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  1. This i have to agree. I have met many people who criticize Vezels but have not even driven one or neither owned one. I have owned one since 2014 September and have now done more than 55 K. All services done at stafford motors and i even did the clutch oil change at 40K according to the recommendation by Stafford. I have not faced any problems with my vehicle may be because of the regular maintenance? I have not even faced the problem where people say that their transmissions get overheated when driving in heavy traffic. I always drive in heavy traffic as i work in Kollupitiya and have to enter colombo around 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM (everyone knows the traffic condition between these times) and also i leave around 5 in the afternoon so again heavy traffic there. I bought mine for 58K with factory add ons such as the interior lighting and front grill. I see the current second hand market for 2014 Z grade vezel is between 53k to 55k . I would say that's reasonable because after 3 years and 55K of mileage, selling for less than 5K of the purchased value, in my opinion that's a good darn deal Oh i see many people have recommended Toyota here, well yea toyota is reliable i would say but i don't like the brand much because they are fudging overpriced and less options for the value. Oh i forgot to mention i also own a toyota aqua 2015 model, i got it for 42K (bought it brand-new), i wanted to get a honda fit but i wanted to try the toyota hybrid system so i opted to go with the aqua. If i had gone with a fit i would have paid a lesser amount for more features compared to the aqua which doesn't even have the cruise controlled installed. My opinion is honda vezel is a good cross over vehicle for a family and is worth the price unlike most of the toyotas (specially the CHR i would say )
  2. killercruise

    Nissan Vanette

    I had a Lion face model vanette , however the brand was mitsubisihi. As crosswind has mentioned, the vehicle is same as nissan or mazda only the badge is different. If you want to buy a spare part you have to tell the vehicle model as nissan vanette. I had the vehicle for almost 7 years. Manufactured year was 2000 ,the engine was R2 (original diesel) and manual transmission. The vehicle was comfortable not the luxury comfort but yes it can handle some hard roads (make sure to put a good set of seats and also change the suspension if it's old). I have got an average of 9 - 11 kmpl in city limits (A/C always on) and out station 12-14. I can recommend this to any one as i have loved it and always will . I too have decided to get a vanette again because cars aren't multi functional as vans , so am also in search of a nissan vanette lion face 2007 - 2011 model
  3. I read this on a forum. If you want to apply handbrakes at high speeds, you need to have the button pulled up (without releasing) and without even pressing the accelerator paddle. if you release the button or press the accelerator paddle it will release the brakes. Normally when we want to put on the handbrakes when we are stopped we just need to pull the button up once.
  4. killercruise

    Suzuki Wagon R Japanese Car

    I went to check on this vehicle today. It is a good vehicle with leg space and all, but my problem is with the engine. It's a 660cc vehicle so I am pretty sure it is under powered even though it has a support from the hybrid motor. Any users on this forum please give us a review . Thanks
  5. vezel haters pls see the below link :P specially the people who said it's not even a proper cuv.http://youtu.be/t4HD1o3GB80 (export model of vezel)

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    2. killercruise


      @Joel I didnt say 2wds are capable of doing whats shown in the video :) this goes only for awd vezels.

    3. killercruise


      Buddy I do own a vezel , but it's awd ;). People here used to say that vezel is not a proper cross over, I shared this video to prove it's a proper cross over.

      Believing is your choice but I did saw a vezel inside yala.

      Anyway like I said before some people don't like to take vehicles offroad and get small scratches , specially the SL people who are also concerned about fuel. I guess that's why companies realease 2 variants one with 4wd and the oother with 2wd

    4. Crosswind


      why do vezel owners have to prove themselves once in a while? Is their inferiority complex so severe?

  6. killercruise

    Beware Of Car Theft-Kimbulawela Walking Tracks

    2 way is better because you get a feed back from the car to the remote unlike the one way.
  7. honda grace is the new honda city or is it the alternate for the honda insight ?

    1. B2Spirit


      according to paultan.org it is basically a city hybrid.

    2. sathyajithj99


      More towards being the alternate for the insight

  8. killercruise

    Vehicle Badge Riveting

    As far as I know knew cars come with clipped badges rather than glue. If you want to remove the badge you need to access it from inside (if you want to remove the front badge, you need to access it from the engine bay and rear you need to take off the cover in the rear door). This is a bit secure than glue as kuddas will find it hard to put their pointy things through the badge as it is clipped.
  9. My van's engine goes to high rpm when it's doing 60 km/h. will engine tune up fix this issue ? thanks ;)

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    2. The Don

      The Don

      do you know the rpm?

    3. killercruise


      Well I don't have a rpm indicator but from the sounds of it, it seems its around 4000 -5000 rpm.

    4. MkX


      A friend faced similar problem in his Noah. Problem was injectors & diesal pump. Its burn more diesal. Not sure how he corrected it though

  10. killercruise

    First Service

    You can do as he says also, but it's just 30 km eh ? If I were u I would do it when odometer reads 5000.
  11. killercruise

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    Could be true , the sides of the vehicle doesn't seem to have scrapes
  12. killercruise

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    True but most of the cars during roll overs crush their roofs won't they? atleast that's what I see on you tube roll over tests, so compared to those videos this vehicle has got a tough roof. It might have done it's best but when it's ur day nothing can stop it
  13. killercruise

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    Wow now that's a strong roof beam. Even the shutters haven't cracked. Seriously ? Could you post a pic if so
  14. killercruise

    Radar/laser Detector

    Guys anyone knows the bands mentioned in this item will work in SL? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-360-Degree-Car-Speed-Limited-Detection-Voice-Alert-Car-Anti-Radar-Detector-/400742509547?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d4e1d6beb
  15. killercruise

    Side Skirt Protection From Stone Chips

    Haha that's what I told him, he told it would look ugly then, true story though.