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  1. Personally, I don't like 1300cc models. That's the biggest drawback of the Cynos model that came during the late '90s. I'm not a huge fan of bodykits either. Especially considering the fact that the Cynos comes with a factory designed spoiler, that works perfectly.
  2. She's still with me Cynos Beta / 1994 / Manual / 1500cc I agree with the price range Devinda quoted. The last valuation I did for mine was in late 2006 from De Silva motors, which amounted to 1,025,000. But I have seen prices across the above range depending on the year of manufacture, overall condition, the year of registration, etc. Pros: Given the present car market, it's a good car to have. Sporty. Weighs 920 kilos on a 1500cc engine, which gives nice acceleration (enough to keep the trishaw/bus/motorcycle and maruti 800 f**kers at bay). If you keep the revs under 2000, does 11-12 Kms/L in city, with AC. But no matter what the case I have never caught it doing less than 9 Km/L. I have never driven it outstation in all these years, so I can't comment on the fuel economy driving outstation. Parts are from the same platform as the Starlet EP82 / AE 100 / Corsa / Tercel and are easy to find, either re-con or new. Cons: It's a 2 door coupe. So might not be ideal for a family man (But the back seat can accommodate 2 "average sized" adults comfortably). By the way; Are you sure about the one you looked at being 1300cc not 1500cc?
  3. I can't believe no one noticed yet.. DevindaZ your're slippin' Happy birthday Fuzzo. How does it feel hitting the big 3 0 ??
  4. He he.. thanks for the wishes guys
  5. Got the rim back It's usable but I transferred it to the rear, just to be on the safe side. I might have to get it painted/buffed to get a good finish. Shak I'll contact you offline before getting it done.
  6. Yeah that's what I was told. But mine wasn't that badly damaged, just a dent. it could have been worse.
  7. Thanks machan. I went to my wheel alignment guy and he said he'll let me know whether it's repairable. Keeping my fingers crossed
  8. Hey guys, Are there places where they fix damaged alloy wheels? For example ones bent as a result of running over an island etc Any help would be appreciated along with a rough estimate of the cost as usual.
  9. It was in Monaco but can't remember the exact context though ...
  10. Yeah I remember it too. The greatest F1 driver ever!!!
  11. Happy Birthday bro !!! 5:50 am? Dev don't you sleep man ? It's either that or he gets up early and needs his shot of AL to get things going
  12. Happy Birthday Machan!!! Have a good one
  13. I've been using SLT ADSL for years and since last year, use it as my primary link with the office when working from home 2-3 days a week. I roughly download more than 5 times the data limit imposed by dialog on an average month, with the connection shared between 3 of my personal computers. Most of this bandwidth go to torrents at night and e-mail, browsing & source code uploads during the day. So far my experience with SLTs service is satisfactory and the link rarely breaks down.
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