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  1. gNaveendra

    Fuel consumption

    If the engine was swapped with 4G15 in Sri Lanka, won't the CR mention it under the 'Special Notes'? Is fuel efficiency of 7 kmpL for 4G15 engine is too low?
  2. gNaveendra

    Fuel consumption

    @Aj lancer Is the following information legit for your car? @Davy You may comment on this. Car originally had 1300 cc engine.
  3. gNaveendra

    Coolant temperature sensor

    Will this affect the starting/cranking?
  4. gNaveendra

    Nissan FB 15 door lock meachnism

    Though I fixed few times this door actuator mechanism as a DIY job, bit difficult to understand what are referring by 'Big gear wheel'. Maybe you could have posted few pictures of your DIY work.
  5. gNaveendra

    Honda FIT GP5 error on transmition

    What kind of battery problem it is?
  6. gNaveendra

    Honda FIT GP5 error on transmition

    I guess Transmission error.
  7. gNaveendra

    Honda FIT GP5 error on transmition

    "Check the brake system" "Transmission 3 Check: 1. Please be sure to apply the Barking Brake" "Please set the start position for select startup system" " Inspection system inspection" This is what the OCR and Google Translation resulted. Other members may shed some light regarding this.
  8. gNaveendra

    Honda ATF

    A previous discussion on the same topic might help you. EK3_transmission
  9. gNaveendra

    Fuel consumption

    @Aj lancer Is your CS1 is Auto or Manual gear? You said that you did tune up 3 times in the past 1 year. Did they change the spark plugs all the 3 times??? Is there any indication for the under-compression in the piston chamber?
  10. gNaveendra

    Fuel consumption

    Welcome to the AL forum. What's the current fuel figure? IMO, it is difficult to check whether the t-belt is changed or not unless the previous owner/s reveal the detail. Bunch of members who owns/owned lancer are in this forum may help you in this regard.
  11. gNaveendra

    Suzuki Swift 2002-2004 fuel economy

    Both shares same engine? Whether engine is same as Swift?
  12. gNaveendra

    Most fuel efficient sedan car??

    N17 not that bad. It did 13 kmpL for 4 people, A/C on all the time during a day time travel stretched from Colombo to Anuradhapura. I never came accross Platz. May be other members in this forum can help you.
  13. gNaveendra

    Coolant Issue...Suzuki HT51S

    Is this the situation when your car is not running?
  14. gNaveendra

    How to Pay Traffic Fines at Court

    What do you mean? Will your advise work? I don't think so. Hooray!
  15. gNaveendra

    Coolant Issue...Suzuki HT51S

    I think you didn't understand the reply by Davy. Else you run the car w/o the radiator cap??? less likely!!! Is your radiator cap original or not? Radiator caps are not usual bottle caps. It has lots of engineering inside. A factory specified cap is essential to maintain pressure and to protect the cooling system.