....

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