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  1. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    while you keep your eye opened some people struggled with gear box issues still wasting there money on fuel, god help people who brought this vehicle in 4x4 with no warrenty from car sales , the old x trail is as crap as the new one , people who use those knows. no one said we need it to do the fuel figures of a vezel, its not a large suv its a mid size being a hybrid it does the same as a crv or a prado which is a large suv whats the point ? nissan hybrid system seems a heavy failure. a few will keep silent and jump at anyone who says its crap because they dont want to show that they got cought in this mess, and few will just be heroes without using one, and few will respond without using one, your very silent about how some people in this forum behaved and all of a sudden you appear here advicing us. before you decide anything call A*W , call hybrid hub or u can even call ranjan motors ask about the 4x4 model gear box issues, call u.s. car sales. if you wanna lock this thing up you should have locked it at first place while u see some people (maybe your friends) here fireup for no reason.
  2. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    I know machan ☺️ , just had a little fun making him excited for a few minutes ? us actually who suffered trying to save everyone from buying this garbage and retarded lonely keyboard warriors who never had one running around the forum screaming lol ?
  3. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    A lonely kid in a range Rover ???
  4. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    iRage - umba nam patta retarded case ekak ban, ? it's not our fault ne ban, we all feel the sorrow and what type of mentality you have. relax brother take it easy, maybe next time when you cry to your parents they might buy you one.
  5. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    If anyone's suspecting i never had one ... ? There you go ... ? Waste of my time , money And fuel ... ? Never again a x trail ... ?
  6. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    I don't agree with you sir, the meter shows better fuel consumption sometimes when on high way after you reset it, then it decreases, it will never do the figures which you have given when your traveling over 80km/l. And on traffic it's always 7.5. This vehicle is a complete failure and the 4x4 having gear box issues. ? Even A*W people confirmed it. --------------------------------- To all the people who are saying we are thel higannas please note the meaning of a hybrid even mercs and bmws come as hybrids and phevs these days. Are those people who buy those thel higannas too ? In the future sl gov. Is trying to make all there vehicles hybrids, are those ministers and all the buggers whose going to use those thel higannas too ? Please stick to your 1998 car models which do 8 kmpl anyway and leave the hybrid people alone ?
  7. Thx .. I don't think either one of the two vehicles are turbo models ... I'll just try to find a way to test drive both before buying one ...
  8. Thx the wagon r stingray im looking at is not a turbo ... The turbo model comes close to 40 and the normal model is 36 and the one whose gonna use this car a lot will be our father who owned an axio hybrid g 2016 before ...
  9. The spacia custom 2017 which im looking at is this one ... It also got dual auto sliding doors ... And this is the new wagon r im looking at ... ---------- I have some other vehicles so this im Buying it mainly for city driving ...
  10. thank you very much for the quick response sir , so ill go with the wagon r stingray 2017 however the brand new shell of 2017 spacia custom is much more unique looking / one more question is a 650 - 660 cc engine enough for either of these vehicles ? i got into both vehicles and as u have mentioned the new spacia feels much more comfortable than the stingray ...
  11. hi , we are going to buy a suzuki spacia custom 2017 (new shell) or a suzuki wagon r stingray 2017 (new shell) but we have a problem choosing one between them cuz the spacia logo shows as s enecharge which from the sellers point of view is a semi hybrid and the new wagon r stingray shows a logo called hybrid which from the sellers knowledge is a full hybrid. both vehicles got 650cc engines. whats the difference between those two technologies ? and which is the better vehicle to choose ? thank you.
  12. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    Dont buy without warrenty ban ... oh and theres a small difference between the 2016 last qtr released model it got an electric hand break switch other than that almost everythings same ... g premium got adaptive cruise / auto break / electric driver seat / premium leather seats (mostly brown once in sri lanka) rockford fosgate sound system with 2 twitters four speakers and a big subwoofer on back (u can adjust every setting from the stereo like wipers locking system etc.) all wheel drive 4 wheel drive and many more stuff like u can adjust the settings from the smart phone with the app (passwords come on a small paper with details in key chain) and some models including the one which i brought comes with a body kit ... much much more joy to drive than an xtrail lol
  13. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    I brought a phev g premium bro a bit more in price than a xtrail but each charge for the battery cost me around 400 rs in electrecity bill and the tank takes around 6000 rs max 95 fuel - so with two full charges and a full tank i run about 400 kms or even more , way way better than xtrail - it took 8000 rs of petrol and only run 250 km sometimes even less than that lol ... whatever u buy u have to buy with a warrenty machan sterling / kobe or company ... phev 2015 will cost 130 on a sale with sterling warrenty , a bit hard to find these days , and on company 150 ... i saw some excellent used once in ###### with warrenty remaining around 110 - g premiums ...
  14. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    This is 2015 to 2017 we talking about , the hybrid system in the xtrail is not working as its meant to be its a failure , 90% of the time it wont run on the battery and when u take the foot out of ur accelerator pedal it runs on battery for around 30 secs max but it deaccelerates unlike other hybrids quickly wont run on battery for that long and takes hours the battery to full charge ...
  15. gayankap

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    ???? this is so true ... some havent even tried this vehicle and ppl who brought it know the problems they had to go through , specially with the unrelaistic fuel figures shown in dashboard , and in two months i had to replace one of the o2 sensors and the company had no stocks for it saw so many owners waiting in line to get one some are running without replacing it with the engine check lights on ... finally i managed to find one from a nissan spare parts shop ... then on the third month i got a malfunction warning on the front radar no one at A*W or any 3rd party company could find the fault ... and regarding the 4x4 x trail gear box replacement many have done it , some have saved there asses by the company warrenty and sterling warrenty etc. from spending millions on a replacement gear box but some have gotten it without warrenty from sales think about it ... if u all dont beleive us call hybrid hub / automiraj / call the freaking A*W engineers etc. they will tell u what kind of a failure a xtrail is ... oh and theres a new face model on its way , im not going towards this peice of shit again , but asking u not to fall for there tricks again ...