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  1. I'm totally agree with Stig, few weeks back went to MAZNA Motors to done a full service on My mazda demio - ( this is my first service since i brought it) it cost me 62000Rs - this is excluding ATF . They insist on changing suspensions with some brand they have and I want to change my one with KYB, since it's only the difference is 2000Rs and KYB is more reliable. once I neglect the advice from once fellow , lalith sat with me and try to convince me .. once i refused to do .. they act very rudely and I'm thinking going back again , except for a major issue.. once Demio owner ask to fix set of fog lights(reconditioned) and they charge 20000 for lights and 4000 for switch and 1500 for labor cost.. I got same from Delkanda for 12000Rs and they fixed the thing free.. only plus point is they have all the parts and you don't need to worry about finding them ... if you don't mind spending some extra cash ... then it's ok .
  2. you can find any recondition body part from Delkanda and they are not that expensive..' Any other part if you can't find near by Shop, you can check with New RainB*w Motors Panchika waththa.. General parts like , Timing Belts and AC Filters are available in most of the places Some Mazda parts are general for few models..
  3. I'm also looking for a Mazda axela/Mazda 3 - few are up for sale and seems it is bit harder to Sell them these days. found a Manual Axela for 2.5mil and Auto Mazda3 for the same price - both are 2004 cars.. 2008 Mazda Axela hatch is for sale for Ik**n and it was advertised for 3.2 Originally and owner re-advertise with 2.8Mill price tag and when i called it was sold for 2.7Mil.. ?
  4. I'm also in the Market searching for a Axela/Mazda 3 and found that Most of them have water leaking problems in the trunk and it cases rusting in the trunk and floor under rear passengers . But as per some Mazda 3 Forums it's an easy fix.. Mazda 3 looks way better than Tida... ?
  5. I know a person who can repair it. call Mr Indika - 0772396171 His workshop is in front of WISKAM auto AC - near 6th Mile Junction - Dalugama He fixed my demio's computer box and his charges are also reasonable.
  6. Came a cross a Hyundai Tucson 2005 - Manual - Petrol for 2.5 Mil.. Need information on Fuel consumption ? Maintenance cost ? Spare Parts availability ? already searched in the forums, and not that much information..
  7. Xbee is a bigger car based on New susuki Belino with 1L Engine Suzuki hustler is based on wagonR So Xbee is bigger on every way and pricier than hustler - some car sales have both next to each other - you can clearly see the size difference.
  8. I got a very Bad experience about their claim handling with Coop.. I was there customer for 3 years , only 2 claims for repair and paint bumpers, two occasion -- no issue both under 10000/= I was the victim for a Hit and Run situation - a lorry Hit my car side panels including 2 Doors and Run away while it was parked in a narrow road . in the initial visit by Coop representative to check the incident, he mentioned that no need for police report.. Then get a quote for my car and the approved amount was 48000/= .. once I repaired the car and present it to the Coop Malabe branch they took photos and every thing and they said they will get back to me.. waited one month and nothing happens , call them and they informed my file was closed.. have to call few more times and after one month they inform file was re opened , but unable to pay because they are no police report ... after fighting with them for another month they pass only 28000/= so my advice do not go for them ... I switch to LOLC.. no claims so far .. will see..
  9. I'm Using a 1st Gen Mazda Demio, Must be Auto - my one is a Manual , but you can Buy a auto around 1.5Mil to 1.8Mil. Air Bags required - Single and Dual Air Bag variants are available.. Reliability (Lady will be using) - Very Reliable car - my one is almost 20 Years OLD and I'm making 400-600KM trips occasionally with 5 Passengers. Bit of resell value - this is not a Brand New purchases. so you can sell for the same money
  10. HI Guys, I'm planing on upgrading My Mazda Demio(1st Gen) .. below are the options I'm locking for , help me to chose the Best... Mazda Demio 3rd Gen - 2007 - 2.5 Mil Ist 1st Gen - 2003/2004 - 2.5Mil SX-4 - 2007/2008 - 2.5Mil
  11. Gents, I have done the Engine TuneUP - from Asnu Lanka - Koswaththa... Injector Cleaning - 4750.00 For the Garage - 2000.00 ( They did the Cleaning ) Uper and Lower seals for Injectors - 2800.00 Total - 9550.00 Now it seems problem went away and Engine is Running much smoother. Still need to check on Fuel fugures . Thanks All for the Guidance.
  12. " steering goes heavy very suddenly " - this is when Engine Stops because - power steering pump loose pressure I have same symptoms. As Stig proposed I will start with an Engine tune up and keep you guys posted
  13. Hi Davy, Ops.. miss that..my car don't have an RPM meter....I have Bought a Universal RPM gauge online - but still didn't fix it...
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