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  1. if resale value is not a concern, I'd go for one of the vehicles mentioned in brand new list. About used vehicles, those 7, 8 years old models are outdated and does not have modern appearance/ features , let alone how much they've been abused in those years.
  2. Goro

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    Thanks for these step by step instructions. However , digging a little deep on this, I just found out that img file is actually an garmin compatible OSM (OpenStreetMap) , not actual garmin maps for Sri lanka. Actually you can download latest 2018 September OSM maps for Sri Lankan region from their site for free. And I also saw there's actual garmin 2018 maps for Sri Lanka for sale online for $19 and $29. If I purchase this will it be compatible with Honda indash system? Or does OSM have more routing data for Sri Lanka than Garmin?
  3. Goro

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    Do you have to keep engine running for the whole 1 hour when update happens?
  4. Goro

    Civic 2018 Tire Valve Stem Caps

    I checked aliexpress and ebay, but that cap is very different from what comes with 10th generation Civic. I couldn't find even a closely matching plastic cap. I'll take a picture and post here.
  5. Goro

    Honda Civic 2018

    this is true for Dual clutch or other auto. CVT behaves differently isn't it? Civic has CVT.
  6. Goro

    Honda Civic 2018

    General question: with Civic, If you floor the gas pedal from a stop, what's the maximum RPM you get before reaching 100Km/h ?
  7. Looks like I've lost one of my tire valve stem caps of my Civic 2018. Is there any place to buy them here in SL? I checked on eBay but couldn't find the exact same one as the original. Any ideas?
  8. I was able to get 25km/L on highway when speed is maintained around 90kmph.
  9. What did you mean by "can't see the Turbo performance" ? Is it that SR doesn't have the turbo gauge in instrument display?
  10. Btw, once you do the eco test, it automatically links up with this web site. So is your insurance. However , it looks like web service of SL I******* is down (for about week now) while others work fine. I get this error when I try to validate. Too bad I got my insurance from SLIC and now I can't get this license online due to this issue 🤬
  11. Goro

    License Plate Frame And Sticker; Help Please

    I was wondering the same. I just don't like yellow color rear number plate, it really destroy the look of my car lol.
  12. Then why there's an option like this?
  13. Goro

    License Plate Frame And Sticker; Help Please

    I saw various Wurth number plate holders available in their website, which one I should go for a car?
  14. So basically how this thing works? How do we link insurance certificate and emission test certificate ?