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  1. KingSasanka

    Dash Cam

    What sort of a SD card is recommended for the CAM ? (SD Micro or bigger one and what Class Rate card is more compatible). Thanks in advance.
  2. KingSasanka

    Dash Cam

    Can this be connected to the Cigarette lighter holder to get powered ? (Thanks in advance).
  3. KingSasanka

    Multi-Information Display For Toyota Aqua

    http://hubpages.com/autos/Review-of-Toyota-Aqua-Prius-C http://www.toyota.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM52E68U/pdf/OM52E68U.pdf See if any of those links would come handy please.
  4. KingSasanka

    Nissan Navara Di And Dci

    Very useful. Thanks everyone. (I was contemplating of buying same but now I have changed my mind).
  5. KingSasanka

    Drive To Trinco

    I am sure Aqua is too low to take the risk. Thanks Guys. Things can wait, as I have not done any hotel bookings yet.
  6. KingSasanka

    Drive To Trinco

    Is it safe to drive to Trinco (From Colombo) these days? (Anyone with first-hand information on road conditions after the floods to enlighten please). Thanks
  7. KingSasanka

    Winkler Mirrors Get Stuck

    Yes, how can someone break something already in that state. Thanks again.
  8. KingSasanka

    Winkler Mirrors Get Stuck

    Thanks. But How to lubricate the mirror without taking it apart? (I am not a techie).
  9. KingSasanka

    Winkler Mirrors Get Stuck

    I have noticed lately that the mirrors get stuck, when the car was parked in the heat for sometime. Mine is Aqua G grade 2013 model. Is this a common issue or what can I do to resolve it? Thanks in advance. KS
  10. KingSasanka

    Go Pro Camera

    Thank guys. (Will update my own experiences once I start using).
  11. KingSasanka

    Go Pro Camera

    Thanks. Recently saw something recorded with one of which is square & comes with a water-proof casing too and the video was of very high quality. Just like taken with a professional one. Yes, the idea is to use with Mono-pod / stick in crowded and confined area. Thanks again. http://www.ebay.com/itm/mini-DV-Sports-action-Camera-SJ4000-Camcorder-1080P-full-HD-accessories-fr-Gopro-/262021345004?hash=item3d01b06eec:g:AQ8AAOSwwE5WYlHa
  12. KingSasanka

    Go Pro Camera

    Has any one been using Go Pro Camera (even a generic version) ? Love to hear the first hand experiences from a real user (if any). Thanks in advance.
  13. KingSasanka

    Vehicle Transferring And Registration Procedure

    How about the seller has already submitted his papers to RMV with a date ?
  14. KingSasanka

    Odometer Value Change...

  15. KingSasanka

    Odometer Value Change...

    Yes, the guys stays in Pamankada (Near Blue Mountain billboard) and everyone knows him in that area.