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  1. PerfMad

    Mecedez Benz E220

    Hi Geeks, I'm planning on purchasing a E220 Merc (300-) plate one and interested in knowing the below details; 1) Heard there are Indian made ones as well. What are the differences between german made and indian made? 2) What would be the fuel consumption be like? 3) Any specific issues with regards to Indian version? 4) Were there any Japan versions as well? Checked one car and the book said its Japan (car had leather seats too) 5) Any specifics i should look for before purchasing ? 6) How about E200 petrol version? what would be the answers for this variant for above questions? Thanks in advance !
  2. How to check if luxury tax is fully paid or not (assuming current owner doesn't have paid documents) ?

    1. Ruslan


      You can check this with DMT i guess. and you cannot Transfer the Vehicle unless of course you provided the Tax paid receipts.

    2. PerfMad


      Thanks for the heads up mate :)


  3. PerfMad

    Nissan Presea

    Great. Thanks for the teaser. I'm keen to see how this project will come out at the end. Please do keep us posted. i would love to see couple of pics after the paint job
  4. PerfMad

    Nissan Presea

    I think primera P11 also comes with SR18 isn't it?
  5. Guys just need you inputs on this. 

    Let's say a car has been used by the current owner without transferring it under his name (still on open papers) for more than 1 year. How do we know/is there any way to know whether previous owner have already submitted his copy to RMV?

    Note that car is not within the limits of colombo city limits 

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    2. PerfMad


      Yah . Now that's the plan. I just wanted to check the next step just incase he doesn't have it :D Will see how it goes..

      After checking almost 5-10 cars i gave up the idea of selling my precious and keeping it for another 2 years atleast and then found this 😑 

      Anyways, thanks for your input. WIll have a chat with the owner and see

    3. varotone


      Although the previous owner (seller) is legally required to submit a copy of the transfer form to DMV, it's rarely done. Most sellers sign the form and give it to the buyer who will or will not register the transfer of ownership. Just see if all the pages of the transfer form are signed and intact. If one copy - copy to be sent to DMV by the seller, is missing, it's reasonable to assume it was submitted.

      (I may have misunderstood the question. It looks like such a simple question)

    4. PerfMad


      @varotone you are correct. I will get in touch with him and see.

  6. How much do you think a Mercedes W124 worth today for below versions;
    - 1997 Petrol E200 manual
    - 1985-1995 E200 original pertrol & diesel converted manual
    - 1985-1995 E200 diesel manual(4cylinder)
    - 1985-1995 E250 diesel manual(5cylinder)
    specify anyother variants if you are aware.. Thanks !!

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Wife to friend- Ape ekkena benz ekak neh padinne 😅🙏🏼 

      that friend says that to her husband.


      husband- apo parana ekak ne, ingriis no wath na. Owa anika leda godawal, thel karanneth na marketuth na. Ekata mage waGON r eka, fixed deposit ekak damma wage!

    3. matroska


      @fiat fan - someone actually made a fixed-deposit reference when talking about the perks of an allion I kid you not.    @Perfmad - it's a Petrol. HE's had it for a couple of weeks now and usually drives on the weekends and not in colombo. He said it does about 10-11 KMPL but i think it's too soon to draw a  conclusion. There was also a small niggle i came across when driving his car was a slightly delayed response when accelerating. 

    4. PerfMad


      thanks for you insights.. in that case most probably i can assume I'll be getting somewhere around 7-8 in city limits 😑

      Planning to check one on this weekend. Will see how it goes :D 

  7. Is there any difficulty in selling used cars currently? most of the cars advertised seems to be still vacant.. Any possible reason(s)??

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    2. Crosswind


      Some idiots are advertising 19-yr old FB15s for over 2 mill. Even if it was in showroom condition, do u think its worth? 

    3. PerfMad


      what most people think is older cars are reliable and hardy compared to newer papadams. so most of em are willing to pay somewhere around that price.. 

    4. asrock


      Hardy and papdum: I guess they've never heard or never understand crumple zones etc and passenger safety.

  8. PerfMad

    Kia Rio Brake + Battery Light ON

    Hmmm did you check whether your both battery terminals are tightened properly ?
  9. Finally decided to Sell my Honda City 2001 Vtec LEV manual transmission car.. Let me know if anyone is interested

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    2. PerfMad


      Plan is to move on to a Merc :D we also have another 2004 fitaria 7 speed one at home and a 2001 city which is my daily.. 

      Axio is a good car but i heard its not that good on fuel in city limits and has a dashboard issue due to heat.. hope you are aware of those mate.. (just a headsup when ur purchasing check those well)


    3. rassa


      Wow good luck with your purchase 😎

      Yah i know those issues, but heard the dash board issue were there with 2007 versions. We initially planned for 2008/9. However I shall be more careful when inspecting a car. Thank you buddy

    4. PerfMad


      yeah good luck with your purchase machan !! hope u find a good condition car 

  10. Decided to go for a DIESEL W124. What are the best variants which will cost me less maintenance cost, more comfortable ride, most importantly best fuel consumption ? Would appreciate if you'll can mention YOM and Specific models + engine capacities..

  11. PerfMad

    Honda GP5 gear box warning ?

    ok great
  12. PerfMad

    Honda GP5 gear box warning ?

    One of my friend told that this car has a separate gearbox filter as well.. Make sure to replace it during the gear oil change (it may serve you well in long term).
  13. PerfMad

    How to repair insight brake light

    yah same here..
  14. PerfMad

    How to repair insight brake light

    There was one person who does the replacement of these lights after disassembling.. There was an interview done long time ago in Rupavahini Sukkanama program. I will give you some leads if i come across the video
  15. Ok to start with the Benz model im currently in hunt is a W124 to be specific and looking for something which suites below criteria:
    - E200 / E220
    - Petrol  (EFI) / Diesel (converted are also considered)
    - if its a petrol im thinking of going for the 1998/1999 model (but these came from India it seems)

    What are your opinion on this? planning to sell my honda and budget is not more than 2-2.1mil