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  1. PerfMad

    toyota ist 2007 electrical problem

    Check whether battery terminals are tightened properly
  2. MERC MERC go away, come again in another day when I have plenty of cash in hand to maintain 2 vehicles :D 

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    2. PerfMad


      @Hyaenidae how the hell did you come up with that story :D I don't have any elder brothers FYI #rofl 

    3. Hyaenidae



      I was in a hurry to buy a merc sometime back and then gave up the idea since i couldn't buy a good vehicle for my budget

      That's nowhere as exciting as my story 😎

    4. PerfMad


      @Hyaenidae i second it :D 

  3. Guys, I'm hoping to install a Short shifter to my Honda City. I was doing some searching on internet and found out couple of brands where price varies. I would like to know the following;
    1) Any DRAWBACKS of installing one?
    2) What is the best or reliable brand?
    3) Will there be any issues with shifting gears? Because I once drove one of my friends ek3 with a short shifter and it was bit difficult to put it to Reverse gear
    4) Any other advantage other than the short throw?

    Note that, I'm planning to use my existing original shifter knob (since my mechanic told me, shifter knob weight plays a role in shifting)

    Hoping to hear from you experts !!!

  4. PerfMad

    Honda City 2000-2001 Model Manuals

    Did you find one?
  5. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Great keep us posted. And as Rumesh mentioned better to check those small bits and pieces before going into major repairs.
  6. PerfMad

    Project A72V

    @varotone where do you live? If you are closer to kotte area, then i can give a contact no of a location (he might be able to resolve your concern as he is well equipped with most of the latest equipment's.
  7. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    you are welcome. Keep us posted on your findings after tuneup.
  8. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    well , if that's the case you can change the gear oil as well with Honda recommended oil. Um not quite sure about the civic CVT multimatic gearbox, however in my fitaria i was advised to change CVT fluid in 20k intervals. but i usually does it around 15-18k to be on the safe side. if you have a Stafford workshop close to your place, i would suggest you to do the oil change their, their labor cost will be around 1500 and they usually have the recommended oil as well
  9. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Better start with the Tuneup. My guess it should resolve your issue. Do you have any hesitations while changing gears? meantime get your gearbox oil checked as well
  10. PerfMad

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    First of all welcome to the forum.. Assuming a proper tuneup has not been performed recently, i would suggest you to start with it. Probably this could be due to clogged IACV or injectors as well. During the tuneup make sure to check all related components and clean/replace them accordingly..
  11. PerfMad

    Check engine comes up when accelarate beyond 2000 RPM

    To start with, this car comes with a OBD1 port which is located under left dashboard. Port should look probably green colour or blue. Secondly, most of the garages have the bluetooth scanner. Go for a garage which has the cable scanner and those comes with a OBD1 adapter which can be connected to yours (as far as i know). Best thing is to get it scanned without replacing items blindly. Where do you live? If you are close by i can recommend a garage which has this scanner.
  12. OMG !! that feeling you get when you hit 5000+ rpm range + vtec kicking in, it was a so fun and i had it without any hesitation.. I think i should keep doing this more often so that i will fall in love with this again and again..

    RIP EK3 :D  you almost had me... but i guess i've got some more juice than yours or atleast better shifting  :D 

  13. Can't make my mind, getting rid of owning a MERC .. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I need one so badly

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    2. Hyaenidae


      @PerfMad Your Honda is singing!

      Light of his life, fire of his loins
      Keep me forever, tell me you want me
      Light of your life, fire of your loins
      Tell me you want me, gimme them coins

      And I'm off to the races, cases
      Of Bacardi chasers
      Chasing me all over town
      'Cause he knows I'm wasted, facing
      Time again at Riker's
      Island and I won't get out

      Because I'm crazy, baby
      I need you to come here and save me
      I'm your little scarlet starlet
      Singing in the garden
      Kiss me on my open mouth

      Now I'm off to the races, laces
      Leather on my waist is
      Tight and I am falling down
      I can see your faces, shameless
      Cipriani's basement
      Love you, but I'm going down

      God I'm so crazy, baby
      I'm sorry that I'm misbehaving
      I'm your little harlot starlet
      Queen of Coney Island
      Raising hell all over town
      Sorry 'bout it


    3. PreseaLover


      @Hyaenidae adooooooo im a huge lana del rey fan :D once i paid 10k to just buy a lana del rey tshirt :D 

    4. Hyaenidae
  14. Thought of giving up the idea of selling my daily.. 

    1. rassa


      Tired of finding a good piece? 😄

    2. PerfMad


      yeah men none of them are even closer to the condition of mine.... so decided to use mine for another year or two and seek for something else (if i get a good offer for mine then this might go side ways :D

    3. rassa


      Known devil is better than unknown angel 😋