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  1. I found this error guide online, it might be helpful. https://yasithmayabandara.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/warning-lights-indicators-and-messages3.pdf
  2. When I contacted HybridHub they mentioned for this car model, replacing few cells won't work. I don't know if they say that because its less hassle for them with a good amount of money or, out of actual experience. Has your contact successfully replaced only some cells and recovered the battery to the running condition for a long time without any issues? If so that would be a great option.
  3. Not planing to keep the vehicle for a long time , and I don't want to sell the vehicle to someone with a faulty battery either. My car's usable capacity is probably around 15% and surprisingly it gives exact fuel economies like a one with a good battery. 20km/L in long distance. It's been this way for past 2 years. However charging cycles are more frequent as it drains quickly due to low capacity. So if I were to keep this I wouldn't change the battery now as it hasn't given much of a trouble yet. It's a 2010 model with 60000km mileage. Anyone have experience with this place? https://kachybridbatteryclinic.net/ Website looks informative. They say they give 5yrs warranty.
  4. Anyone here have experience with Hybrid battery replacement of a Honda Civic FD3 ? I'm looking for an alternative option other than agents as their price is ridiculously high (probably because of extended warranty period ). HybridHub by Edirisinhe motors quoted 330k for a replacement and someone told me some other place near kohuwala does this for around 170k. (I can't exactly remember the name of this place, let me know if someone know such a place near kohuwala). If both of these companies doing the same procedure I'd go with later. I've also heard some people had trouble later with the replaced battery when they get this done by much cheaper places. Anyways, can anyone recommend me a good place with a reasonable price?
  5. Ceypetco FUEL REFUND

    Actually they haven't charged a 2% extra in the first transaction of Rs 3000/- , That's what made me wonder why they would refund any.
  6. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    FD1 have them, FD3 have them , so I think FD4s should have them too. Btw, go for the facelifted version (2009 and up models that have round fog lamps+ squarish tail lamps)
  7. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Excellent comparison but I thought, this one should be Features - Mazda 3 > Civic > Lancer
  8. What is the best car

    What's your budget and requirements?
  9. Ceypetco FUEL REFUND

    Recently I pumped 95 Octane worth Rs 3000 from a Ceypetco station and paid by card. And I asked for a receipt as well. After few days I was checking my online bank account and transactions and I saw a record like this, FUEL REFUND-LANKA FILLING STAT worth Rs 58 and few cents. What's the reason for this? Why did they refund this amount ? and if I payed by cash I would have never gotten this refund. Is this because they've pumped fuel worth less than Rs 3000 and since I got a receipt they wanted correct the error?
  10. Oh really? I've been checking advertising sites like twice a day recently, but seems I missed those Any advantage of the diesel specimen over petrol counterpart other than fuel economy?
  11. 2012s are the facelift models, so I guess it's worth spending another 4-5 lakhs and go for a 2012 facelift model right?
  12. Is it still there? Couldn't find it. Which year model was it?
  13. thanks a lot. valuable info!