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  1. What are the best service agents for bmw x1 2019 which is a grey import
  2. Since the agent has to be paid Rs 500000/ for registration since the car was imported through 3 rd party
  3. Other than the agent are there any good service centre in colombo to service discovery sport ?
  4. I had the same issue with my vitz 2015.it was happening below 40 kmph.i did full inspection at TL with a scan and everything was fine. But the issue is still there.
  5. tcfern1

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Please use 5w_30 or 10w-30 engine oil.0w_20 is not suitable for vitz.by doing so you can greatly get rid of the bad noise which specially come when going on hilly roads
  6. I want to replace the ac compressor of my toyota passo 2008.can i know where i can buy a reconditioned unit and the cost?
  7. I also have a vitz ksp 130 model.when you accerlerate on slow drive its give some sudden jerks.this mostly happen at 20kmph to 40 kmph range. I like to have madhava007 comments on this issue please
  8. Most service stations say it is 3.1 liters with filter.but the manual says it is 2.8 with filter.can i have expert comments on this?
  9. Can i know the engine oil requirement volume for the new toyota vitz
  10. Are there any solution to water condensation in tank/fuel lines??
  11. Pls let me have expert comments with regard to water condensation in fuel tank and fuel lines
  12. I am using vitz 2015 car and i purchsed it recently.i used 93 octane petrol at IOC filling station.the car was knocking when travel at speeds at 20-40 kmph.then i pumped 95 pertol from cepetco.then only the engine missing stopped and now the running is very smooth.so dont use low octane petrol from I-C fuel stations
  13. Can i know the methods they use to check the auto transmision and the engine?
  14. Can we trust the milage which is mentioned in the jevic or jaai certificate as genuine?
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