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  1. Couldn't start my car for almost 2-3 weeks since i wasn't at home.. However, i got a chance to start it yesterday and i let it idle for 10 mins after starting. Car started at first attempt and cold start idle was at the correct RPM as well. After about 10 minutes rpm started to fluctuate 1000-2000 .. but when i keep the throttle steady to 2000 or more it doesnt do it. it only happens in idle. before quarantine there was no such issue.

    could this be a clogged IACV, throttle body? what should i look into? have my ECo test pending so i have to attend to this within next week and get it sorted by any means.

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    2. Kavvz


      You're welcome to bring the car over to my place of course, no worries... But I'm sure you can rev it out just as well as I can! 😄

    3. PerfMad


      lol yeah.. actually i had a carb cleaner bottle around. so i cleaned the throttle body and didnt have time to clean the injectors. therefore i did good 2-3 pulls in second gear with 7000 rpm and now all idle issues are gone and its back to normal :D 

    4. Kavvz


      There you go! :D

  2. Personally i would love to have a k20 with a custom turbo kit if you are willing to spend 1mil just for the performance. But keep in mind that it will need alot of fabrication and change of existing parts. if you are going ahead with this, better have a specialist do the job. Otherwise you'll not only waste ur money but a reliable car as well.
  3. Eitherway you have to get it approved from RMV which of course going to be a pain in the A**. I remember what presea lover had to go through just to update his vehicle colour in the book.
  4. My initial thought was to finish the restoration process by end of April. Due to CORONA, it seems like this will drag up until July (atleast), because by end of April rain season will start. Too bad i have to wait longer to get things done.hmmm

  5. I second it. I also live close by so have gone to him for couple of small repairs. However, patience is something you should have cz he is always overloaded. Since mine were smaller once i stayed and got those done within couple of hours. If not i can give you a contact no who does only kia repairs (which my brother-in-law goes to ) for his sorento related repairs. He never goes to anyone else. This mechanic seems to have all the stuff with him as well.
  6. Sorry mate can't recommend any since you never know who is genuine and who isn't.
  7. check whether oil is dripping from oil sump. it could be the sump oil seal which has worn out.
  8. interested topic. Did you manage to find anyone?
  9. Finalized the colours.. ❤️ 

    1. AVANTE


      And what would those be? 

    2. PerfMad


      two shades of red 

    3. AVANTE


      Me gusta

  10. Well well well.... went to visit my beloved on going project after couple of months and its coming together pretty soon. base coat is on and they are doing final touches after that many layers of paint will go in. I've chosen a nice 2 tone colour and i'm pretty sure she will look amazing after the paint job. can't wait till its done.

    I may need some interior bits and pieces to make it perfect and up to my standard .. any leads are highly appreciated..


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    2. PerfMad


      @AVANTEHere is a sneak peak of the car from my last visit, couldn't go last weekend hopefully coming weekend to verify and finalize the colour.
      This is before, final base coat..

    3. AVANTE


      It's an E250D right? 5 cyl turbo? Those AMG wheels cost a fortune. You could go for a similar looking cast rim from a different brand rather than a diamond cut or forged one. Remember, wheels are important and can completely change the car's character and handling. Also, there are a set of black w126 seats for sale in 1km4n. Would that need retrofitting? 

      Also keep a lookout on fb, it's a really weird place. You never know what amazing stuff comes up for sale once in a while there. 

    4. PerfMad


      @AVANTE yes its a 250D 5 cylinder non turbo version. yah true that those wheels cost a fortune. That's why i put em on my bucket-list :D I also saw those bluish interior (i guess those should be direct fit to mine). But im specifically looking at black leather or fabric interior parts (cz my seats are good just some door parts and some dash board bits and pieces are required. I will keep an eye on FB as well as other sources. Do let me know if you come across anything please. Thanks in advance.

  11. i guess these have gel mounts.. should be cost around 15-25k atleast (that was the price couple of years ago)
  12. Strange behavior in my AC speed control. Last saturday when i was driving (AC speed was set to 2) suddenly air flow stopped. I tried switching off and on still no luck. But in 1-2 i hear the compressor running but no air flow. Air flows only when I use 3-4 speed. Any idea whats causing this?

    1. tiv


      Probably the rheostat / switch if it's a manual ac unit, if it's a climate control then it can be a fault all the way upto the ecu

    2. PerfMad


      So the best person to check this is by a AC shop or an electrical person?

    3. PerfMad


      ok rectified the issue. It was the AC speed control unit which sits next to the ac blower fan. One of it's coil was damaged that's what causing 1 & 2 to stop working. Went to the AC shop and they removed the damaged coil and re-welded. Now working as a charm 😍 

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