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  1. Firstly check your spark plugs condition does it get sooty or oil, then do a compression test, replace PCV valve and do a tune up, service the GDI pump and replace fuel filters. if the rail pressure sensor is defective also you get white smoke but not so thick n whitish like an oil burn.
  2. You could remove and service the pump, have you changed your PCV valve. use a oil additve the next time you change engine oil n filter.(wynns products are ok)
  3. Have you changed the GDI and intank filters, and service the GDI pump and check.
  4. Ring replacement is temporary, just like the rings all components have covered a similar mileage and wear, specially a diesel needs a full job.
  5. Have u check the fuel filter and injector filters?
  6. I agree with u. the name vezel makes me dissy.
  7. U should be able to pik a lancer CK also for that price, or even a 301- Corona, eco. cars to run. Do check out for oil burn on mitsubishis
  8. Yeah the thermostat is a vital part, though the older generation mechanics throw it away...
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