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  1. virajn

    Honda Vezel 2018 RS - maitainance

    This thread has more info
  2. virajn

    Buying an Car around 2M-2.5M

    Machan once you decide a car to buy go with someone who knows the field. Talk to your friends, family, find a good mechanic who knows the cars. Buying a problematic car is just beginning of draining your pocket. You will spend time and money on garage. Avoid that . Go with someone knows
  3. virajn

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    This discussion is very good to understand about dct. Seems like there is a difference in Honda dct system used with hybrid system. This is taken from Honda site. "The extremely quiet, motor-only EV Drive mode is selected for frequent stop-start and low-speed cruising situations such as urban driving. The clutch disengages the engine to reduce friction, realizing a highly efficient EV drive. For acceleration the Hybrid Drive mode is selected, engaging the clutch and starting the engine. By combining power from both the engine and motor, the Hybrid Drive mode provides a powerful drive. For high-speed cruising the Engine Drive mode is selected, maximizing efficient use of the engine. The SPORT HYBRID i-DCD determines the most efficient mode not only for fuel economy and power, but for battery recharging. The clutch disengages the engine during deceleration to efficiently convert kinetic energy to electricity." This is the source https://world.honda.com/Fit-Jazz/hybrid/page03.html According to this information only need to worry about clutch when not running even mode at very low speed.
  4. Try calling this. I find 2002 vitz fuse-box from here after searching long time. https://www.google.lk/maps/place/Nimal+Auto+Electricals/@6.793684,79.8872245,17.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x63d29cd7cf8226f7!8m2!3d6.7937133!4d79.8870172
  5. I would also agree on not buying hybrid too much old. Once you spent 3.6million after year might have to spend money on battery. Also hybrids are complicated machines ( which means too much to break ). If it is relative new one then ok. You will have several years without issues. I would suggest consider other options like new Vitz.
  6. virajn

    Honda Vezel 2018 RS - maitainance

    Normally I would wait for gap and go. it's my car. If something happened cost is for me Not others who even honk at traffic.
  7. There were some recall details in [Facebook link removed] at the time of last year around August. I was researching to buy a WagnoR 2017 model but that recall details made me buy Honda hybrid ( At that time there were no agents here). Normally recall information on the japanse website.
  8. virajn

    Honda GP5 gear box warning ?

    Thanks for the info. Will check on next service and update details in the forum for everyones reference.
  9. virajn

    Honda GP5 gear box warning ?

    I changed the dual clutch oil not gear oil.
  10. Dual clutch has it's own pros and cons. If 2018 Vezel using dual clutch then you have those prons and cons. There's no special issue in dual clutch only the driving style can reduce it's life time.
  11. Thinking on your line of thought I would agree on most of the points. It makes sense that manufacture's requirement to keep their brand name. But normally I'm skeptical about today's marketing. Normally everything is designed to optimize profit. I think giving free maintenance also in some cases to keep you loyal to that brand ( so that you won't consider other options). Any way thanks for the ideas coz their are some which never occurred to me.
  12. Simple thought on following owners manual maintenance schedule. Car manufacturer might indicate service is required by 8000 or (12000) km. But think their motive. Normally in other countries these cars are sold with warranty. It's logical to think that car manufacture only want his car to perform without any issue during this warranty period. Also by giving more distance ( or time ) between service intervals he can market his vehicle as having low maintenance cost. After warranty it doesn't matter if car start to give problems. At that time you will be left with repair bills and ready for next car. Therefore I think following car manufactures schedule should be done with wisely. It's designed for car manufactures best interest. Also listening service stations recommendation should be done wisely. They give advice for their best interest. They want us to come to their service station so often, so that they can give loads of problems ( which probably don't have in car) and take away our money. Just a simple thought.
  13. virajn


    Don't know about the break fluid. But you need to change clutch oil on 40,000km. Recommended one on manual is for 160,000km. But don't wait till that.
  14. virajn

    What are the best fuel efficient Hybrids in Sri Lankan Market

    This not me. I'm not even touching my phone on highway driving.