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  1. Guess what... My father-in-law is secretly restoring a W124 :girl_in_love: :D yesterday he took me to show that it got a good 5 cylinder engine and has not been used much so as per him engine is in good condition.. Only some of the body parts needs bit of attention and its been taken care by the tinker after everything is done, going to do a full paint job after rust proofing..  

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    2. PerfMad


      @□AVANTE□ yeah same here. i think there is a different version which comes with turbo. But the one which we are restoring and the one my father-in-law owns both are 5 cylinders but non-turbo variants 

    3. alds


      The best looking merc IMO. There's one for sale on my way to work begging for a good restoration but this is one of those "aasai bayai" cases for me. :D


    4. PerfMad


      @alds do you have any pics ? if the motor and interior is in good shape then the rest is pretty straight forward. I've found couple of shops who has full car for parts too if needed :D