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  1. You are replacing with a different engine? How can you assure the custom made engine mounts will suit the vibration from our road conditions? Torque and horsepower should also match the original engine,if you don't want damage to the gearbox,driveshaft.
  2. What about using an old 3-wheeler frame ? I think the Y-shape suits trailers on market. Today I saw some ad on a paper about a company(subsidiary of Dbug) selling accessories for jet skis,a trailer was also pictured. But it should be quite expensive.
  3. You mean the plastic boxes that look like an upside down boat? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/THULE-Ocean-600-Car-Roof-Box-in-Gloss-Black-Finish-330-Litre-Capacity-/162066409501?hash=item25bbe9281d%3Ag%3AOEsAAOSwx-9WzMiv&_trkparms=pageci%253A2168115b-3576-11e6-b473-74dbd180a80e%257Cparentrq%253A6474aea71550a2af652410a2ffff1efa%257Ciid%253A1 I dont think the space gain is much .Or is it something special for soft top convertibles? Any place that sell second hand ones?
  4. Could be quite useful at night.also as a warning light for unsuspecting bikers trying to overtake, when you make a turn,in traffic at night time. Is it connected to blinker or park light? anyone tried on a car with lower ground clearance?
  5. Dear chinese-worker-from-1stworld:could you elaborate which "business" you did with the Chinese,disregarding the LAWS-of-the-Land you were based in ? I smell ? ? ? business
  6. It would be difficult to make a Chinese car good enough for the EU market specifications if they only bought MG badge without technology. Nomad is a bit different,because it was not made for any developed country market,which explains the technical issues.
  7. You only have experienced how Chinese do business with Sri Lanka,I am not surprised by looking at the quality of some of their projects with no regards for safety and regulations. When they do business in first world countries, they are different. There are hundreds of regulations (for a car,NCAP rating and fuel emissions Euro6 norms),which must be adhered to before even they bring it to the market. They have to spend a lot of money to get the conformity tests done and passed. Otherwise the MG6 would have never been allowed into the UK market. The fact that the petrol version is now discontinued in the latest model change due to high fuel emissions nullifies your argument that Chinese don't give a sh!t about local laws of the (first world)countries they sell to!
  8. These are cars where people put their lives in,not cheap chinese phones. MG or whoever the owners will still be in deep trouble if a car they sell in UK causes some deaths or injuries due to design problems. Money minded Chinese would be more worried about having to pay huge fines,when thinking about their initial investment,and would try their best to avoid such a scenario. Unless the Lankan version has big deviations from the UK version,I still don't get why we should be too worried. Is the diesel also offered? It seems the petrol is discontinued in the UK since 2016 models,due to high fuel emissions.
  9. If independent internet reviews from UK are right ,the MG6 was designed and developed in UK, parts made in China,and the UK models are assembled in UK. You should not forget that even for 100% Chinese cars,the important parts like injector,fuel pump, electronics and software still come from 1st world companies like Bosch,Denso,Conti,Hitachi,Delphi.. If you plan to sell after 2years, there is no need to worry about interior material,Imo. But I would definitely make a test drive,before buying even the brand new.
  10. I doubt it that Quality has been so deteriorated after Chinese bought it,that its no better than a Chinese cherry Q now. There should be still some British folks in engineering,design. At least the chief designer is British acc. to Wikipedia.Volvo,Jaguar,Rover are also chinese,indian owned now. But we have no seen a quality drop to their owners levels.MGs could be a different calibre when it comes to handling,power compared to German cars. If I was buying brand new,I would still choose this over Mazda 3 because of looks and space. The interior material should last at least 3years,Imo.
  11. So there is no longer pure Atkinson cycle or Otto cycle any more.it's in-between,and depending on operating mode. But I am curious how the 1.4l Audi engine can produce 150PS as they say.
  12. With the engine capacity above 1.5L? I wonder what would be the new price ?
  13. Judging by the (bad)publicity of these photos,it seems trailers would not be completely new to our cops. The choice between renting a van w.o driver or buying a second hand trailer depends on cost and the hassle. Any ideas? I think renting has also become quite pricey recently,looking at the number of foreigners using public transport.
  14. Thanks Kusum,so up to 750kg is possible with C,C1,D license? I am a car person,therefore the hesitation to go for a van,bus even SUV by compromising driving fun,ride quality for something I may need maximum twice a year.
  15. My requirement is to carry an additional suitcase or 2,with 4 passengers.I don't want to compromise the driving, ride quality and leg room of rear passengers with a double cab. If the trailer solution can work,I won't have to change cars.but sounds like a lot of bending over is needed...
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