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  1. Thank you. Also not directly related to this, but did you changed coolant ( fully replaced ) in your car in 6 years time. Online research suggest best to change on 80k -100k or 2 year time.
  2. I have Honda GP5 (75000km) and all service done by Sterling. They have used Havoline 0-20w fully synthetic oil changed by 5000km. From this forum i have learned fully synthetic oil can run 10,000km and asked them about why they recommend 5000km for fully synthetic oil. Their answer was if i use Mobil ( which cost double compared Havoline ) i can run 10,000km but for Havoline it's 5000km. Is there any truth to this ? Also i would like to know what's agent recommended oil and oil change interval ( i never gone to agent ) . Also since daily running on heavy traffic route ( 45min to go 12km normally ) i'm fear waiting for 10,000km. Is my fear baseless ? ( i'm asking this since i hope to keep car around 200,000km and want to do best maintenance today so i can save bit money in future )
  3. My car subject to frequent bird dropping and washing the car in that frequent not possible due to busy schedule and no proper place to wash at home. Therefore i was looking a product to remove such stuff which are harmful to paint in local market. Does any on this forum can recommend such a product with their experience ?
  4. 1. Do modern cars need timing chain replacement ? 2. If so, does any one know when to replace timing chain in Honda GP5 ? 3. As a user why should I care about interference engine or non - interference engine details ? What info would be valuable to us ? 3. Does any one know weather GP5 has interference engine or non - interference engine ?
  5. My Honda Gp5 coolent resovoir tank cap broken ( noticed today ). Is there a place I can buy it ? Worst case I would buy full tank . Can anyone recommend a place to search ?
  6. Is it a necessity to have it pasted on the windshield? Can police fine me for not having it? No. It's not a requirement. My sticker is on file not the windscreen. No issues. You need that sticker when you transfer ownership.
  7. This is due to low hybrid battery i guess. It came to me once i climbed Navaloka Hospital car park ( tower ) in GP5. I think when you constantly running with very low speed battery will not get charge to required point. Its not a issue. Never came the again.
  8. I was wondering the same. What is this place ?
  9. Since we are talking about servicing can you guys recommended what should be done in a service ? I know oil change, oil filter change and wash are normally done. If one needs to keep the car out of troubles for 100,000km what should he/she focusing on service. I learned break oil moisture check in this forum. Any other checks i need to worry about ? 1. Power steering oil. Normally when should it changed ? 2. Any other mechanical parts which needs to be checked in a service ?
  10. Is there a tagging mechanism in autolanka forum ? It would be beneficial and searchable content easily if there is one. This is online forum having such tagging system. https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/
  11. Sometimes back Honda dealer here advertised this model ( Jazz non-hybrid with CVT box ) but now website don't have that car. Better to check with Honda dealer.
  12. That workaround doesn't work. Locking the transmission in 1st or 2nd gear doesn't stop the DCT from slipping when crawling forward - the only viable workaround is avoiding crawling as much as possible, specially when going uphill / when the car is loaded Agree to @Jason Bourne. There is good discussion on this issue in this forum. Only advantage in Hybrid with DCT is ( Honda GP5 and Hyundai Ioniq hybrid) is on EV-mode clutches disengage giving peace of mind for no clutch slippery happens.
  13. Honda GP5 or Vezel DCT issue comes mainly with driving style. Even the car maintained by agents, if the driver/owner don't know a thing about DCT then thereis fair risk in near future high repair cost in gear box. I think its better to go for a test drive in selected well maintained GP5 ( or Vezel ). Have them to drive through heavy traffic ( if available ) or upslope ( in a traffic). If the driver use accelerator to maintain car stationary in upslope or driver creeps through ( like below 5kmph ) when engine running ( not ev mode where engine turned off), then they don't know how to drive a DCT car. Don't buy it. Correct way is use break to hold the car in any given condition ( upslope or traffic ) and have good distance in traffic which enough to engage first gear ( in engine running mode where clutches start to engage ). Also if you listen carefully to car you can clearly heard slipping clutch. One more thing. Hybrids have start-stop engine feature ( insanely high in colombo traffic ) which means starting the engine causing fair bit of wear and tear. Therefore its crucial for hybrid to maintain recommended ( 5000km ) engine oil change. Check for that also. Also don't get discourage in DCT issue ( there is none such other than no knowledge to maintain it) since GP5 and Vezel are well build reliable car. GP5 is fun to drive Good luck on your New Car !
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