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  1. chathuranga.s

    Toyota Starlet Reflect X (EP91-4E-FE) Air conditioner

    Is the car equiped with both a/c and econ modes? Is the thermostat cutting off even with full blower speed?
  2. chathuranga.s

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    RMV updates the first registration date in Japan. In this case it could be 2013 manufactured car sold in 2014.
  3. Has anyone bought rainx wiper rubber refills? Referring to replacing only the rubber part
  4. chathuranga.s

    KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    Apart from the topic I own a 2013 2000cc sportage awd diesel. It does only 7-8 in Colombo. Is it normal?
  5. chathuranga.s

    Frameless Wipers

    Any known place to buy the rainx wiper rubber refills in Colombo?
  6. chathuranga.s

    GP1 AC issue

    I own a 2012 gp1 since 2013. Never had an similar issue. Never heard of the same before too
  7. chathuranga.s

    Honda Fit GP1 fuel meter issue

    How many litres did you pump? If it's a small amount there's chance of not updating the sensor readings
  8. chathuranga.s

    Honda FIT GP1 AC Repair

    Not the blower machan the temp control unit of the climate control. There is a motor operated unit that moves when you change the cabin temperature
  9. chathuranga.s

    Honda FIT GP1 AC Repair

    Has anyone done a A/C service on the gp1. My temp control motor makes a ticking noise continuously when it's set above 21
  10. chathuranga.s

    Allion 240 Noise Under The Dashboard

    I think this is somewhat a common issue. My Honda fit also has the same noise from the temp control motor.
  11. chathuranga.s

    Honda Hybrid Battery status clarrification

    I got a full inspection report before registration when I bought the car to SL. These figures seems to be normal.
  12. chathuranga.s

    Honda Insight Battery Price

    I think this statement was for Renault electric vehicles. Was maintaining the fit through agents for the last 3 1/2 years or so but it sound to be normal.
  13. chathuranga.s

    Honda Insight Battery Price

    YOM 2012. Around 50k on the clock
  14. chathuranga.s

    Honda Insight Battery Price

    Dear Rumesh, The usable capacity of the ima was only 51% two years before and I have noticed the battery lever drop around 2 bars suddenly when going uphill at times. Since I have no idea on the current status just thought of scanning.