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  1. trish_auto

    Difference between Putty, Cataloy and Filler

    I think you completely misunderstood the meaning of what I wrote. Right from the beginning this threat was talking about paining rather mechanical repairs. You can attempt DIY repairs if you have some sort of talent on it. Not like early days, now there are lot of youtube , pdf tutorials. Some are genuine but some are fake. However if you attempt a job that is not of your specialty, it takes more time and effort than of a experienced mechanic/painter. Else better to occupy your time in more efficient way and let someone to do that. It explains in your comment itself >> " I dont have skill to do tinkering works. So I hired a tinker and completed tinkering tasks." Anyway Its all your passion and level of satisfaction at the end of the day. But it is very rare people attempt DIY jobs on their vehicles for paining and tinkering if the vehicle is under the company warranty. There are lot of paint booths with professional and experienced painters in SL. I am not sure about the availability in Embilipitiya.
  2. trish_auto

    Difference between Putty, Cataloy and Filler

    My dear folks, It is highly recommended not to attempt any repairs by yourself which can affect the cosmetics (appearance) of your vehicle. In fact a good paining and tinkering job requires experience and talent on it. Not everyone got that despite the number of youtube videos, mannuals being referred. Also it is highly recommended to get a paint job done in a paint booth. Because entire curing process affects the final color and texture of the paint. So need to have controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Better to seek professional service rather get your vehicle ruined.
  3. trish_auto

    What are the best fuel efficient Hybrids in Sri Lankan Market

    What you mean by " feel free to comment the fuel consumption" . Do you particular on the fuel consumption ? Fuel consumption various lot on whether the car is brand new or used, driving conditions, driving habits, condition of the battery and engine, weight of the car, etc. Keep it mind with the recent improvements in engine technologies (turbo boost, variable valve timing, reduction of friction loss, etc.) and reduction of transmission loss there are many non-hybrid cars which can give you equal or even better fuel economy figures. Well, one common mistake in buying the hybrids is forgetting the time required for amortising the higher cost paid over the savings from fuel. sometimes difference of using a non-hybrid and hybrid may be marginal if you are not cruising lot on regular basis. For some people only advantage of having a hybrid vehicle is just the batch in the boot, which they can be proud of. Also keep in mind, used hybrid car means at some stage you have replaced the hybrid battery and charging unit/motor. In terms of fuel economy best figures are achieved in prius plugin hybrids. Also aqua. But stil you have to maintain the battery. Well, there are many hybrid users here, it would be better if you narrow down your choice. Then you can expect a better answer.
  4. trish_auto

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Do not go by the results of these crash tests under controlled laboratory conditions. Real life situations are much different. Many examples even during last few months in SL, as far as I can remember 4 died in a GP5 in dambulla, lady died in a montero in highway, and many more. But cheap Indian cars without any safety options could survive without any damages. So more than 80% of these tragic accidents are due to reckless drivers, reckless pedestrians, poor visibility and road conditions. Southern highway has been proven to be one of the deadliest during bad weather conditions.
  5. trish_auto

    Petrol car

    well there are several. But it would be better if you can further narrow down your search according to the preference in 1. Brad new/ Reconditioned/ Used in SL ? 2. Type of car (sedan/ hatchback/wagon/etc). 3. Country of origin or make (Japanese/ Korean/ Europe/ Indian/... toyota/mazda/nissan/honda/etc.) 4. Level of fuel economy that you expect ( km/L) and average mileage per day/week ? 5. Expected time frame of usage before next upgrade? There are so many other factors such as appearance, color, internal finish, options, safety features, comfortability, availability of spare parts, inherent problems, durability of car itself, etc. In general any vehicle would expect to give least amount of problems up to first 100,000 kms.
  6. trish_auto

    Toyota Aqua 2012 to buy or not to

    This is not an aqua but a wagonR. So thought of sharing the experience of one my friends. It is a nearly three years old wagonR done over just 100k. It started indicating that hybrid battery was no longer charging. But vehicle was running as usual, no issue with starting, pick up was OK. Over couple of days time hybrid battery discharged to a very low value and all of a sudden car stalled. Couldn't start at all. Then he found both the batteries were dead. My guess was regular battery got exhausted in the absence of support from hybrid battery. Now you can guess what has happened.
  7. trish_auto

    Budget 2019

    Same as previous ..
  8. trish_auto

    Suzuki XBEE

    Well it all depends on what warranty/ guarantee agreement says. Better to abide it. Also it is better to get the oil changed if you are not sure about what is already there. Make sure to change the filter same time. In my opinion you really don't want 5W-30 in SL weather conditions, unless there is a proven advantage. Even a 10W-30 would be fine, but they don't come in full synthetic. What matters is the second figure (indication of the viscosity) . You can read more on oils for your knowledge from here : If you are not travelling lot on regular basis, even a semi synthetic oil would be fine. But it will not last as longer as a full synthetic one. Again having more frequent oil changes rather once in every 10k or year can be better. No issue, I can share the soft copy. Can you please inbox me your email. Thanks
  9. trish_auto

    Suzuki XBEE

    Further to your questions ; Fuel type : unleaded regular gasoline tank capacity: 2WD - 32 L 4WD -30 L engine oil: 5W-30 Amount : 2.9 L Transmission Fluid : Suzuki ATF AW-1 Amount : 6.2 L Brake fluid : Suzuki genuine brake fluid (DOT-3) Gear Oil : 75 W - 85
  10. trish_auto

    Suzuki XBEE

    According to user manual it recommends to use SAE 5W-30 ( full synthetic). You should change your oil in every 10,000 kms or 12 months which ever occurs first. But if you are driving in harsh conditions you may need to change the oil more frequently. In my personnel opinion you need to change the oil more frequently if you are passing through heavy traffic on daily basis. I don't think you can find the exact make of the engine ( country of origin).
  11. trish_auto

    Suzuki XBEE

    I will look into the user manual and update you.
  12. trish_auto


    After reading all the comments and feedbacks what I understood was people are having different perspectives towards the same product. I think this more to do with the particular agents after sales service than the brand itself. Of course SL is not manufacturing any cars so far. Despite all, if you search in the web, more than 8 units of X25s are for sale within last month, all are below 20000 kms, some are below 10000 kms even. Not happy ?? ?
  13. trish_auto

    Suzuki XBEE

    I think for the price you paid , comfort ability, safety and ground clearance this is a good choice. Fuel economy is SL traffic conditions you can't expect more than that. Since you bought b/n it should be improved after running for some time. This car is powered by Suzuki K10C booster jet engine, which is one of the latest in their lineup. This engine is commonly used for other models such as Baleno, S cross, Swift, etc. Suzuki has upgraded most of their Indian plants since they are having a relatively large market share in Indian subcontinent. This is why Baleno JDM also comes from India. Indian version of WagonR too. Probably this engine might be manufactured in Indian plants. Though Xbee comes from japan I also felt little doubtful after looking underneath the bonnet. Overall finish of the engine doesn't look that neat and tidy like japanese ones. Also remember Suzuki has announced the Xbee will also available for the Indian market as well. But not sure whether that is the similar make of JDM or not. As long as car is running good , nothing to worry.
  14. trish_auto

    Suzuki XBEE

    Today I had a look on a Xbee 4WD version with all the bells and whistles (highest grade). It is rolled for nearly 2000 km and asking price was around Rs. 4.65 M.