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  1. what do u mean by JustLow? what is the impact to the vehicle on that?
  2. i physically visited to check the vehicle. but cudnt get any pics. these are the pics which i got it from the seller. will this help you to answer my questions.
  3. Hey fellow, i just want to know is this deal is ok? and the reliability? i have to give him (vehicle owner) the confirmation in 2-3 days. depend on u the reply it would be easy for me to buy it or not. Hope AutoLanka members will help me on this.
  4. Hey, am not an expert in this. that why i tried to get some advice from who know about it. the way u answered seem how much u know about it. anyhow thanks for taking ur time to reply my post.
  5. There is a VAN - Toyota HiAce Diesel converted. 5L engine. Short model Owner is asking 2.35M. but need to replace all 4 tyres, and there are some interior carpeting also. is it worth for that price? will they any engine troubles may occur in future due to the conversion?
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