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  1. Fiat Grande Punto Dualogic issue - Skipping Gears

    Did the scan today and seems like one of the Solenoid valve in the selespeed unit is shot. Checked the oil pressures in gears and they are all okay (pump and the accumulator working fine). Cleared the error for now and drove another 100kms without any issue. if it comes again i definitely need to replace the part as per my mechanic. fingers crossed. IF anyone know the correct part number for this solenoid please let me know. Thank you
  2. Fiat Grande Punto Dualogic issue - Skipping Gears

    Thanks NeroX Supposed to scan the car today but my mechanic is out of Colombo. have to wait till weekend. Will update with the progress.
  3. Fiat Grande Punto Dualogic issue - Skipping Gears

    Thank you NeroX tomorrow i'm planing to visit my mechanic and do the scan. I hope its not the pump cause my previous owner has replaced it and used tutela oil only. if it is an accumulator issue do we have parts here in SL ? and how much will it cost ? I did read that article you mentioned and according to then this might be a solenoid issue too. apparently CFC328 Robot has two solenoid values for odd and even gears. "even gear pressure proportioning solenoid valve (2 - 4 - R) and odd gear proportioning solenoid valve (1 - 3 - 5)" Thanks and Regards
  4. Hi All I have a Fiat grande punto 2007 and recently experiencing this intermittent gearbox issue. I was driving the car for about 10-15 km without any issue and suddenly it stopped shifting to 1st 3rd and 5th gears. (Odd gears) only 2nd , 4th and Reverse are working. Can put to N and back to R. When putting to 1st from stationary position it will take 4,5 seconds and shows me 2nd on the screen. This is happening in both auto and manual mode. i can see the car is trying to change the gear from 4th to 5th but its stays on 4th. (Can see the RPM change on the gauge, fluctuating). after few kilometers it corrected automatically without doing anything and failed again after sometime. Can hear the selespeed pump is working but i think its running longer than usual. (when opening the driver side door). In the recent past car automatically went to Neutral position while driving (Slow speeds 15-20kmph) and it happened 2, 3 times. However there were no visual indication on the dashboard and the information display during these issues. also the selespeed pump and some other few parts have been replaced by the previous owner and did around 30k kms after that. Highly appreciate your valuable comments. Thanks
  5. Premio 240 TPS Issue

    Thank you @Davy @Rumesh88 for your suggestions
  6. Premio 240 TPS Issue

    Hi All I have 2002 toyota premio 240 1.8L 1ZZ-FE and getting below trobule code P0120-Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "A" Circuit The check engine light illuminates for about 2 mins and turn off when start driving. also can observe high RPM rate when idling (~1800) and sometings it fluctuates Do i need to change the TPS sensor and other sensors (o2, MAF) and any idea of the price? Thank you
  7. Gear Shift Issue - Toyota Premio 240

    Cant hear any sound when switching O/D ON and OFF. anyway going with gearbox oil change and will see if it solve the issue.
  8. Gear Shift Issue - Toyota Premio 240

    Thnks Rumesh88, I will try this. I have this scanner tool designed for 1zz-fe toyota engines and couldn't see any trouble codes stored in the ECU. ( not sure whether it is capable of reading transmission related codes) BTW any idea of the new TFT sensor price?
  9. Gear Shift Issue - Toyota Premio 240

    No Asrock, reverse gear is working normal. no delays in other gear changes I did a full vehicle checkup from Toyota Lanka before buy it and the mileage is genuine,I own this car almost 1.5 years and done more than 15k Kms now. the only repair i did was changing the spark plugs and value cover gasket. this issue came last week. No Under body damages. Yes Rumesh88, I did that too. without OD the other gears are engaging normally. after few mins when i turn on the OD nothing happens, The last gear is not engaging. But as i mentioned earlier if i change the gears back and forth couple of time its working normally again most of the time. And No delay when when you floor the accelerator or the 1st gear.
  10. Hi Guys My Car is Toyota Premio 240/2002 1.8L 4-speed automatic tras. (Not CVT) 120K on the clock. Recently its not engage the last gear while driving. this is happening intermittently most of the time morning, and sometimes its shifting normally. If i stop the car and change the gears back and forth (P - L ) then the problem goes away most of the time. Previous owner said he did a gearbox oil change before i purchased the car but not sure about it. The gearbox oil level (engine running and Hot) is normal and the color is bright red, no burnt smell. do i need to change the oil ?? or anything wrong with a sensors or gearbox itself?? Really appreciate your help Thanks
  11. Engine Suddenly Shut Down

    Rumesh88/Davy can you guys recommend a place for full fuel system clean up for Premio 240. 2002. 120k milage Thanks
  12. Power Shutter Switches

    Can you please PM me the details of that mechanic/spare shop. im also having same problem with my passenger side window switches. they are blinking and not working..
  13. Toyota Premio 240 Interior Wood Panel Repair.

    Thanks iRage, will check that place.
  14. Toyota Premio 240 Interior Wood Panel Repair.

    Found 1 on Ik**.lk but they are selling only whole dashboard. no center console parts. anyway i will try the FB group u mentioned. And is there anyplace i can order this part, like ebay?? <<Image attached>>
  15. Hi guys I have 2002 Toyota Premio 240 (1.8) and the wooden finished center console cup holder lid is damaged.( damaged veneer sticker ) I think both Allion and Premio share the same interior plastics. does anyone know a place to repair the panel or to buy a new one. (brand new or used part). Really appreciate your help Thanks