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  1. rassa

    Cherry q q 2006

    Simply don't waste your money on a car like cherry qq
  2. Well noted. Actually this is the first time it happened. I guess its better to move to synthetic for safer side even we change it on 5k intervals. Thanks 😊
  3. Thanks @kush @TheFlyingFox but my main concern was that we missed to change the engine oil until it reached 10,500km mark from last change. It was Cast**l GTX 20W 50 inside and I am worrying because running around 10k with a mineral oil would do any harm to the engine.
  4. Bringing up an old thread because we faced a situation where it messed with intervals and viscosity. However please give an idea of what happens or what actions to be taken when a car with 118k in ODO ran around around 10,500kms after last oil change (Cast**l GTX 20W 50) and changed to Cast**l GTX 10W 40? FYI : Car is Honda fit area 2008 and it is used to change oil by every 5000km intervals with the filter. This time only we forgot to do so.. 🙄 Car runs around 750km per month. Btw 20w 50 was introduced by the service station considering the millage from last two oil change.
  5. rassa

    Buying First Car

    Nice bunch of information @iRage Thanks for sharing.
  6. rassa

    High-Pressure Car Washer

    Need some information regarding pressure washer repairing places. Because 1 and half years back we bought a washer (a Chinese one i guess) from Ab*ns and worked well through out one year. But after that started to give troubles, just after warranty period is over it was working like 5mins perfectly and then pressure of water jet dropped to half with huge vibrations in motor unit. However we managed to used with that condition for another few months and now its totally unusable due to all time low pressure & vibration. Does anyone know a place where this can be fixed? or any suggestion? Because this was very slightly used like 2 times a month for one car and two bikes.
  7. Hi PerfMad, Thanks for your kind support l. We checked with tec motors but they were out of stock. Then found a brandnew part from Stafford at Maradana. Cost 9,500. Car has been using for 2 years up to now and didn't change bulb yet. This is driven around 300km per week as well as during night times. Since then there were no issues but only replaced the battery few months back with same amp as old one. However will going to fix the new switch today and same time check about bulb voltages. I will keep you guys updated. Regards
  8. My dad checked the car with a technician and dissembled the steering wheel. Found that there was a short circuit and switch has been burned. It seemed not possible for a rebuild. Checked few shops near by and Panchi for used part over the phone and they quoted 10,000-13,000 for a replacement. Can anyone suggest a place for a cheaper price if possible. However have to fix this by coming weekend.
  9. Thanks a lot @Davy Today will have a visit to an auto electrician for further diagnosis.
  10. Hi Members, Glad to put my first individual post here in the site even though I have been referring the forum since few years. I have a Honda fit area 2008 GD8 version and clocked 85K in ODO. Car is in very good condition and so far had no issues. But yesterday when i was driving back to my home from office which was 30kms drive and suddenly experienced a smell like plastic burning from A/C vents at midway. It went off when switched off AC. Again started to smell after switched on. I drove another few kms under this condition and stopped to investigate any observations. There were no any smell or burning mark anywhere in dashboard, engine bay or tyres. But after i started the car again, Dim lights ware not working but parking, signal and head lights were ok. Also the head-dim switch was not working as normal (the click sound was not there when switching between head-dim). After few mins of driving head light also went off till i reached home. Today morning i checked again and all working again except dim lights and the switching mechanism. What could be the problem? Failure of fuse or defected switch? Thanks