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  1. dhanuFB15

    What need to replace in first service

    i think ur car is under warranty.. Then go to warranty provider,
  2. I dont thinks so machan, i have vitz 2008 and it's very difficult to go event 100 kms with 5 ppl. Wagon R space is enough, But when you move Wagon R consider second hand market.
  3. i dont think vitz space not suitable for 5 people and luggage. Wagor R space is good,
  4. dhanuFB15

    2nd Vehicle Option

    what about your driving profile. it means driving on heavy traffic or normal condition etc. you can consider suzuki celario as well .
  5. dhanuFB15

    White smoke at cold start

    How abt mileage? It's due to wear pistons and rings of engine oil mixing to the burning chamber, Better to use 15w-40 oil and keep change oil frequently ( 3000 kms or 6 month) can running engine another days
  6. dhanuFB15

    Vehicle for 8 million

    If i am you no doubt i select Premio. Because reselling value is very very important factor to any vehicle owner in srilanka no one like to sold vehicle less than purchasing price in srilanka, other than exceptional cases. yes mazda 6 has various additional options than premio with full fun of driving and attractive look, but remember no one purchase vehicle for his entire life.
  7. Thanks @Rumesh88 I will follow ur process and let you know
  8. @Rumesh88 Thanks for valuable information. According to my observation it heard me speed below 40 kmph. I am not frequently high speed runner and i start heard that around 40kmph to 0 kmph when apply break. Another import thing that i pointed out from your reply was ABS alarm. Ya, i remember 3 times i received ABS alarm, but not recently as well as before this brake noise issue start ,when i am in traffic and frequently touch break on that time , But after stop engine and start ABS light gone off. Currently i thing ABS has no issue because when i start car ABS light blink and off initially And another thing Mr rumesh. mechanic jack the issued wheel and move freely when checking process. That time i heard one small tak and not after, He move several times but not heard any sound after. Any how i will follow ur process and re check it again, Ur feedback is highly appreciate
  9. Thanks Bro. I will check that scenario. Anyway i saw this issue to mechanics and he adjust rear break fully, but issue exist and he said need to replace rear hub bearing, Any comment plz
  10. But kenwood and pioneer also has players with android OS. i am talking about those
  11. What is the relationship with parking break,This sound heard not parking brake apply or release, but when i am driving and when brake apply it received left rear wheel.one guy told me drum over run or something i dont know what exactly
  12. No. If u are using android one with player like vlc u need good sound system as well. Otherwise u ended up bad sound quality.
  13. dhanuFB15

    CR Book Clarification

    That No problem, For one day transfers they printed like that, it's for rmv purpose.