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    Good Mechanics/ Technicians/ Workshops

    Hi guys I had a major issue with my bmw e46 320d a misfire. I wasted so much money at automiraj and still the problem persisted. And one of my friends recommended Bosch Service which is done by D*MO. Excellent service made sure i was told everything that was being done to my car and the bill wasnt too bad. for that service you could say that the price was on the lower side as well! highly recommend it!
  2. jg123

    Any Bmw X1 Xdrives Available In Sl?

    ya as far as ive seen on auto lanka the x1's for sale are all Sdrive's(rwd) im not in SL at the moment and im trying get my parents a x1 and thats why i was wondering.
  3. jg123

    Any Bmw X1 Xdrives Available In Sl?

    hello people, I was wondering if there are any bmw x1 xdrive's available in sl?