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  1. Looks like the Merc is getting there slowly. Work is dragging a bit than I anticipated. Engine and all interior parts are out for a fresh paint job. Attending to rust spots before the full paint job. I might need to find a plastic cluster cover because the existing one has a small crack.


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    2. PerfMad


      exactly. My father-in-law always says that mercs which were built after 90's are crap. because that's where all the electronics came into action, things got complicated and expensive to repair and a nightmare for the owners. and unlike the w123, this is suitable for every generation as by doing a simple alloywheel swap it could give a look of a teenager car to a old person car. its that easy.

    3. AVANTE


      Electronics are vital for modern cars but merc just does it wrong..Carthrottle did a video on an early 2000's S-class they got for £1000 & while it's a dream, the mechanic himself deemed it's "uneconomical to repair"..who wants a merc than you can't keep for a long time? W115 & W123s broke records for crying out loud.

      Same has happened to Alfa romeo, Peugeot, BMW which were 90's legends and sadly now the time for modern Hondas is up & is time to join that list.

    4. PerfMad


      true that.. now adays all car manufacturers focus is not on vehicle selling market but the parts market. So i believe mercs stood in that line before the others may be.🤞

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