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  1. I went and got engine guard fixed from them. I have already complained about issue not getting fixed and not allowing to see repair getting done. That is before engine guard incident so I have already submit another complain on that. This post is merely to educate others.
  2. Well Aththidiya P*t*t*p continue to disappoint me. I'm sharing this so someone else might can evade the trouble. I explained earlier that I send the Aththidiya P*t*t*p and etc etc. Last Sunday ( 9th April ) I was about to drive to Colombo so I pop the hood to fill windshield water tank. Then I noticed that A/C coolant pipe is awkwardly handing without proper support. Apparently one of the connectors that support to attach line to body was detached. Mechanic bugger of Aththidiya P*t*t*p must have detached it in order to get access to start motor hasn't attached it back. I fix it my self and looked other side and found engine air intake horse is also detached. . After fixing that as well and since I didn't found anything else ( should have been more cautious ) I drove back to Colombo via express way. When I was pull off from Kahathuduwa I heard a small busing noise but I decided to ignore it. By the time I get to Papiliyana I start to hear more brushing noice. Once I turned of the music I realise something is brushing something else. I stopped car near Nadimana and looked under the car. One of the plastic engine guards was detached and has been dragging along the road. . So it came out that Aththidiya P*t*t*p people forgot to attach more parts. On top of all these troubles which I was looking under the car bending down a tuk tuk drove it's rear wheel over my left foot. I have been limping for three days now with a soft tissue damage of my left ankle. Today ( 11th April ) I went to A*W main service center at Rajagiriya. Advisor drove the car around , put it in a rack and said there are multiple issues. Play in rack , bad stabiliser links and possible busted shock mounts. Aththidiya P*t*t*p has missed every one of them. They ask me to come back after new year season and get them fixed. So all in all guys think twice before going to Aththidiya P*t*t*p for repairs. Normal wash and service doesn't seems that bad but cannot comment since I didn't got one.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. Much appreciated.
  4. Hello @Jor-el. You are stop on. P**S**p reasons are like vehicles moving around and vehicles go up and down on lifts. . I stayed by the working bench where no cars drive and lift is obviously far from their but they didn't allow that too. I used to go to M*z*a Mo*o*rs for my Mazda BJP5 repairs. They do not give a damn about customer hanging around and asking questions if they have any. Another this what can happen is mechanic exchange parts or something. I will never find what is installed later..
  5. Hi @Davy, Thanks for the reply. Well I felt like these advisor people are not that experienced. I thought of going back to same place but I doubt I'll get something half fixed again. Those mechanics are too damn lazy and most of all I don't like keeping me blind while my car is getting repaired. It is not that I'm going to disturb the workers. I just want to see what they are doing and whether they are installing new part that they showed me. Aththidiya Pitstop is recently started. So their crew might be still newbies. Just wanted to know whether work process is similar in other A*W workshops.
  6. Guys I bought a 2007 SX 4 recently. There is a nock and a squeaking noise when going in bumpy roads ( Not carpet ). Previous owner told me about this before busing and in a report he got from car checks it says to replace a tie rod and lower arm bushes. Last week I called A*W and ask where should I go to get this fixed. Operator told me to go to Aththidiya Pitstop. I went there this Tuesday. The repair advisor looked at report( I took the report I got from previous owner with me ) and said they'll inspect it. Later he showed my de assembled lower arms and showed cracked bushes. Rod on the other end of arm is bad too. So I replaced both lower arms. Cost around 32k. He said tie rod is good and no need to replaced. Advisor guy drove the car and said problem is gone. I drove car from Aththidiya to Nugegoda and didn't get the noise. Today I drove on some bumpy road and noticed the nock and squeezing noice is still there. I'm not satisfied with Pitstop peoples repair work. Took 7.30 hours to replace lower arms and service start motor. So my question is this. Is there any other better place to go for SX4 repairs? ( A*W repair centre at Borella may be ). Some place where they know more about SX4 and do good job on fixing. Another issue I saw at PitStop it they do not allow us to be by the car and witness the repairs. Customers are not allowed into workshop. I can't say fore sure whether they replace the part as they say. They can put old part back or some send hand part as well.
  7. I owned a 1999 Mazda familia for two years. No problem what so every on finding spare parts. Recondition parts prices are some what higher than Toyota Nissan I think but genuine parts are in the same price ranges of others. So my guess for your vehicle same conditions would apply.
  8. I thought that thread is for all Demios. Ok my bad.
  9. Hi @sira There is a seperate thread for Demio. ( this ). Most of your questions are already answered there. If you have further questions please raise them there.
  10. Thanks @Jor-el. Actually previous owner did it . Sry forgot interior. Added to the album now.
  11. Sorry for the late response guys. There you go. Right after a bath. My buddy - Suzuki SX4 2007 Few things I can say about the car is it is nippy on acceleration. Must have something to do with VVT engine. I reset average fuel economy when I left Nugegoda to goto Galle. Until Pannipitiya in moving traffic I got ~6.5. After Pannipitiya there was a terrible traffic where it took around 45min to get to highway entrance avg economy dropped to 4.8. I drove at 110kmph(2.5 on rpm meter) and at the end fuel economy of whole journey is 12.1kmpl. Album is in my google photos cloud. It better not to bring up old thread I thought.
  12. Of Course @Jor-el. If Demio lovers do not mind photos of a SX4 on their thread.
  13. Guys I bought a Suzuki SX4 hatchback. Sadly I couldn't find a good Demio to buy. Still a big thank go to generous people who share their knowledge to help me( and others who read this conversation later ). Thank you very much.
  14. That car is AT for sure @Davy. All other features and not CVT. Weird combination. BTW I found a well maintained Suzuki SX4. I made a offer. So there is a chance that I might not be able to join Demio club.
  15. It ended up just another `looks so cool on photos car`. Car must have been sitting some where for some time or it has been teated badly. This guy ( who is selling it now ) bought it on open papers gave is a sale paint job and a polish job. Some rust here and there. Remote doesn't work. Back door does't lock. Left projector light doesn't work. @Davy You got that wrong this is not CVT. When I ask it from seller just to check what he is saying response was "No this is AT, CVT's are troublesome ne .
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