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  1. Madcat23

    Engine Cleaning Of Hybrid Cars

    i`m interested in this as well. any good places anyone can recommend ? i know i can watch a youtube video and DIY but would rather pay and get it done as i tend to break things
  2. Madcat23

    Nissan "leaf"

    yeah i heard that too ! - what will that bring the cost to ?
  3. Madcat23

    Nissan "leaf"

    ummm valid point... or at any condominium, underground parking lot. this comes with black cables which are hard to see in the dark !
  4. Madcat23

    Nissan "leaf"

    well how it works is you hook it up and do chores... charging stations are usually next to a supermarket where you can do your groceries, gym etc (in all the youtube videos). all it all its hard to picture here. most of the supermarkets have tiny parking spots. i`m happy to live close to one which thought about parking.
  5. Madcat23

    Nissan "leaf"

    i`ve heard that heat associated issues bring the charge down - on a slightly different note hows the acceleration on these things ? do they drive better ? the interior looks really nice http://jalopnik.com/5974593/nissans-in-hot-water-with-leaf-owners-in-hot-ass-arizona
  6. Madcat23

    Soft 4Wd

    +1 for vanguard. the more i drive it and compare with others the more i appreciate it. it might be awful for ppl considering fuel consumption (average around 10Kmpl in Colombo - not enough for todays hybrid standards..) look at this advert calling it a tough and general 7 seater it can also make rain look like diamonds !
  7. Madcat23

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    yeah it is ! the user manual is all Japanese - luckily i found a translated version online. a have another question. does the ECU report the exact fuel consumption or is it off by factors like our fuel quality, octane value etc.. cause according to this i`m doing 10.7 Kmpl - having driven around 300kms using this wa wa wa wonder ...
  8. Madcat23

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    my vanguard is a JDM - a cheap EM327 works great coupled with torque. i`m now ordered a slightly expensive scanner (google OBDlink LX) as the chinese one can be easily hacked into (i know low chance of that happening but imagine the headache that will cause if it happens) also if kept plugged in for a long time since these scanners continuously try to pair bluetooth therefore there is a chance that they can run down the battery. however there are ones with on/off switches now on ebay.
  9. usually insurance tends to not fully pay for Toyota Lanka. they fix a price after their inspection/assessment and are happy to pay you a cheque (not sure if this is normal) Toyota Lanka quotes much higher so you`ll have to agree on the difference. but their jobs are as good as a garage because they have all the information/ parts you need. you have to weigh the pros and cons. take for an example a buffer in newer cars which are made from something slightly stronger than cardboard lol. if that gets knocked and IF taken to toyota lanka they throw it away and fix a new one - but a local garage would get it fixed/smoothed out (or get a new one painted with the paint matched to better suite your vehicle) and still agree to do some other work necessary for the same insurance payout (for which they quote higher to compensate) i`ve seen cases where toyota lanka fits in a brand new buffer and in different light conditions it doesn't match the vehicle (due to clear coat wear etc etc) wont happen in a garage cause you`ll be the judge taking to the garage owner/mechanic instead of reading magazines in an AC room. best if you speak to people who are knowledgeable about the process and insurance companies to get whats best for you and not dance to the insurance companies tunes.
  10. Madcat23

    Allion 2008 Manual

    argggg that would give anyone a heartattack lol !.. yeah if you count premios and allions then it should be at-least 75% i still cannot understand why people just keep on buying them but have to admit it opens up a lot of possibilities. a friend of mine (2008 premio - white) hit a similar car - totally my friends fault ( he hit a 2009 premio - white) they took it to the garage which also happened to be nearby and the garage baas swapped the parts from one to the other and both of them drove off happy with my friend having to come back to get his buffer swapped later. he told me the garages tend to have plenty of parts in stock and an accident repairs will never take long. much like how in cricket they have a few white balls for the umpire to replace if the current one goes out of shape
  11. Madcat23

    Allion 2008 Manual

    thanks iRage. that's useful information i got hold of this and decided to put it up so that half of srilanka would benefit i also have the English version (translation) of the 2013 vanguard JDM. if anyone wants - let me know.
  12. hi all, a direct translation of the Japanese user manual - can someone name which years its relavent for ? i belive its the same for 2013 and also this applies for the premio 128212446-Allion-Manual-Book-English.pdf
  13. Madcat23

    Toyota Vanguard

    ah now i got it ! no mine doesnt have those either and no wheel arch as in pic 2. but they do look nice eh ! humm maybe a project for later - mine looks exactly like the grey metallic one on the above pic, - same alloys Michelin tires minus the side skirts ofcourse in pearl white this is something i certainly can use ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Toyota-RAV4-Front-Guard-/271524031260?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f3817eb1c
  14. Madcat23

    Toyota Vanguard

    thanks iRage that does make me feel better ! no side skirts on mine as well i think i like it without it so the mudguards should fit. are these the side skirts you talk about http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/141315-premium-side-stepsmudflaps-help-please/page-4 (see photos on post number 39) they do look nice i guess i should forget about the spare wheel as i honestly dont plan to off road with this and our dear president seems to be fixing every oppertunity within colombo city limits.some really nice roads on the subrbs here if you didnt already know regarding the link i posted, i too was amazed to see why the diesel never made it here nor even online on forums. but yeah your right its the export Rav4 which makes sense and which is why i never saw them. phew this has been a huge learning curve !
  15. Madcat23

    Toyota Vanguard

    hi guys, long time lurker and first time poster here. wanted to add some comments as there is very little information available online,one of the other useful links i found is this http://japanesecarfanatic.com/toyota-vanguard/ check it out. firstly thank you very much iRage for your extremly useful comments on this page that were instrumental in me purchasing my brand new 2013 vanguard AWD - sadly couldnt and didnt really want to go for a V6 (they are not available here which i guess is good with the current petrol prices) coming from a 1600CC Saloon this engine surely feels like a best to me. and its not bad on fuel economy i can do about 10kmpl with the start and stop traffic in colombo should be able to do more outstation imo this is outstanding for an AWD (no 4wd lock on this one - if you need that you need the V6). there is no real time fuel consumption indicator (not sure if thats accurate anyways) just an eco light witch goes off after 2000rpm and interstingly i can accerate from 35ish to 60 at only 1000rpm which helps with the fuel saving. (idle RPM according to the emission test is 675) being a CUV it does fit into tight spots very well. nobody quite understands the CUV category here. my insurace calls it a land cruiser and the RMV registration certificate calls it a station wagon which sucks cause now when i see it from a distance i think of a corolla DX. great turn radus and good overall visibility helped by the rather "small feeling" steering wheel and electric lumbar support makes you want to find a good comfortable driving spot but really all you want to do is just jiggle the buttons. (ok fine maybe thats just me) a 7 seater is great when you have kids whos feet dont touch the floor. as iRage mentioned the 2 extra seats are a tight fit for any decent sized adult but hey they are great to keep the small-built domestic help in it. they fold completely flat with no space for a spare wheel which the vanguard compensates with a tyre puncher kit (not great for SL) also this doesnt come with mudguards. no mudguards on a pearl white vehicle makes it look like i offroad daily! anyways ordered some on ebay it should fit when it gets here. do note that this falls into the semi-luxury category of vehicles (which means 7 annual installments of 60k,50k,40k,30k,25k,20k and 15k)