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  1. Daihatsu Mira sound (alarm kind of) inside the bonnet

    Is that a beep sound? Is there a Noticeable interval between two successions?
  2. Music To Drive By

  3. Air conditioner blowing visible air

    The A/C of your car is at its top notch. Enjoy!!! Not necessarily true. When the humid air circulated back to the drier, it will be absorbed! Let the OP enjoy the AC!
  4. Importing cars from Japan

    AFAIK, you may import a car in your name. But for the clearance, you may require a registered agent. You may specific info here.
  5. Carmart, Peugeot

    Go straight to their showroom in Union place. They may treat with a Red Carpet Welcome!
  6. Value of $35000 permit

    See the Tariff Calculator from Customs. Tariff Calculator Maybe you can estimate the Tax. Change the percentages of the levies given in the Permit Letter. At some point, you may have to include the levy incorporating the cylinder capacity. You may find the levy rate for the engine capacity here. There may websites readily quotes the tax for JDMs but not for European Vehicles. Keep us update the concession amount the SL government willing to give you for your Benz.
  7. Airbag Light Bypass by resistor Nissan Serena 2006

    Well Said!
  8. Airbag Light Bypass by resistor Nissan Serena 2006

    Seriously dude? A car with an air-bag sold for less than a lakh of LKR?
  9. Value of $35000 permit

    The question is absurd, otherwise, you mention the Car Model, Engine Capacity, Trim Level, CIF, etc.
  10. suggestions to buy used car below 7 lakh

    One of my friend currently using the car. Its a rock solid! Nice looking vintage. Dents are immaterial. They are repairable.
  11. Battery Acid Damage

    Seems not a big issue. Get the WD40 sprayed on it. Enough!
  12. Nano Energizer

  13. Nano Energizer

    Machan, its strange! Can you pls tell me how it functions to fill the piston surface?
  14. Honda Civic

    Honda Civic ES8 & ES5 ES8 or ES5 Civic buying help Didn't help?
  15. A month gone! Problem still exist? Car still in a Garage?