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  1. @jayanathkarunarathna got this thing done today. Thank you for the help. I didnt take docket to the office. But they called WP office and got the confirmation over the phone, and then they issued the license. @Magnum No, You have to get this docket every year unless u change your province of Vehicle registration. I think no payments included.
  2. Guys, What are the doc needed when getting license for the first time. I drove a year with WP license and now trying to renew it for CP. What is the procedure.. ? Tnx..
  3. Hi Range, What are the documents u provided for this renewal. I am also ran with WP and trying to get a license from CP... ? Tnx, Thusi.
  4. Hi All, My Vehicle is registered to CP. Can i renew my license from this drive through ?????
  5. Hi All, I have toyota vitz KSP 90, 1000cc , 2007 vehicle. Is it a normal condition that the engine has slight vibration when idle? (my vehicle has this vibration when gear D or R positions and some time in P position also). I checked with toyota lanka and they clean spark plugs,fuel injectors,EGR and tune up the engine. and they also said it is normal for 3 cylinder engines like vitz. is it correct ? or do i need to worry more on this. I already spent lot of money to fix this. Please help. Thank you in advance.. BR, Thusira.
  6. Hi, My car (toyota vitz 1000cc) is been using 95 octane for the last two years. I am thinking of moving it back to 92 Octane. What procedure should i follow. is it a just refilling or do i have to do the engine cleanup ? Please help me with this . Thanks in advance.
  7. Breaks check whether there any problems such as break dragging or heating up
  8. What is good garage for toyota vitz 2007 car ?
  9. thanks, Was a brake repair done recently? the previous owner has replaced the tires of front How's the condition (and level) of your brake oil? clear and fit to the level How are the brake shoes? did not check yet. does breaks bind produce heat ? what is the certain point u mentioned ?
  10. Hi I have a 2007 toyota vitz and i noticed a while back after 1 hour driver the rim of front wheel getting very heat than the rear. front wheel has disk break. What could be the reason for this ? Also the break booster is fine. is it normal in vitz the speed u get is reduced quickly when you take the leg from the accelerator out ? thanks, Thusira
  11. If i want to go back for the halogen lights, what parts could it be affected. cost ?
  12. thank you JDMNitro and maheshw for the replies. Is Pala Auto Electrical in Colombo a good one ?
  13. Hi, I have purchased a second hand Toyota vitz (YOM-2007) recently. Like two three weeks back, the following problem occurred in the HID lights which installed as Low beam (only left): 1. When i switch on the low beam the bulb on with yellow and held like 2 mins and auto off. Again turned off and on the low beam via the switch, the result same. 2. So i replace the bulb of left side light and test the same, then bulb on with white and held for like 20 or 30 min and again auto off. (time vary) This was the factory installed HID kit and i cannot understand where the problem really is, Bulb,HID system, fuse, switch , etc. i thought of going for an electrician. please help me some idea before i make that move. Thank you in advance.
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