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  1. Only one Toyota? Well most of the models we have here are toyota Domestic models like allion, premio and so on... They actually have good export models
  2. FYI X1s were brought down here from Germany itself. I think perhaps all models in SL are from germany. Not sure though.
  3. I've used a 2011 X1 for full 2 years and did in excess of 30000km in it. It did way more than 8km/l when I used it. In long trips I always got over 16km/l. In colombo it was more like 10-12. If you can buy parts from singapore, then nothing to worry about. by parts I meant brake pads, rotors, and other wearables. I have no idea about damage repair cost or mechanical defect repairing costs. It was so good to drive, awesome car to own and economical on fuel. But it can be a little hard to manoeuvre around town due to heavy steering. Perfect for 4, but carrying 5 is kind of not comfy. For a diesel, the engine is very refined and powerful. Cabin is quiet. I would like bit more equipment in it though as all it had was the bmw business radio. But who cares, it's a beemer and the chassis is the magnificent E90 chassis. What you have to worry is the cost per service, if u r planning to take it to the dealers. Go buy one. One of the best cars 6mn would buy u. Please let me know if you want to clarify anything. Xtrail or any other jap would not give the same thrilling drive, but they could be less expensive to maintain if u chose non OEM parts. Well I do think BMWs are as reliable as its japanese counterparts. At least the new ones PS: If you are not strictly in to a crossover, there are some good Audi A4's lying around for that money too.
  4. I'll remember your recommendation Thank you
  5. No I didn't request them, but the ride is so smooth and quiet. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that most of the potholes are not felt in this. Fuel economy though is not as advertised, manages 8-10. They said that figure should improve upon the tuning up of engine. But who care if it does 5 1.6 engine is surprisingly punchy as well.
  6. Hi guys, I got the car delivered by D*MO.. A C180 Avantgarde. Pretty impressed with their service as well.
  7. sasika

    Cruise Control

    Or the thread depth is too shallow to disperse water to keep the rubber in contact with tarmac. I think what happens when Cruise control is on during wet times is that the driver instinct part is lost at the throttle control. Drivers feel when the car is losing control and reduce the throttle. That helps in overcoming aqua-planning. Same situation with using older tyres at the front if u happen to buy only 2 new tyres.
  8. I think you should study more on this aspect. Diesel is both cleaner and economical than petrol. At least Euro Diesel engines
  9. There is A special kind machan.. The Toyota seekers
  10. No tax increment yet, but the FOB values have been re-done so as to avoid the undervaluing of vehicles.
  11. Actually Li-ion batteries last longer in a half charge state than fully charging it regularly. It's common to all the batteries of this category. It is actually bad for the lifetime of the battery to constantly charge to the full state and recharge. Battery is at the best durability when it is kept at 20-80%
  12. Yeah once the battery runs out, engine becomes the generator and pumps charge. But in a way this is efficient than just wasting on the sound and heat. But not as much as recognisable
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