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    Oh ok, thanks. Any idea how much this costs?
  2. Zaffy

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    Hi Guys, I need to know how I would know that it is time to change ATF in my VIVA elite? It has done 42000 Kms and I am not aware whether it has already been changed or need to change anytime soon ( I bought it at 41000 kms) . I don't feel any running issues, but I am not an 'expert' either Thanks in advance.
  3. I am just curious to know. Does the basic service you mentioned above mean the full service? or else, is it something more? Don't they change the wheel positions during a full service?
  4. Zaffy

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    When you guys say 'driving style' matters for better efficiency, I am not sure what differences I should be making in my driving style in normal city limits. Can someone tell me what kind of practices while driving decreases fuel efficiency so that I can try and avoid.?
  5. Zaffy

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    Thank you, I would calculate another time with the way you have suggested and see how it goes, which makes lot of sense. Thank you very much.
  6. Zaffy

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    Thank you. If on average, if your Auto does 12-13 km/l I think it is very good and that is the range of fuel consumption I am expecting too. Yes, I think I need to go for an engine tune up. Do you have any idea how much Unimo charge for that? Or any other place you've done before/ suggest?
  7. Hi mate, Can you tell us what key words you used to search in ebay? or the exact product you bought? Is it used for all models or specifically for VIVA?
  8. Zaffy

    Viva Elite Community

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a Viva elite 2010 - Auto. I have a few issues in the car which I need help from you guys. 1. I was told the car actually does around 12 km/l with A/C in city limits. But as per my calculations, I think it does around 8.5-9 km/l. I am not sure if I did the calculation correct, so I need someone to help me calculate the fuel efficiency the proper way. - This is my first car. 2. The front bumper keeps getting loose in the last week or two. the clips keeping it connected to the body keep removing and I replaced the clips from a shop in Delkanda, it doesn't seem to sort the issue. Still the clips keep removing and it is getting removed from the sides too - please advice how I can fix this and recommend a place I can get this done for good. Thanks
  9. As per this you don't recommend the Hyundai accent, But, what about the Hyundai elantra? sounds a good car and looks decent as well. Any thoughts on this car, in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability and availability of spare parts and stuff?
  10. Very informative Luckey007, Thank you Actually, you are the 1st and only one here backing the Alto, considering the fact that it is the first car / lease thing and other scenarios.. It would be interesting to see what others think about your opinion
  11. Oh, Panda,... I thought it was not considered reliable and the Alto fared better than the Panda in all counts. If not, Brand new Panda suits my budget perfectly
  12. Thanks for all the advises. Your inputs will be greatly helpful for me to decide.. "Would you rate the 'Kelisa' higher than a brand new 'Maruti Alto', in terms of maintenance cost and resale value ?" Can you guys assist me on the above question too?
  13. As per your advises, Kelissa seems a good option. Would you rate a Kelissa higher than a brand new Maruti Alto, in terms of maintenance cost and resale value ?
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