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  1. trish_auto

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    refer this previous post ; Crosswind 1. Agree on a price with the buyer and get an advance and a letter written in the buyer's handwriting on the terms and conditions 2. Do a valuation. Ask the buyer to pay for it and hand the valuation over to the buyer. Get a duplicate key done, if you don't have one. 3. Buyer will ask for a copy of the CR and a copy of the NIC. You can either give it to him or ask the finance company to contact you and give the copies to the finance company directly 4. Wait 5. Wait more if the facility is taken from a bank or People's Leasing 6. If the finance company is LOLC, wait even more 7. If the finance company is LOLC, tear your hair off around about now 8. Suddenly you will get something called a Delivery order. At this point, go to the finance company with your car and its papers, get the balance money from the buyer, get the delivery order from the finance company, hand over the original CR, original revenue license, original VIC (if applicable), original luxury tax reciepts (if applicable), sign the transfer papers provided by the leasing company AND THE CAR. If you don't have a duplicate key yet, just take any key in your house. The moment you sign the transfer papers and get the delivery order, your dealing with the buyer is over. The car belongs to the buyer and the leasing company is duty bound to hand you the balance money. The Delivery Order is only issued after the buyer obtains full insurance and if the buyer crashes the car, the finance company is still legally bound to pay you. However, if you sign the transfer papers but don't hand over the car and if you crash the car, the insurance company can refuse to settle and the leasing company will refuse to pay. 9. You will get the balance as a cheque from the leasing company on the next working day or two days later, if its LOLC. July 6
  2. trish_auto

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    If you have already signed the agreement it is difficult to cancel officially. Else you have to pay a substantial penalty for early withdrawal or ask for a refinance.
  3. trish_auto

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    what is the meaning of "I jist bought a 2017 honda andninitially financed the car " and "bank hasent accepted my finance yet " ??
  4. trish_auto

    Side mirror (glass only) replacement place

    Which vehicle mode ? manufactured year? what side .. left or right ?
  5. trish_auto

    What is this?

    central locking system
  6. trish_auto

    Getting first revenue license via online

    Two days back I went through this process and found no issues at all. Once you do your emission test it will update then and there in their system/ servers. Insurance also the same. All details of your vehicle are linked via the registration number. If any of the validation fails, just ring insurance and/or emission test company to make sure details are already updated in the servers. If so, things should work. This system is valid for all the provinces. n.b: I think it will be good if the police also can implement a similar system to issue road fines. Once all the driving licences are saved into a database, from anytime anywhere fines can be issued without collecting driving license. Drivers also able to pay their fines online without going back and forth. When I asked this from one of the traffic police officers, his opinion was that technology is not up to date to do those things. That's incorrect. More than enough technology is with everyone's hands these days. Its only a matter of internet connection. Genuine reason may be different to that.
  7. trish_auto

    Help needed

    Easiest DIY method is to get a similar boot lid from somewhere and replace the damage one. Btw, how did this accident occur ? My car also had couple of small dents by mangoes. This is just cosmetic. Don't bother too much.
  8. trish_auto

    Getting first revenue license via online

    I found something weird here. We are supposed to enter out email address and password of the email in the portal. Why the password of the email ?
  9. trish_auto

    Honda fit gp5

    what is the model year ? Any particular information / detail you are looking for ?
  10. trish_auto

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    Well, this topic has been discussed under several threads. so it would be good to recall those again. 1. What is dual clutch ? 2. According to this honda vezel has a dual dry clutch which makes the situation worse. 3. Also you can check whether your car has been recalled by the factory in http://recallsearch4.honda.co.jp/sqs/r001/R00101.do?fn=link.disp What Honda did was a software upgrade to tolerate the issue. I am not sure whether this was available to SL users as well. If so someone who already went through that upgrade can share the experience. Well, according to your information, you purchased a 2014 manufactured car in 2018 with a 25k odo. Please answer to the following questions 1. Was the previous user owned the car for the first time in SL ? Was this imported to SL in 0 milage (you can't get vezels brand new to SL since its for JDM only). Nowadays it is very easy to change odo meters. It won't take you even 10mins. there are lot of places around delkanda, wijerama, nawinna. Its just resetting the a number. 2. What was the level of wear of threads in the tires ? were those first set of tyres (originally fitted at factory) or replaced at a later stage. If the mileage what you are claiming is correct there is no reason for change the original tyre set. Keep it mind people are smart to conceal the reality. Above 1 and 2 happens not only in SL but in the Japan as well. Since I have been to car exporters in Japan I know they do all sorts of repairs before they dispatch them out. 3. Even some one can cheat you in 1 and 2 above, here is another place to check in your car. First photo showing the side of the drivers seat of a 2014 vezel of 100k odo and second one shows 2014 vezel of 60k. For a 25k car this should be comparatively less unless someone with obesity driven the car. When you actually sit on the seat you feel the level of actual depreciation of the cushion. From that you can guess what was the exact mileage of your car should have been when you purchased it in 2018. In SL its very rare someone would replace or fix the drivers seat for concealing the genuine mileage. But there may be .. 4. Last one is the emission test reports and repair history records (if done through a proper place). Still there are ways to get around of service history records and emission test reports. If you still looking for a place other than local Honda dealers I can recommend a place. Please let me know. Have a nice day. take care
  11. trish_auto

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    " i checked before purchase to ensure that it wasn't recalled". How you did it ? According to my knowledge this issue was fully fixed models after 2015 on wards. Also this is not common for vezels but other parallel models with same gearbox. This issue has been discussed in the AL forum before.
  12. Consider the following points before you buying a second hand hybrid vehicle 1. Hybrids are having a below second hand market value that of the non-hybrid. Better go for a car from a reliable person or party , has been maintained properly. As recommended by the others, always get it checked from local agents before giving your money away. 2. Similar to other , hybrid batteries too depreciate over time regardless of the mileage. Though it may show you the remaining capacity, don't expect it to be give you a similar performance that of the previous user. Capacity may go down drastically. Only option is to replace the entire battery or entire set of cells. Again the cost of replacement is substantial and it may not be realized over the saving you are going to make using a hybrid (or not using non hybrid car). 3. Not only the hybrid battery, other mechanical and electrical parts too get depreciate over the time. Specially the inverters and mortors. I am not sure whether there is any way to check the condition of those things buy an ordinary workshop or mechanic. They are costly to replace. 4. Be vigilant with the recent developments and trends in the automobile industry. All the developed countries (not Sri Lanka) are moving towards vehicles with least environmental impact. As a result of that lot of developments have emerged with less number of cylinders ( three cylinders comapred to four cylinders), extracting maximum power from a unit volume of a fuel ( turbo charging, intelligent valve timing, etc.) and minimizing the transmission losses (DCT, CVT, etc.) while keeping the expected performance of the vehicle. According to my understanding most manufacturers have given less priority in developing their hybrid system over the above mentioned during last few years. As Rumesh said, EVs have proven to be more reliable and efficient over the gasoline engines in all aspects. 5. One of the good example is non-hybrid axio of 1.3 L, which is introduced very recently. If the re was a complete success on hybrid axio of 1.5L,why toyota wants to step back into a non-hybrid version ? There could be couple of reasons for this. 1. Cost of maintenance in long run 2. Inability of incorporating smaller capacity engines with hybrid systems. you don't get full hybrid vehicles with engines less than 1.3 L 3. Level of compromisation in performance over the fuel savings in hybrid systems.
  13. Lumala manufactured (assembled) in SL. Keselwatte, Panadura. Its a good brand. But in terms of weight and durability there are better options.
  14. trish_auto

    Copy of a faded / damaged old driving license

    Thank you for sharing the details
  15. Hunters. they used to sell branded. Also raleigh is there. Also you can get a decent Japanese one