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  1. Madhawa Habarakada

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    Hope this would help too. My collection of ebay gadgets for car enhansments. http://www.ebay.com/cln/madhawa86/car-enhancements/132990421014
  2. Madhawa Habarakada

    Honda Insight Keys

    I'v heard that, a transponder key prices may vary between 10-20K.
  3. Madhawa Habarakada

    Programmed Key Or Not

    I found a guy through a friend, who could do it for 10K. (He will reduce the price a little). And this type of keys are called as "Transponder Key" as per my friend. But there's no code anywhere as you guys said. I didn't still contacted him, will check and anything interesting came out, will let you guys also know. Thanks.
  4. Madhawa Habarakada

    Programmed Key Or Not

    Oh is that so? I'll look for any codes anywhere on the car. But there's nothing on the key other than the letter "H". (Look at the photo) So, if you have an idea, how much will it roughly cost to get a duplicate key from SM?
  5. Madhawa Habarakada

    Buying Nissan Leaf

    I'v heard that the cost of running Leaf is 6LKR per KM. But donno anything more.
  6. Madhawa Habarakada

    Programmed Key Or Not

    Hmm. The sad thing is, I did not received such things through the seller. a hand book / tag / etc) If that the case, how can I find that number? And I read in the forum that, some suppliers hide the extra key inside the car. If there's another key hidden inside the car, where that may be located?
  7. Madhawa Habarakada

    Programmed Key Or Not

    I bought a Honda Fit Aria (2006) after discussing here, in November 2014. I'm having a little problem about the key. I only received one key from the seller. He only had only one. The key has remote lock and unlock. (Not auto lock unlock when in proximity) So, I wanted to have another spare key as it's risky to have only one. I went to a local key cutter and carved a key. it could lock/unlock all the doors, but it could not at least rotate inside the ignition key barrel. So, finally he asked whether the key is programmed or not. I'm too not sure on that. So, how can I find out if my key is programmed or not? if a duplicate key cannot be made like that, how can I get a duplicate key for my car??? Thanks very much. P.S.: Pl. refer the photo of the key.
  8. Madhawa Habarakada

    Free Gps Navigator For Android (Mapfactor Navigator)

    And now there is Google Maps Voice Guided Navigation. And we can save maps so we could use them without data afterwards. and the "My Maps" feature is great that we could save locations on the computer with grouping. and routing is very easy now with 3D maps. I have used Garmin Maps symbian version and I would say that was one one the best maps softwares I have came up with. The "Navigator" for android is also good. But with less details and POIs. In my phone I have difficulties with the software, sometimes it tends to lag and hang.
  9. Thanks. I will check and talk to you. bought the car last week.
  10. I want to do it. but this seams not helping. Will Google it and find something.
  11. Madhawa Habarakada

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    Great post. I was to order one from ebay several days ago. but didn't knew clearly how to use or get it to work. I just ordered one from ebay. Thanks for this great tutorial.
  12. Madhawa Habarakada

    Toyota Axio Hybrid User Manual

    Still no one have a translated copy??? I received the Japanese copy from one of our manager and asked me to get it translated if possible. Searched the internet for a translated copy but didn't. Manually translating using something like Google Translater is seams little impossible for a book with around 350 pages.
  13. Madhawa Habarakada

    Buying The First Vehicle

  14. Madhawa Habarakada

    Buying Primera Tp12

    Why it is boring to drive??? And could someone tell me, why the market value of Primera is low compared to its luxury and look? Thanks.
  15. Madhawa Habarakada

    Buying The First Vehicle

    Thanks very much all for the detailed replies with instructions and advises. I'm looking in to the list and hope that I could select a good one. Thanks again.