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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know a good place that do swing gate motor installations. I have been using once from Amil Industries for the past 3 years. But recently the control unit went kaput due to lightening. And they refuse to the Sell a new unit with warranty saying that they don't do warranty for replacement parts even though i am paying full price. 😡 And i am not sure whether i can source a replacement from anywhere else.
  2. I would like to know Pros and Cons of these 2 vehicles. Due to the new tax system these 2 vehicles have become attractive. I checked the specs and noticed that the C-HR is slightly bigger and considerably heavier. But the power output listed for both engines seems to be around 115PS.
  3. When it comes to road noise is it wrong to say that the performance tires are a bit noisy compared to LRR or touring tires ? I thought that the deeper grooves in performance tires are the culprits for this difference . I had Toyo Proxes CIS as OEMs and later switched to Pirelli PZero and then to Sumitomo HTR ZIII. The Toyos were considerably quiet and the grooves in it were not deep as either Pirelli or Sumitomo. I am not going to comment on comfort etc, as i am running low profile tires and on most roads the life is hard and on some its downright torturous =))
  4. what is the recommended tire rotation strategy for a front wheel drive ? Just front to back or something like the forward cross or X Pattern ?

    1. Rumesh88


      Front right to rear right, rear right to front left. Front left to rear left, rear left to front right.

  5. All these new toyota designs proves 1 thing. They should either fully embrace the spindle grille thing on Lexus or quit trying to do crappy variations of it. The best example is the new camry. The XSE front end looks decent (apart from the cut n paste upper grille from the 2007 camry) while the base spec and hybrid front end looks downright ugly. Even for the JDM model i am not holding much hope, considering how they botched the facelift of the current model.
  6. Are the new government servant permits coming out these days transferable like the old ones or has it been restricted ?

    1. asrock


      Probably, I've got couple of SMS from reputed car sales informing prices for permits. But I thought the permit scheme was halted?

  7. i think 17 is the max you could go with. if you look at the options in Modellista or TRD you will see that they never go more than 2 sizes above the stock rim sizes. And i guess with 17s u r running a 45 profile. A 18 would mean either 40 or 35. Don't even think about it unless u travel only on the well carpeted roads.
  8. coming back to the subject has there been any finalization as to what the new taxes are going to be yet ?
  9. http://www.honda.co.jp/GRACE/webcatalog/type/detail/
  10. There are very few in the country as i am aware. And i have only seen one registered car being advertised on the quick site. You can forget the unregistered ones because even though customs cannot decide the tax value, the sales people have done that for the already imported cars
  11. The funniest part is even by yesterday, nobody seems to have worked out what are the applicable rates including the govt's own custom dept
  12. in the tax world it's always "whichever is higher". I don't think it wud be any different on this.
  13. Hybrid - 70% or Rs. 1,250 per cubic centimeter (cm3 ) of the engine Non-Hybrid - 150% or Rs. 1,500 per cubic centimeter (cm3 ) of the engine
  14. Take the prius. This doc says it is to be taxed at either 160% of FOB value or Rs.4000 per CC whichever is higher. (basis : Hybrid between 1600-2000cc) The prius has a FOB around JPY 2.44 mil which in LKR terms is 2.44 * 1.34 = LKR 3.3 Mil. Now if you use the FOB method your tax should be = 3.3 mil *160% = 5.2 mil (Under old scheme this was 90%) if you go by CC method your tax should be = LKR 4,000 *1790 = 7.16 mil (Under old scheme this was way less than 4,000, cnt remember the number) In the previous system the FOB method was higher than CC method for prius. With this scheme no prices for guessing which is higher and you will now have to pay 7.2 mil as taxes alone instead of the 3.4 mil value that has been charged before. (And this is excluding VAT, i don't know whether that applies or not now) hope i got it right.
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