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  1. virajn

    Advice on changing break fluid

    Its Dual Clutch and i have changed the oil on 45k. Any way following thread answers lot of questions i have and don't know how i missed it According above posts i decided to go with Dot 3 oil. Only question is reliable place to do with ( some place works with genuine responsibility )
  2. I'm using Honda GP5 ( 2014 December ) and bought a nearly 2 year ago with ster.. warranty. I have been doing services from warranty company. In internet, i have found Honda recommend to do break oil change in every two years. But the service company never asked or mentioned on changing break oil change. Assuming Japan guys changed break oil in Japan ( for recondition cars ) i thought of doing break oil change now, for peace of mind. I have following questions on this, 1. Is using Dot 4 break oil waste of money ? ( I have found Dot 3 enough for normal driving, but is there any catch on this like climate in Sri Lanka effect badly ) 2. Where should i do it ? Can a person with experience recommend a place ( agent or any other service center ). I'm asking this since most of the Service centers filled with youngsters who don't take responsibility on anything. This is the break system therefore i'm extremely cautious on who works with internals. 3. Is there any other fluid i should be worried with time factor ? ( like steering fluid )
  3. Gear box issue comes mainly with Vezel i think . GP5 is decent comfortable economical car. Even though Sri Lanka going backward from electrical , hybrid to gasoline engines , lot of countries move forward with hybrid and mainly electrical cars. Issues are packege with every car. If you own one you need to ready for it. At some point every car gonna give you troubles. Those are machines and could break at any point. Only thing you need to get one you enjoy and suite your budget and needs.
  4. virajn

    Need advice on 12v battery

    Thanks for the information. Did a capacity test and test recommend to replace the battery. Did a replacement cost 11,000. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 Plus using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  5. This car is accident one. There are repairs you need to done.
  6. virajn

    Honda Vezel gear shifting issue

    Who is the mechanic ? Can you share Sent from my Nokia 6.1 Plus using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  7. I have 2014 Honda GP5. Currently car have original battery they shipped with. Battery voltage ( as I have checked in two different places) shows 14v and guys recommend to run several months. When running in Colombo voltage shows 12.7v. is it normal to drop voltage when running and how much it should show? I'm worried one morning I might find all the warning in dashboard. Could someone recommend good place to replace battery ? ( Who can make sure all the battery parameters are met in new battery as I don't know about batteries at all ) Sent from my Nokia 6.1 Plus using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  8. virajn

    Honda fit gp5

    Honda GP5 is Japan domestic model. However same hybrid dct transmission is export to Malaysia. In this link you can find the service schedule. https://www.honda.com.my/service_maintenance/maintenance Select car model jazz. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 Plus using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  9. virajn

    Honda Vezel gear shifting issue

    As autolanka forum questions and answers I think issue comes mostly with the vezel. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 Plus using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  10. virajn

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Since you are considering vitz, I would suggest to consider Honda Jazz non hybrid version. It sell by agent. It's the same car as GP5 with minus all headache components like dct and hybrid. Same engine with cvt ( or manual ) gear box. Since Im owing gp5 I can say its very comfortable ride.
  11. I own a Honda GP5 hybrid but over the years I'm grown not to be very fan of hybrid. Problem is although they give superior fuel economy, they somewhat hard to maintain. If you go out of Colombo there is not lot of places who knows how to properly service or repair. As suggetion, I would recommend to go for non hybrid car. Honda jazz non hybrid is good choice. You can see more details in Honda lk site. Jazz ( japan domestic GP5) are supreisenly spacious and fun to drive very practical car. There's cvt and manual version if you more concerned with fuel economy.
  12. virajn

    Honda Vezel 2018 RS - maitainance

    This thread has more info
  13. virajn

    Buying an Car around 2M-2.5M

    Machan once you decide a car to buy go with someone who knows the field. Talk to your friends, family, find a good mechanic who knows the cars. Buying a problematic car is just beginning of draining your pocket. You will spend time and money on garage. Avoid that . Go with someone knows
  14. virajn

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    This discussion is very good to understand about dct. Seems like there is a difference in Honda dct system used with hybrid system. This is taken from Honda site. "The extremely quiet, motor-only EV Drive mode is selected for frequent stop-start and low-speed cruising situations such as urban driving. The clutch disengages the engine to reduce friction, realizing a highly efficient EV drive. For acceleration the Hybrid Drive mode is selected, engaging the clutch and starting the engine. By combining power from both the engine and motor, the Hybrid Drive mode provides a powerful drive. For high-speed cruising the Engine Drive mode is selected, maximizing efficient use of the engine. The SPORT HYBRID i-DCD determines the most efficient mode not only for fuel economy and power, but for battery recharging. The clutch disengages the engine during deceleration to efficiently convert kinetic energy to electricity." This is the source https://world.honda.com/Fit-Jazz/hybrid/page03.html According to this information only need to worry about clutch when not running even mode at very low speed.
  15. Try calling this. I find 2002 vitz fuse-box from here after searching long time. https://www.google.lk/maps/place/Nimal+Auto+Electricals/@6.793684,79.8872245,17.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x63d29cd7cf8226f7!8m2!3d6.7937133!4d79.8870172