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  1. Mdpperera

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    Hey Sampath, Thank you for your replies. Those are very useful. Also others thank you so much for the comments. I am still contacting few CCTV guys and companies to get a good quote, but most of them are above 80K for HD 4 Cams (1.3Mp) 4 channel system. If I can find a electrician who fix these I dont mind buying a system from fort. Insurance guys still did not approve my 2nd claim so I am awaiting to hear from them. Now that I have made too claims, will there be an additional charges for next year's insurance?
  2. Mdpperera

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    Sampath, Can you fix wired IP camera system or Wireless IP cam system without having an internet connection? Curious to know whtr internet facility is must thing for IP cam system. Also as JayZ asked please share some shop info with us.
  3. Mdpperera

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    Thank you all for your replies. Yes CCTV is the best solution so far and police also recommended that. But these systems are so expensive in SL (Package + Installation) 1.3MP HD 4 Cam system asking 90000/- Where is the best place to go and check some CCTV systems? Any contact? Also Yes Motion sensors will be very helpful, and I am planning to fix those clip lockers to my Vezel side mirrors.
  4. Mdpperera

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    Spoke to Darley road guy and he said revert your car badges, back viper and side mirror lenses (from inside) and if needed they said they can put a small chain and revert the to end to vehicle body and to side mirror unit too so that thieves cannot remove that. But my questions is why we take all this hassle and damage original car. Feel like questioning why Police are there when these things happening openly
  5. Mdpperera

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    My Area is Kohuwala and my neighbourhood is full of car sales. recently I fixed shock sensor too but some how this thief removed side mirrors without any noise and opened the mirrors from lock position. Check these pictures they just break the mirror arm and take take the whole unit. after I fixed that 2 days ago today removed both the mirror lenses. This should stop soon. maybe hunt down the third party car part sellers who buy these stuff. FYI: insurance was very supportive but i am not sure they want this to be continue. Last two pictures were the recent robbery. Also note this has happened in the night while we were at home around 10.30pm, police took fingerprints and all but I am not sure how they are going to trace. Still seeking proper solutions for these robberies.
  6. Hi All, This is to get an advice, I have a Honda Vezel and last week a thief has robbed my left side whole mirror with the mirror arm + two "H" letter honda Gold badges . I fixed everything last saturday with insurance cover and installed parallel motion sensor to alert when someone touch (bit a hard knock) the car. But again today they have removed my both the mirror lenses. Vehicle was parked in my house and I am curious to know is there any solution for this. How many of you faced this mirror or emblem (logo) removals of your vehicle. If you guys know any solution please let me know, according to police this is a raising issue. Thanks Dumi##a
  7. Mdpperera

    Toyota Rush Fuel Consumption

    Thanks GyanaR I will do that, Wud love to know any recommended place for an ECU test.
  8. Mdpperera

    Toyota Rush Fuel Consumption

    Hi yes I had a Kyron and sold it, It was a great vehicle with good space. This is about a Toyota Rush, and still trying to figureout about fuel consumption.
  9. Mdpperera

    Toyota Rush Fuel Consumption

    Noop This is 1.5CC engine and Auto. Yeah I mostly drive on traffic free (or less traffic) colombo roads
  10. Mdpperera

    Toyota Rush Fuel Consumption

    Hi GayanR, When I asked for ECU test they said do a tuneup and see I did that too but still I get the same fuel usage reading 7.2KM/pL in city . They said ECU cannot predict about fuel wastage/use Do we have any Toyota Rush users here or do u know anybody? As I heard this mini SUV does good in fuel.
  11. Mdpperera

    Toyota Rush Fuel Consumption

    HI Guys I have J200 2wd Toyota Rush and I noticed in colombo with/without traffic it does only 6-7KMs per Liter (This reading is according to Vehicle "Mode" reading on dash board) My ODO meter reading 45000 and I just changed Automatic transmission fluid, changed Air filter, Cleaned the throttle and plugs. but still I get the same reading. and My driving style is pretty decent dont race above 2500RPM. I didnt change Automatic Transmission Oil Strainer/Filtet find it from the market (Agent has it for Rs 7500+ ) You guys are the experts so please tell me what went wrong, and what I shud get checked to improve fuel consumption. People say it should does 9-10KMs per liter in city . #Help Me! MDP
  12. Mdpperera

    Toyota Rush Powersteering

    What I know is Rush is very famous for giving Power steering rack problems. I repaired my Rush rack very recently. Whats your fuel consumption meter reading in colombo (AC on and with traffic)? Mine shows me 7.5KMs per liter which is sucks for the moment.
  13. Mdpperera

    Bought A Micro Kyron, What Next?

    Hey ramishkad, I mean Engine compartment, Just outside area cus it looks little dusty. And engine has no prob, smooth and very powerful. @Watchman and @Don Thank you for the advice. Re: Mirrors/screens I do not think I can show that in a picture cus its just look normal, but in the night you see lil blurness (just like looking at blur picture) Anyhow I managed to fixed following things Door Armrest covers have some cracks (Went to Nawala Cushion center and they said they can do it, but lil expensive so wanna find another place, Also found out this is a common issue in any Kyron) On steering wheel, right side tiptronic button is not working, Seems someone put glue in it (STILL no solution) Two fuses have been removed, remote lock sound is not coming and no light flash when lock/unlock (Fixed, now hazard lights blink when u press remote key lock) Previous owner said I have to change some oil after 30000KM and he said only company does that part. (This call ATF oil and for any Micro model (Kyron too) you have to take ur vehicle to Agent cus no one knows about this Oil type or brand (still a secret) So I have to take my Kyron to Agent) Also I would like to know any best place to get Cut and Polish for this new ride, Guys Any suggestion? (Found a guy in Kiribathgoda who does Interior/and outside cut polish just for 11K and few ppl recommend this guy. But Still I have to find a windscreen cutting/polishing place. Guy I am trying to find Kyron service manual. Any idea? Cheerz