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  1. The first number (10W or 15W) has no meaning in tropical conditions. It is the cold start viscousity. But second number yes. Higher the number thicker the oil and vice versa. Usually , higher the temperature, lower the viscousity (i.e. thinner the oil) . As engine heated up, viscousity drops. This high temperature viscousity matters the performance, fuel economy, etc.. In modern synthetic oils these viscosity variations in higher temperatures are better controlled. In general, thicker the oil, better the protection for engine, but engine needs to work more to overcome the resistance. It may also have an impact on your fuel pumping and filtering system as well. If the oil is thinner it becomes more flowable and less resistance at higher temperature. For engines with higher mileage plus possible wear and tear may experience less fuel efficiency with thinner oils. Also drop in the oil level. That is why people go for higher thickness oils. In your case better to use SAE 40. Additonally refer the manufactured date of the oil. Generally the shelf life of motor oil is 2 years. It will experience natural decomposition even during the storage. Always change the filters at every oil change. I don't strictly go by the mileage for changing the oil. It depends on your driving habits, operating temperature of your engine, condition of your engine. All these standards developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE Viscosity Grade[°C] Min. Viscosity [mm²/s] at 100 °C Max. Viscosity [mm²/s] at 100 °C High Shear Rate Viscosity [mPa.s] at 150 °C 0W 3.8 -- -- 5W 3.8 -- -- 10W 4.1 -- -- 15W 5.6 -- -- 20W 5.6 -- -- 25W 9.3 -- -- 20 5.6 <9.3 2.6 30 9.3 <12.5 2.9 40 12.5 <16.3 2.9 * 40 12.5 <16.3 3.7 ** 50 16.3 <21.9 3.7 60 21.9 <26.1 3.7 * 0W-40, 5W-40 & 10W-40 grades ** 15W-40, 20W-40, 25W-40 & 40 grades Reference: http://www.viscopedia.com/viscosity-tables/substances/sae-viscosity-grades/
  2. Suzuku Wagon R, 2015 - MH44S model is identified with a hybrid battery issue. In the Dashboard hybrid system indicator on right side, battery charging arrow (from wheels to battery) do not pop up during deceleration. When the batter was checked with Hybrid repair professionals, they said battery has dead. I don't think time of the battery is up by now. Still less than 3 years of use. It claim Rs. 150,000/= for the replacement and again not sure whether those are genuine or not. What are the possible reasons for premature hybrid battery failure ? Any users of Wagon-R here.
  3. Suzuki XBEE

    I mean second hand. If a particular model doesn't attract much popularity, it will definitely less demanded in the auctions even. Example Suzuki Baleno. Anyway we have to to wait and see.
  4. Suzuki XBEE

    Seond hand market price at auctions varies depending on certain facts. Initially it will be artificial. With time it will slowly come to the stable price. With mileage, interior and exterior and interior conditions. Presently you can get it for 1.67 m from private sellers. Even with deregistration, auction fees and transport it should be lower.
  5. Suzuki XBEE

    Suppose basic version should turn up around 1.6 M Yen in auctions
  6. Suzuki XBEE

    Well, if you want to get a brad new one, its immaterial where you buy from . Currently there is a queue for pre -orders. But they will reduce it with time. Not sure whether it is assembled/ manufactured in the Indian plant as well (no news yet) . Official prices announced by the Suzuki agents were between 1.7 m to 1.95 m Yen. Second hand market depends on the user reviews, reliability, popularity, etc. ( other than price). You can check the popularity by the number of registration in the first quarter. It will come to auctions around after April (most probably).
  7. Suzuki XBEE

    Rs 1.25 m, because it is mild hybrid. Refer the tax details from here ;
  8. Suzuki XBEE

    There are many cars available with preordered private sellers. But its too early for auctions to get them http://kakaku.com/kuruma/used/spec/Maker=7/Model=33309/ 39 cars available. But prices are bloated.
  9. hmm, it can be in certain models and also the way you maintain and use the vehicle. But in recent developments in the automobile industry all these sophistications (paddle shift or tiptronic, cruise control, radar braking, rain sensing, etc) have become basics. Around a decade ago, those were used only by a few top auto makers. Early nintees european top models came with all these high end options when Japanese car manufactures not even thought of. But now it has changed. technology has crossed the globe. Yes reliability can matter depend on the amount of research and developments. So always get your self updated with the user reviews. There are lot of pros here to share their knowledge with you.
  10. In fact VITZ 1.0 L is a good option. You can get a late 2015 model around Rs 3.6 M. It can manage with five people and baggage. But compared to Baleno it as no paddle shift and turbo.
  11. Most kei models comes with riding capacity of 4 (not 5). By law you can't have 3 people in rear seat. Also the rear seat of these vehicles are not comfortable in a long journey. How about corolla 141 ? Reliable car but not fuel efficient as keis. Or, Suzuki Baleno, JDM version (1.0 L turbo ) comes around a price tag of 3.6. A decent car but assembled in India.
  12. ford laser 2000 >> Made in Japan One of my friends had a one when I was in Aussie. Engine is 1600 cc. Fuel economy is 11-12 km/l. Yes engine is very reliable even at higher mileages. Though it is bit aged still a very popular car there due to its reliability https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ford+laser+2000/k0?sort=rank
  13. Revenue Licence

    Question 1 : What makes you to raise this question ? Question 2 : Without a revenue license for 5 years, was it running ? or parked somewhere ?
  14. http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Ban-on-import-of-vehicles-without-safety-standards-from-July--144261.html http://www.lankadeepa.lk/latest_news/ජූලි-සිට-ආසන-පටි---වායු-බැලුන-නැති-වාහන-ආනයනය-තහනම්/1-523249 According to the news, import of vehicles, without airbags and seat belts for the driver and the front passenger, Anti-Locking Breaking System (ABS) and three-point seat belts at the rear and below the emission levels or its equivalent as prescribed by Euro IV would not be allowed from July 1,2018. I think this is a good move, which should have been implemented earlier. First question come into anyone's mind is how about vehicles on road without those standards ? Will they also be banned after several years ? Second question is what they are going to do with three wheelers, buses and lorries. Vehicles in these segments may face difficulties in finding alternatives. Most of the low budget Indian vehicle manufactures will not change their plans in coming years. Any members here using vehicles in these segments ??
  15. Looking for Good Car around 3 ~ 3.5 M

    " My major consideration is that can I use this as a future investment. I'm not expecting an ROI but at least without any loss of the money I spent." .. of course everyone knows what brand has the best second hand market. None above unless there is a major tax revision.