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  1. "Toyota India will launch its version of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, the Toyota Glanza, in India by July 2019. Bookings are yet to commence with more details to come in the next few days. This is the first car to come from the global agreement between Toyota and Suzuki. " Read: Toyota Glanza, rebadged Baleno, to launch in India by July 2019 Promo: Toyota Glanza (rebadged Maruti Baleno) to launch in India in June
  2. True! It is merely a Tax. I too have concerns over the Carbon Tax in Sri Lanka. 1) By implementing this carbon tax, there will not be any benefits to the environment. Seems like other financial policies are not working in orders to raise the revenue enough, so that government wants to loot money from the people. 2) The money paid for this taxing system will not be utilized for the proper environmental restoration or after effects of the emission for which the tax is being implemented. 3) Regardless of the age of the vehicles (1970s), all the vehicles undergo VET system which ensures the emission from the automobile exhaust stay within its maximum limits. What the hell is the difference in between the 20 year old vehicle and the new vehicle in terms of the emission? 4) Diesel and Petrol vehicles cannot be compared using the same scale.
  3. Why you wanted to service your car?
  4. Any hints? Looks like a known model, but could not able to fit a specific model.
  5. Super! Thanks for using Google Image Search. Use the floor.
  6. Look like this. But couldn't able to tell because the headlight shape is difficult to identify with the given image.
  7. [email protected]_auto for the photos. However, its been answered already.
  8. Nearly! Expecting a specific answer.
  9. Should be a Citroen car. Not sure about the model.
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