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  1. Hello everyone, I am after the , fuel consumption (average) and any specific issues of the following. Model: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Engine: 2.0L petrol hybrid Year : 2013-2015 Thank You
  2. trish_auto

    MG ZS 2018

    Any idea of this new suv, manufactured in China for European market. Currently which is available for a price tag of Rs.4.6 -4.8 million at the local agents, M**ro Cars Ltd. This has two variants, 1.5-litre non-turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol . If anyone already using this model, please share your views with us. Thank You.
  3. trish_auto

    Grace 2015 or Axio 2015 or Premio 2012 ?

    "Issue is not the car but the truck to which it ran in to I assume" You are exactly there. I was also bit confused on why police arrested the lorry driver for this accident. You mean if the lorry didn't have the rear crash bar damaged would have been much less despite the speed of collision ? I think SL should amend the safety standards in vehicles for incorporating external airbags as well. 😃😄 But you missed one point, this truck also manufactured in one of the well developed countries..
  4. trish_auto

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    Well, take it to the agents. First you can tell your problem and get a quotation. If you are not happy you can return home without paying anything. I am sure they don't charge unrealistic price from you. Other than that, there are couple of technicians, who used to work in toyota before and now operating their own garages. If you are not qualified to diagnose an engine fault, highly advised not to attempt those things by yourself.
  5. trish_auto

    Head Light Repair

    can you share a photo of the damaged headlight. ?
  6. trish_auto

    Real-life fuel economy of WagonR?

    I suppose turbo versions are better in acceleration. not sure wagonR comes with that option. But spacia has it.
  7. trish_auto

    Grace 2015 or Axio 2015 or Premio 2012 ?

    Go for a Premio, its safer than any other models, 😕
  8. trish_auto

    Real-life fuel economy of WagonR?

    I agree with you if this was Japan. This vehicle may have high road safety rating. But referring to past accidents in SL, proved it wasn't the case. Lot of people died from wagonr accidents. Its not a matter of how careful you are, but to protect you and others with you from high speeding morons and boozed ups. Anyway its well refined in terms of its fuel economy, but compromising the comfortability, specially the rear seat in long distance travelling.
  9. trish_auto

    Best Clutch / Pressure Plate brand for alto 800 (2015)

    Welcome to the Autolanka forum, If you have a worn out clutch it is recommended to replace, entire clutch set including the clutch razor. check for any oil leaks from oil seal in the fly wheel as well. All details including part numbers are here http://oriparts.com/7/156/3074/795560?#item_15239235 Sometimes clutch and pressure plate comes as a one kit. For a razor you can get a Japanese one. There are several places you can get genuine parts. Agents or at several dealers in Panchikawatta. Can't mention names of any shops here (its against the policies of this forum).
  10. According to the new carbon taxation, effective from 2020, I wonder how far it is rational in the way the taxes are imposed. Seems government is either blind or unaware of loads of overused, aged hybrids with dead hybrids in the roads. According to the following news paper article government is taxing almost 3 times for more than 10 year old non-hybrids. Also I wonder whether same equation is applicable to diesels as well. Most important: According to the government , intention of this taxation is be to move people away from vehicles run on fossil fuels and encouraging them to use more and more electric cars. What benefits government has given to electric car users ? Do we get sufficient amount of electricity from sources other than fossil fuel powered generators. ? This is hilarious. Carbon tax from Jan 1: DMT 2019-01-09 19:03:09 While exempting electric cars, a Carbon Tax will be imposed on directly fossil-fueled vehicles including petrol cars from January 1, Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) Commissioner General A.H.K. Jagath Chandrasiri said today. He told the media that the carbon tax will be based on the fuel consumption of vehicles. "The tax will be charged under the 2018 financial Act and under three categories -- the manufacturing year of the vehicles of less than five years, between five and ten years and more than ten years," the Commissioner said. “Hybrid vehicles using petrol or diesel and based on their engine capacity with a manufacture date of less than five years would be charged 25 cents for one cubic centimetre, between five and ten years 50 cents and more than ten years one rupee." The Commissioner said vehicles using petrol or diesel with a manufacture year of less than five years would be charged 50 cents and between five and ten years one rupee and more than ten years Rs.1.50 or one cubic centimetre according to the engine capacity. He said passenger transport buses with a manufacture year of less than five years will be charged Rs.1,000, between five and ten years, charged Rs.2,000 and more than ten years Rs.3,000. Charges would be made through the provincial DMT commissioners when obtaining the revenue license. “Carbon tax charges would not compulsory for this year but from the year 2020, the carbon tax will be a must. When obtaining the revenue license in 2020 the charged would be collected along with the charges of 2019,” the Commissioner said. All Provincial Secretaries and District Secretaries have been advised in this regard. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)
  11. trish_auto

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    why taking Why you are taking so much of risk on something that you aren't confident ? You will be able to find a good GP1, but you may not able to fix your mind. 🙄
  12. trish_auto

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    Has been discussed lot..
  13. trish_auto

    Hyundai Santa Fe 2013

    Seems there are not many korean car fans here. But this has been discussed in the forum before and you can search it. Both brands are doing well in SL conditions though it is not as up to the Jap models. Both Hyundai Santa fe and Tucson are popular models in SL. I know people have been using them for years without any trouble. Even one of my relatives using a Tucson, for last 5 years he haven't had any issue. Very robust and reliable engine. Comfortable ride and no issues with the suspensions (may be he hasn't met lot of pot holes in road). Now it has done nearly 85k. But its interior, finishing , features are not nitty and gritty as up to Jap. Specially seats get wrinkles, upholstery get discolored earlier than Jap models. Also the resistance to corrosion is not as up to as Jap. May be korean cars are made by metals with less Chromium (not that your car get severe corrosion after 5 years ). However these things much developed in very latest models. it may be more closer to Jap makes.
  14. trish_auto

    Suzuki Celerio 2016 or Viva Elite 2014

    In terms of safety and fuel economy, Celerio is much better.
  15. Suzuki Xbee 2WD - Rs 4.5 M 4WD - Rs 5.1 M
  16. You mean the user manual ? You are supposed to get a printed version of the user manual with the car. Here it is https://we.tl/t-AiYiRVtVCi
  17. trish_auto

    How rational the Carbon Taxes are ?

    " is there a mechanism to actually get rid of these old cars off the road ?".. good point
  18. trish_auto

    Daihatsu mira 2015/16

    Decent car. Reasonable space. Daihatsu is fully owned by Toyota. So issue with the reliability and finding spares. Only issue is less pulling power in overtaking, specially car is fully loaded. Suzuki alto and wagonR don't have that problem since they comes with s-ene option.
  19. Vitz is heavier than picanto. Suppose to be less driving discomfort https://www.otodata.com/compare/64590/174276.html
  20. trish_auto

    Suzuki Celerio 2016 or Viva Elite 2014

    In celerio you can either drive in manual gear mode or auto. Its quite nimble compared to elite.
  21. How to pronounce "Nkamapoiortieotretrektnr " ?
  22. trish_auto

    Suzuki Celerio 2016 or Viva Elite 2014

    Being able to afford for a less used and newest vehicle don't go for a used and old model. Even the latest viva elite model you can find in the market is 2014, asking price of around 2.4 for very good condition car. Celerio is much better over the altos and marutis. Its more refined in terms of engine, performance and durability. You get a better ground clearance, pulling power and spacious cabin over elite. Second hand market also not that bad as people are claiming.
  23. trish_auto

    Engine capacity in CR

    May I know the car model ?
  24. trish_auto

    Engine capacity in CR

    Well this is all because of taxation purposes. Usually tax brackets are defined in round figures. Example 660cc, 1000cc, 1500cc, 1800cc, 2000cc or over , etc. In order to prevent your car falling into next highest bracket, manufacturers intentionally fudge these numbers. You will notice those engine capacities are marked as 658cc, 998cc, 1498cc, etc in the registration documents. There is no harm for doing it because 2cc is a very nominal value which is a barely measurable performance change, even if it is tested. Also this has become a norm in the automobile industry and local authorities, customs, regulatory bodies well aware of.
  25. " 3. Is Toyota Passo 2004 a good car to buy for 2.1 million rupees or is the price too much?" You can find a good Passo car for around 2.5-2.6 m, made around 2008-2011, but with a mileage over 50k. If it is single owned, well looked after, there is no issue. Its a very reliable car. Anyway, get the car checked with a professional or local agents before giving your money away,