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    BMW 520d

    yes there are quite a lot of bmw 520d (F10)'s out there but then finding one which has been used with proper care and maintenance is quite difficult. i myself has been head-hunting for one for the past four months and it turned out to be quite a difficult task. First the pricing of these doesn't make much sense as I've seen ones that where made in 2012 with around 60k mileage asking as low as 7.2 mln where as a 2013 which has three additional options such as power curtain, retractable mirror and so on, with similar mileage ask for more than 9.0 mln. ( just for 1 year difference in YoM and 3 options the difference is more that 2 Mln which is ridiculous actually) So yes the cars that are more than 5 years old would probably be sold on and would be with the third or fourth owner. So the company maintenance claim is in jeopardy. Also there are ones which are up for sale in car sales which i recommend is best avoided as these car sale scoundrels buy them from auctions in which the previous owner couldn't pay his lease so you can imagine the state of the car and do a detailing job to get the car to a gleaming condition while hiding all the underlying problems and ask for a slightly lower market price. I have my own personal experience in which 2015 bmw 520d i inspected at one of the auctions which was badly maintained with ribs appearing from the tyres which was subsequently bought and later found it on sale with tyres changed and detailing done. this was also sold close to near market value, so i feel sorry for the poor soul who bought this. Car sales are such a mafia, so try to buy one which is single owner and maintained by agents. Also keep in mind that these are cars that you cannot expect a return of investment like the srilankan people's cars such as axio, allion, premios and so on. Also i would need some expert clarification here, could the mileage be adjusted? as ive seen some cars with low miles but worn interiors and owners saying that they do not service the vehicle through the agents due to exuberant prices and popular myths plus they say that previous emission reports are missing as well so it is a blunder to buy a car like that because keep in mind that this is not a toyota which could be transformed with some basic TLC, repairing these kinds of abused bmws are going to be wallet busting. another matter is that since these are bmws the owner or specially their sons seem to give the car a run for the money so some cars that we are looking at may be given some harsh abuse. so overall yes there are quite a few cars out there currently but finding a proper one is a headache and mind you this is not a walk in the park decision.
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    Vehicle auctions/Tender

    Dear members, I've been looking to upgrade my car and I have been head hunting through sites such as ######.lk, Autolanka, riyasewana, ###. But apart from these I have also found that certain chaps buy cars at a bargain price from auctions and tender notices, although they come setbacks. But I am not talking about the UN, police or army auctions where vehicles are driven there living lights out, but auctions where leasing firms advertise there ceased vehicles. Now is there a particular newspaper brand apart from hitad where these advertisements are published, also are there any specific websites? Please educate me as I have learned that you can save quite some money off your purchase but I am aware that bidding against the car sale mafia ain't gonna be easy and also cars can be a mine-field if you don't know what to look for as they could have underlying problems due to the fact that an owner who couldn't pay the lease properly would not have treated the car well. But please do educate me on this. BTW how about the harbour auction, you can get a vehicle with a very low mileage. Thank you.
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    Road To N'eliya

    1) the newly renovated and widened road to gampola from mavanella via hemmathagama is very convenient, if you push hard you can reach gampola from mavanella town within 30 mins. It saves close to 1:30 to 2:00 hour journey time when compared to the jam packed peradeniya route where traffic is snail paced from pilamatalawa onwards. Should not forget the rugged kadugannawa incline as well where struck behind a big lorry or a bus could mean a burden specially while playing cat and mouse with the cops on that sector. 2)Avissawella-ginigaththena-hatton-talawakele-Radella-nanu oya-nuwara Eliya is the drivers paradise, you could basically enjoy driving and unleash your cars for a run for the money in the twisty hill climb, why I like this road soo much is that it does not have single or double lines much so the cops have there work cut out and also the road is visible for a far distance so you could watch out for traffic before hand. Only drawback is that the road condition from karawanella to ginigaththena isn't the smoothest and requires some repairs but omg thinking of this road makes me overjoyed about driving. 3)yes there is route nawalapitiya-hapugastalawa (bad section)- kumbalalowa-thawalanthenna-ramboda-nuwaraeliya. A route to take if you are the kind of person who wants to escape into a calm environment where normal paved road isn't a bother and you want to enjoy a picturesque passing by scenery, specially with the kotmale reservoir in the vicinity where all the buzz and cops are non existent then this isn't a bad road, for a change I would actually recommend this. Specially given the season careful planning is crucial because where there is traffic there will be cops as well .
  4. top tip

    Engine Braking

    Engine braking is mainly used when travelling downhill, in sri lanka the ideal situation would be driving down from nuwara eliya or places like haputale-beragala. The main purpose of engine braking is to prevent your brakes from overheating because after a certain temperature brake pads starts to slip from the disc as well as the brake fluids start to overheat and components like washers get damaged. Also you can reduce excessive wear and tear of brake discs. With engine braking you could perform a much controlled drive downhill because together with some slight braking (blend braking) it does least harm to the vehicle but remember to keep the revs under around 3000. You could take advantage of the build of speed rather than letting the vehicle coast in neutral in order to do a controlled decent. This time would be ideal to make your A/C work at the maximum level because the engine is being mechanically revved without any throttle inputs. According to my experiences engine braking is most effective in a manual gear vehicle compared to automatic due to the clutch. The speed is directly fed to the engine without any losses in speed. Whereas automatic felt a bit light revving and had a coasting feel, this may be due to high gear ratios found in a four speed automatic. But on a traffic scenario I don't understand because anyway you have to exceed a certain speed on a given gear to induce a braking effect once you let go of the accelerator. Plus engine braking ain't effective for sudden braking, in simple it is something used to maintain speed.
  5. top tip

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    Maintaining black colour vehicles is like bathing in mud, it is very hard to keep the dust away and the dust here is very contrasting to the black paint as well. The moment you wash and start wiping the body you realise that your circular motion in wiping has left minor swirl marks. Best option is to get it covered after a wash and wax, but then again it collects dust from roads as well because you are driving at a snail pace in Colombo. Black is a best avoided color although it looks gleaming in a vehicle that has a lot of chrome.
  6. top tip

    Strange number plates

    Can someone help me out with identifying these strange number plates and how have they have been issued. FW-XXXX FP-XXXX FZ-XXXX EA-XXXX/EC-XXXX Also some rare old numbers like 28- 40- 69- 98/99-
  7. I've been planning to buy a German saloon car. I have narrowed down the spectrum to the BMW F10 (520D as it is commonly called) and the rival Mercedes Benz W212 E-class from the same time. I want to know the running costs of each model, and in case of failure a good place to repair a BMW as I already own a Mercedes I basically can get it done from the places I know. Also need to know the good and bad from each model and also fuel efficiency. As I know even the petrol version of the Mercedes W212 has a decent mileage but need expert knowledge on BMW 520Diesel.
  8. This is a partial statement first of all. What's your preferred type of fuel. If you are opting for petrol versions and concerned about fuel economy then stay away from both patrol and pajero as they are pretty thirsty. The Prado with either 3RZ or 2TR returns a decent mileage. Also the brand new imported versions of the pajero had the 6G72(3.0L) would be more economical by some distance compared to the JDM version which had 6G75 (3.8L) both V6. Not sure what engine you would get on the petrol Patrol version. If you are looking for a hardcore offroader and car like road handling then do go for the Patrol. Remember owing a Y60 with TD-42, It was a brute to say the least. I think the low body height reduced it's body roll. The pajero has quite some short comings as mentioned above but the diesel version with the 4M41 wouldn't be a bad option. On my personal opinion the Prado 120 styling gives the impression of a MPV. the version with the spare wheel placed under neath the vehicle really looks like one. It really does not tempt you to be driven hard and it feels like a vehicle for the morning school run. My choice would be to by a diesel Patrol with ZD30 although I am not sure how well it will hold up. If your looking for a reliable engine the do buy a patrol that has TD42 as it is a proven engine.but you will have to dig deep to find a sought after one.
  9. top tip

    Toyota from Wasanatrading

    I think as far as the smart key goes, it could be reprogrammed and sold for a hefty price, that could be a reason why you didn't get it. But the car having so called being called "brand new" by the car sale, you should have demanded for both the keys as a new programmed smart key could set back around 25k AFAIK. And how about the audio system, did it come with one or does it have a 2 din hole. Such a pity really.
  10. top tip

    Mercedes C 160

    Dear members please hold on before making this post an all out dispute. I owe a 1993 Mercedes Benz w124 which has got a 2.5L straight 5 engine mated to a 5 speed manual transmission which is rear wheel drive and has got hydraulic power steering, a 5-link rear suspension and strut type Front suspension with anti roll bar. So I know first hand what driving pleasure is as I've been owning it for the past ten years. It's just an over engineered car when compared to Japanese econobox that has some immature lighting on it. But sadly gone are the days where car manufacturers built cars that are really a pleasure to own. That goes to Mercedes benz as well. They were first in the industry to make many features a standard across the line. Of course having a reverse camera only spoils a good driver but they should have had it standard or some other kind of assistance like distronic or parktronic because what I feel is ironically the owner had to pay a high price tag for basic features.
  11. top tip

    Mercedes C 160

    Euro cars do come with reverse camera, for instance my friend has the Mercedes Benz w212 E300 Bluetec hybrid model which were built for the UK market and imported to sri lanka has one, in fact it has 360┬░ camera. Then I've seen similar feature on the new X5 Not sure whether it is factory fitted though, then again the older S-Class w221 itself had reverse camera and mind you this car started production in 2005. So they do get reverse camera. On my opinion it is a useful feature that car manufacturers should include in a car which is about 10mln. Specially if the rear visibility is low due to small windscreen. But one should not be overly reliant on these tech.
  12. top tip

    Mercedes C 160

    Wait so this means that it doesn't have factory fitted reversing camera. What a shame for paying such an awful lot of money for a basic car. Does the rival 3 series or A4 have that feature. It is a must I must say for a car like the C-class which has got a very small rear windscreen. Also heard that the C 160 has a manual transmission, how about the Engine; is it a down tuned version of the C180 or is it from a A-class?
  13. top tip

    Leather restoration

    I own a Toyota Prado TRJ150 2011 And for quite a time now the leather seems to have developed a few cracks as well as it has got a bit dirty As it has got beige leather seats. I have had no experience of doing this sort of a thing before as all the vehicles I have owned before has had fabric seats. Can anyone tell me of a good reputed place to get the job done as I seen some vehicles getting white spots after going through such restoration. Thank you.
  14. top tip

    30000 usd Permit

    I am currently entitled to a vehicle permit of 30000 USD, Now i want to know what are the vehicles i can import/buy from this permit. i am particularly interested on purchasing a European executive car, If i am not possible to do so what are the other vehicles which are possible to be bought as a means of buying and selling. or as a last resort what is the price i can simply sell my permit for?
  15. top tip

    Merc S320 1993 model

    I saw one on this site advertised in the 3-3.5 mln range. that I should say would be the starting price. but then do think twice about the purchase and there are lots to check for. If it is company maintained then you would have found a gem or else it is a big gamble. On a side note how big is your parking space? Because this car is immensely oversized which even Mercedes engineers agreed to.
  16. top tip

    Merc S320 1993 model

    There is a saying that "you can never stop mending a Mercedes S class" since we are referring to relatively old merc's here this saying is pretty true here because they come with so many bells and whistles that it is fair enough to say this. First of all these cars were made at a period when Mercedes Benz had it's core values of engineering. And since it was an S class (the flagship model) the car had a lot of features that were well ahead of time.(like ESP,ASR Air suspension). Now this meant that there is a lot of high tech items that could fail when the car gets older, 20 or more years. for eg:- this car is equipped with suction doors. now a failed air compressor for the Central locking system could set back around 150000 LKR. then you have the ABC which is an air suspension system. now this is a common failure among the W220 these days so you could imagine what to expect with W140's air suspension, this to could be wallet busting. Since this is an S-class spares in any form are gonna be expensive, and then comes the biggest topic of them all FUEL ECONOMY, As for my knowledge I think close to 80% or more of W140's in sri lanka are petrol (in fact I have never seen a diesel). Now the model range starts with atleast In-6 and goes all the way up-to V12. automatic is standard across the range. so summing it up this won't make a great fuel economy value. My verdict is I leisurely like the W140, It was one of the last Mercedes cars to be designed by the legendary Bruno Sacco. it has the classic design cues of a proper Mercedes. but then this car is pretty much comparable to an elephant these days because this car like an elephant is very big, striking to look at, and very majestic BUT you wouldn't want to own one. On top of that if you have not owned a Mercedes before and if this is your first time planning to own one. then for the love of good please don't buy this. as you would be better off if you resorted to cars like the W124,W210,W211 E-class models which are more practical for daily use and is the next closest contender to the S-class in the Mercedes line up.
  17. top tip

    Allion / Premio

    The Allion has an engine which is built keeping only fuel efficiency and reliability in mind. It has got a cvt transmission. Talking about automatic, when has an automatic been fun to drive. The car is front wheel drive. Contributes the steering to be very vague. Will it ever be engaging to drive one of these. People in Sri Lanka think, just because they are paying a premium for it. It makes it a luxury car. When one opens the door of one these and see that projector type scuff illumination. They are attracted to it and they buy it and show off. Very pity car market in Sri Lanka. Paying 7.5 to 8.0 man to owe a boring econo box with some lights on it.
  18. Can anyone suggest me a reputed mechanic for SUVs . toyota prado trj150 specually.
  19. top tip

    New Petrol Prado

    The JDM diesel prado is more expensive than the petrol version. Then the prado LC4, LC5 are about 4-6 million more expensive than a petrol counterpart. The rest of the 150 diesels which are in sri lanka are imported through the agents which comes with the diesel 5L-E engine which on my opinion is gonna be very underpowered for a vehicle of that size. (This engine produces only 94hp). We owe a prado which has got the 2.7l 2TR-FE which produces 163hp which is quite adequate in terms of power and fuel efficiency. And the JDM petrol toyota prado comes packed with bells and whistles rather than the agents imported diesel one. Options such as leather electric seats, 3-way camera, 14 speaker sound system comes with the petrol JDM Prado. So i think because of these reasons that their are more petrol prado's than diesel ones. So basically the JDM Petrol prado is the best buy for the money.
  20. top tip

    Mercedes-Benz W126 1985

    Most of the w126 cars in sri lanka are converted diesel ones so you won't really have a feel of a company assembled merc. What also comes with conversion is vibration since the engine mounts and dampers are different of each type. Unlike the w124 or w123 the w126 has more electronic gadgets. As for my experience of owing a w124 the electronic bits in a merc isn't as realiable as the mechanical bits of the car. Finding spares for a w126 Is gonna be hard since this model is less available in sri lanka. And for cars such as the w124 parts could be swapped with models like w123, w202, w210. But not in the case of the w126. So my best advice for you is to go for a w124, w123, w201 whoch are much common and has better fuel economy and much easier to maintain.