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  1. Getting a suspension noise when I go through pot holes. Any idea why? All four shocks were replaced 6 months ago and still the noise is same (just the shocks were replaced + rear linkages) but noise is still there

    Vehicle : Honda City (SX8) 2001

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    2. PerfMad


      @Dee Jay true that FDs are way more comfy than other civics i must say. Having a better suspension should ideally help steering. How come its tighter than its used to be ?

    3. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Yes @PerfMad suspension helps steering and stability of the vehicle! 

      But, I have heard the same from others who have had their steering racks repaired. Maybe once they refurbish all the bushings and electric motors of the rack, it cannot be restored to factory spec. The garage that did the repair said it is normal for it to be tighter and that it will get normal once it gets used. However, even after a year the steering is not as it was prior to the repair and still tight. This stiffness can be felt straight away when I drive another car!

      When it comes to steering rack maybe replacing with a recon or brand new one might be the best thing. However, suspension noise wise repairing works. Don't know for how long though..

    4. alpha17


      @PerfMad As I’ve heard, the refurbishment of the steering rack is not a solution. I also had my rack repaired by a well known place, which they did the bushing and necessary adjustments to the rack but the same steering rack sound was heard after 3-4 months. Most people said that repairing is not the solution but replacement is. Sold the car as it was.