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  1. This is totally fine. You should be aware only if this light turns red that means your vehicle is overheating. Other than that, you are good to go.
  2. one of my friend bought e46 for like 2 year ago and so far he has spent over 300k in repairs. He have rebuilt the engine as well since these N series engines starts burning oil every 100k most of the time (in my aspect this is a money pit, unless you don't concern about it very much. Interior bits cracks and melts down if you park it under hot sun for long hours. If it's me i would not spend that much on a car for just putting 20-30k kms on the clock which is not worthy at all.
  3. I don't think it can be repaired. Clean it and see whether it will resolve the issue. If not replace it since you have already found the issue by scanning.
  4. hmmm usually Honda engines are is bit noisy (I have noticed this on citys , ek3s, and even in FD models). But you won't hear it much when you get into the cabin and close the doors. If you need a bit smooth sounding engine, go for the next model which is known as fitaria.
  5. Corona Corona go away.. You are making my restoration so delayed.. 😭

  6. Mine is a manual and does around 11in city and 15+ outstation. If you keep a soft foot of course..
  7. yes if crack position sensor is week or not working this has issues with starting and continuous driving for a long time. Car may die time to time. But mostly if crank position sensor is not working it will light up check engine light. but better get it checked (also try and see whether you can by pass the immobilizer to start the car)
  8. Isn't there anyway to bypass the immobilizer ?
  9. Hi guys I need help with finding few windscreen molding clips for my merc w124. Without the clip they cant start final painting coat to start the assembling process. All the work is hold due to this.. any leads where I can source these? Checked with Avinda they are out of stocks and next shipment will be in 3 months as per them.. 

    Benz windscreen clip.PNG

  10. Lanka - +94 7123903503 contact this person. Well known for kia repairs Sent from my CPH1723 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  11. Hi @GL86, I've heard the same issue from a friend of mine who owns a 141. The issue is AC comp. of this car is pretty expensive and parts are bit rare. So one of the AC shops have suggested him to change the unit with a 121 model which has plenty of parts and repair cost after wards also very minimum. Since he doesn't drive the car very often he haven't done any repair yet. but even i would think doing such conversion properly will save you heaps of money in future maintenance .. just an opinion you could check this possibility with your mechanics as well
  12. Couldn't start my car for almost 2-3 weeks since i wasn't at home.. However, i got a chance to start it yesterday and i let it idle for 10 mins after starting. Car started at first attempt and cold start idle was at the correct RPM as well. After about 10 minutes rpm started to fluctuate 1000-2000 .. but when i keep the throttle steady to 2000 or more it doesnt do it. it only happens in idle. before quarantine there was no such issue.

    could this be a clogged IACV, throttle body? what should i look into? have my ECo test pending so i have to attend to this within next week and get it sorted by any means.

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    2. Kavvz


      You're welcome to bring the car over to my place of course, no worries... But I'm sure you can rev it out just as well as I can! 😄

    3. PerfMad


      lol yeah.. actually i had a carb cleaner bottle around. so i cleaned the throttle body and didnt have time to clean the injectors. therefore i did good 2-3 pulls in second gear with 7000 rpm and now all idle issues are gone and its back to normal :D 

    4. Kavvz


      There you go! :D

  13. Personally i would love to have a k20 with a custom turbo kit if you are willing to spend 1mil just for the performance. But keep in mind that it will need alot of fabrication and change of existing parts. if you are going ahead with this, better have a specialist do the job. Otherwise you'll not only waste ur money but a reliable car as well.
  14. Eitherway you have to get it approved from RMV which of course going to be a pain in the A**. I remember what presea lover had to go through just to update his vehicle colour in the book.
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