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  1. I have a Toyota Vitz (Japanese version of Yaris), 2014 model. The current mileage is around 22,000 KM. The Check Engine and the VSC lights went on last month and it went off after turning off the vehicle for sometime and starting it back. The Check Engine and VSC lights came back on today and went back off after stopping the engine for a while. The issue seems to be intermittent. I had it diagnosed and the error codes I've got are: P0571 - Brake Switch "A" Circuit C1201 - Engine Control System Malfunction Basically I may have the C1201 code because of the P0571 code. The P0571 code means my brake switch is faulty. Any thoughts on this? Also want to know a good mechanic who can help to fix the issue. Screenshot below:
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    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle : Toyota Vitz (KSP 130) Transmission Type : Automatic CVT Engine Capacity : 1000 cc Fuel : 92 Octane Km per Ltr, City (With Heavy Traffic): 10 - 12 kmpl Km per Ltr, City (With Slight Traffic): 15 - 16 kmpl Long distance: 21 - 22 kmpl
  3. Hey guys, Where can I find these types of sun shades in Sri Lanka, and anti-slip mats for my car. please share the places you know
  4. Is there a way to open car door without the smart key near it. I kept my smart key inside the house and tried to open the door with the normal-key i got with my smart key. The door opened but suddenly the security alarms started ringing, i had to use my smart key's unlock button to disarm the security alarm. My issue is if my smart-key's battery drains out how will i be able to open the door with the normal-key? Will it activate the alarm's once again? And what is the use of having that normal-key if i can't open the door without activating the security alarm? Your advises are highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have a Toyota Rush 2010 model and a Nissan Sunny N16 2005 model. Compared to the Sunny, Power steering of Rush is kind of Hard. In Sunny its very smooth and easy to turn the vehicle but its not the same in Toyota Rush. Is it because the Rush has bigger wheels? Doesn't Toyota Rush use Electric Steering and makes it easier to steer the vehicle? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank You!
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for your replies. I took the vehicle back to Pitstop and they were able to fix it. There was loose connection in one of the hoses. This must have happened after the vehicle service!
  7. My car's dashboard shows a Check Engine Light. I serviced my car from Pitstop Three days ago and suddenly, today morning I saw this indicator. Do you know why this would happen and What should I do about this? Please share your advices. Thanks
  8. Hello guys, I'm new to this forum. I have very little knowledge about cars. This what I need to clarify, Do we get two smart keys when we buy new car? or is it only one?