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  1. nagaya

    Anyone using Atlas BX Battery ?

    hehe then better to use normal lead acid batteries My last Shin-Kobe (now Hitachi ?) battery lasted for 5 years and got it replaced by a cheap Exide battery, no worries for more than a year now
  2. nagaya

    Engine issues with 2007 Toyota Vitz

    I haven't used any CVT gearbox so I am not that aware of that, But I feel that, it may be wise to change ATF oil (I am doing such maintenance at the agent, not the local service station) asap and get gearbox checked at the same time. Usually 40000km multiples services are major services for most vehicles and keep it mind it is also 11 years old car now.
  3. nagaya

    Engine issues with 2007 Toyota Vitz

    what is the current actual mileage (do you have maintenance records from previous owners) ? any information on ATF change at 40000km and multiples of that ?
  4. nagaya

    Anyone using Atlas BX Battery ?

    What is the price and warrenty ? seems it is a sealed battery
  5. nagaya

    Fuel consumption

    Then my suggestion is to get done a proper engine check and tuneup at the agents, according to the service manual it has to be done every 40000km for vehicles with normal spark plugs using unleaded petrol. There is a ton of valuable information on CSx in this thread and I hope you will enjoy your new ride
  6. nagaya

    Fuel consumption

    can it be a simple mistake when entering chassis number in the book? can you please check the chassis number in the identification plate whether is it CS1 or CS2 ? Anyhow regarding your initial question on fuel consumption , is it a carb or EFI engine ? any engines misses or bad emission test results? I wonder if it is actually a replaced engine, how can we find the exact engine mileage without any documents? Just for my information, Is the transmission of CSx is different from each other ? i.e. Can we just swap the 4G13 engine with 4G15 without swapping the transmission?
  7. nagaya

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    Just did a google search on this code, it seems many are having the same problem
  8. nagaya

    Help With My New Cs3

    Thanks all, at last I finished the project There was two clips underside also which was not in the video I posted before when removing the front bumper. Also colour of the wires were blue & black not as 2 black in the service manual. I had to do custom wiring from the A20 connector for my aliexpress fog lamps Fog lamp (A20) connector: Finished project:
  9. nagaya

    Honda FIT GP5 error on transmition

    just for my information, in good old days, 12V battery was only needed to start the engine, after starting alternator will provide enough power, isn't it same in these hybrid cars? i don't have any experience on hybrids that is why I am asking
  10. nagaya

    Fuel consumption

    Is it a 1.3L CS1 or 1.5L CS2 ?
  11. nagaya

    What to check/replace in first service?

    Thanks for the info I never knew it and though it is a 4G15 so both CY & CZ has different engines than Orion or Sirius
  12. nagaya

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Same thing happened to mine, there was little rust around and the inside the break cylinders. Recently, there was a small leak in one cylinder and replaced all 4 washers in both sides with Seiken 3/4" (exact model number is 14R56C or some thing like that) and replaced break fluid with Seiken BF3 (now break fluid is transparent in the reservoir, before that the oil was bit darker). Total cost was Rs.2300/= including labour at the local garage. Anyhow, I have the 3rd breakpad set in the front, now using MK breakpads and seems good. I couldn't find Sumotomo (original one from factory) from anywhere (other than the agent of course).
  13. nagaya

    What to check/replace in first service?

    My service manual says, Except 4A9, 6B3, 3B2 replace every 40000km or 2 years for coolant and for 4A9, 6B3, 3B2 engines replace first at 160,000km or 8 years, then every 100,000km or 5years, What is the engine of CY2? Isn't it a 4Gxx ? Break fluid, replace every 40000km or 2 years Engine oil, replace every 15000km or 1 year, although we are changing it every 5000km or 6 months here
  14. nagaya

    Help With My New Cs3

    Thanks as lot @[email protected]@Sampath [email protected]'[email protected] for valuable information, I was able to find the culprit and sort it out. Sorry for bothering you guys so much I was working with thought that fog switch is fine from the beginning, as seller mentioned that this switch has both front and rear fog lamp switches in one package. Now, I checked the continuity between pin 1 & 2 when pressed, nothing happened, but I was "connected" when i checked between 5 & 6 pins. According to service manual, "Pin 1-2 Front, Pin 3-4 lamp in the switch and Pin 5-6 Rear". So It seems I had a rear fog lamp switch. So, I opened it up and swapped the internal mechanism to other side and made it a front fog lamp switch I also noted in C-01 fog lamp switch connector, the ping 5-6 are not present in the harness too (if I need rear fogs lamp, I have to rewire from the beginning). Now I can measure 12V between "A-24 Spare connector for Front Fog Lamp" and GND Only thing remaining is installing fog lamps and connecting the wires Switch internals swap Dash board light Spare fog lamp connector location