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  1. chathuu

    Nissan X trail Hybrid

    Hi guys, im interested in buying used Nissan X trail 2015 to a cost around 5 - 5.5mio. It seems like a good price but everyone mentioned there is a gear box issue on this vehicle. No one has an idea about the actual issue but just saying. On the other hand, few told me that the gearbox issue comes only in 4wd version and nothing to worry about 2wd version. So I'm asking, what is this issue, is this true on 2wd version, any other common issus in this vehicle and should I avoid buying this. Tnx.
  2. chathuu

    KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    Tnx for sharing your informations. One vehicle dealer said me it does around 14kmpl on normal drive. ?? However what it means 1-10 options..?
  3. chathuu

    KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    Hi guys, one of friends looking to buy registered KIA sorento 2010/11 or 12 model and seek my help to find out good vehicle. I go through some valuable threads in this forum regarding this vehicle and found both favorable & adverse comments. Ultimately i assume this is a reliable vehicle for normal drive. However found some different types of engine capacities such as 2000cc, 2300cc and 2400cc on both petrol & diesel. We were so confused on what to consider. On the other hand diesel varients got a huge price gap around 500k. Anyone please give some details what should we consider, fuel consumption and what version has the reasonable resale market as we are not experts in this.
  4. chathuu

    Toyota Axio Vs Premio 240

    yes dashboard craking issue is a horrific issue in axio. I was looking for an axio few weeks ago and a axio owned Doctor told me that he spent about 35,000/- to fix the dash crack. he mentioed that the palce is arount Mt Lavinia and its looking a brand new after the fixing and no one can find it was cracked before. Also few people told me that the dash board issue is no longer on Axios after late 2008. So in my opinion buyers are strictly alerted on dash board becauce the dash can fix with original condition with SRS Airbag logos.
  5. chathuu

    Toyota Axio Vs Premio 240

    Axio 2007/8 Premio 2003/4
  6. Pls give some ideas regarding buying one of those models. Pros and cons. tnx.
  7. chathuu

    Rpm Meter

    There are some vehicles which are not includes a RPM meter. Normally basic grade cars come without RPM. (Eg Toyota Axio X grade, Nissan Sunny Ex saloon) In this case we have to pay additional sum of 200K-400K for a high grade with RPM on board and some added options. Despite there are tons of cars without RPM, some people think RPM is a must for a vehicle. Since Im not an expert in these kinds of issues, please share your knowledge/ideas on this. 1. What is the actual use of RPM meter? 2. Is it a problem Without RPM meter? 3. Is it worth to pay additional sum for this? 4. Or.. All this is an issue of mind? Tnx.
  8. chathuu

    Kia Sportage 2007

    Hi guys.. Im interested to buy a second hand KIA Sportage Diesel 2007 SUV with triptronic transmission. since i have no previous experience in KIA pls share your information regarding, 1. Fuel Consumption 2. Maintain cost 3. Availability of spares 4. Resale market 5. Other similar options or ideas Tnx.
  9. Hi Guys.. Dashboard Crack is a huge and very common problem on Axio (Old). is there any solution without replacing a new. if not how much it will cost to replace a new and where can we do this thing with reliable. Tnx.
  10. chathuu

    Nissan Fb 14 Engine Run High

    Thanx lot..
  11. Hi guys.. Dose any one know a good place to buy car badges. (for any Make and model - Not for too old ones ) a place around Colombo, Kandy.
  12. chathuu

    Nissan Fb 14 Engine Run High

    @ The Don Its not settle down.
  13. chathuu

    Nissan Fb 14 Engine Run High

    tnx guys for your opinions. i will try those.
  14. chathuu

    Nissan Fb 14 Engine Run High

    Hi Guys.. Im new to this, i have trouble in my Nissan FB14 cos the engine runs fast at idle mode. RPM indecates 2000-3000 @ idle. (RPM meter working) when driving it does 8-10Kmpl (Avg). Seems it would be better fuel consumtion. What is the reason or is it normal..?