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  1. gNaveendra

    Winker Mirror Not Folding - Honda FD1

    DIY work greatly appreciated!
  2. gNaveendra

    Scams on autolanka.com??

    IMO, many of the ads in online classifieds (in SL) indirectly expect the potential buyers to call and fix for the in-person inspection before coming to a deal. In a few cases, someone else put the ads online on behalf of the owners. The person who put ads may enter some arbitrary price for the vehicles (maybe with no serious intentions). As @iRage mentioned, they might have mentioned the money they want in their hand to take over the EMI. Therefore, those ads need not be scams in most cases.
  3. I'm curious, how did you obtain these? You may check odometer history at www.carvx.jp using the premium service.
  4. gNaveendra

    Emission test requirement

    How do you tell it is a Brand New car? What was the mileage in ODO when you brought it to SL?
  5. gNaveendra

    High consumption mode

    I think it is quite normal for GDi engines when exceeding a certain speed.
  6. gNaveendra

    Vehicle manufacture year mentioned in the seat belt

    Input the Chassis number of the car here: CarVX This may help you to retrieve some original data of JDM vehicles. Sample:
  7. Maybe 4WD/2WD, 2door/4door cab Are you from which planet?
  8. gNaveendra

    Car speaker repair

    Once I got my car speakers rewinded by the local TV mechanic for 300/= per speaker. If the (paper) cone is damaged, it will cost another 200/=. Though the quality is not 100% as original, it is close as 80% i would say. I'm not sure sure this is economical, because unbranded speakers can be bought for the repair changes. I would suggest this repair if u don't have any other options only.
  9. gNaveendra

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Tax revision news Else Indian Kei cars?
  10. Thanks for the advice...!!!
  11. Did you open the thread to ask this question? Even if your friend cant able to help you in this, who else you expect? Though AL members might be charged for traffic violations in their past, helping/advising you in your offences is a bad thing. Pls make the roads safer to us. Most importantly, do not indulge in traffic offences anymore! Thanks.
  12. gNaveendra

    TOYOTA HIACE GL KDH 220 Vs Daihatsu Mira

    Cant advice! Let his craziness play the game.
  13. Don't divert the OP as he did not ask other suggestion.
  14. gNaveendra

    Any Nissan Note E-Power owners?

    A good new topic to discuss. Though I have never experienced with EVs or HHO mods, I would like to learn them. Welcome to the forum. As Davy mentioned, it is better to shed some specific experience here. Start off by saying the battery capacity of your car, per charge mileage, monthly cycles, maintenance spares, your electricity bill, etc.
  15. gNaveendra

    Emission test report CO high.

    As Davy mentioned, a warmed engine works efficiently. Inefficient engines produce CO as the combustion byproduct. @Mahinda123 Glad that you sorted out the problem with the DIY job. Hooray!