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  1. There should be a plate mentioning Tyre sizes and Tyre pressure in the door arch like this.
  2. What is your rim & tyre size? are they stock ?
  3. nagaya

    Corolla 141 vs Allion and 121

    I think you can even find a first owner 141 with proper maintenance records as most of them came for permit. Also there are diesel 141s, if you are interested. (As I remember they were like 34laks for permit in 2008)
  4. I think your engine is 4G13, isn't it ?
  5. also good old Charade will do more
  6. nagaya

    2.3 million budget suggestions?

    It is a pretty solid car and if you are really lucky, you can find a first owner car with proper maintenance records also. You can search Autolanka Forum for the same model which has a loads for information.
  7. nagaya

    2.3 million budget suggestions?

    Lancer CS series ~ YoM 2002
  8. nagaya

    Nissan Presea

    I also think it is due to a certain time. Hope you have heard the chocolate & vanilla ice cream story http://www.cgl.uwaterloo.ca/smann/IceCream/humor.html
  9. What are the other concerns ? such as do you need a 2015 vehicle only ?
  10. nagaya

    Mitsubishi Xpander

    is this the crossover of new lancer (grand lancer designed by CMC) model only available in Chinese/Taiwan market, I feel so
  11. nagaya

    Lancer CS3 2007

    So many Lancer threads these days seems people are again buying vehicles other than Wagon R & 1L cars
  12. nagaya

    Vitz 2016 KSP 130 non fog light model

    Usually fog lamp kit should come with the lamps and the casing (to replace that black part with yellow circle). You may be also get an aftermarket kit. for example like this on ebay (just for example and this is for another car) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-H11-55W-Bumper-Fog-Light-Lamp-Kit-For-Honda-City-2014-With-Switch-Button/32223847871.html
  13. Simply it is like this in my knowledge, MMC Lancer CS {1 to 9) {GL,GLX,..etc} CS = 9th Generation 2002-2007 & 2011 (CK was the previous generation ), There are three shell versions in SL, introduction & 2 face lifts later, Your GP-xxxx is introduction model and JG-xxxx is 1st face lift version 1 to 9 = Engine Capacity 1.3L to 2.4L , 1=1.3L , 2 (JDM) = 1.5L, 3 = 1.6L , 5 = 1.8 L, 7=2.0L 9=2.4L in my knowledge, Can be Carb, EFI, GDI engines, You can Find CSx in the Chassis number GL, GLX ...etc = Trim levels but individual options can be varied In SL you can find; GL = Mostly basic and can be even without ABS, EBD, SRS but sometimes have Radio, Alloy wheels, Spoiler GLX = better options but some times without factory radio, alloy wheels, Honda Civic ES (EK in the generation before that) also came in the same time of MMC Lancer CS, I think someone can add more on Civic You can go through below thread for more information on Lancer CS
  14. We had a personally imported Corolla CE96 wagon for around 17 years and it was a damn good wagon, no driving pleasure or any extra features (even no power steering ) , but it did the job it supposed to do. I think Nissan AD wagon is also very good for the price. Lancer wagons/Libero (for that price you may be able to find CK one also) are also power horses You may try 28- or 40- single cab with canopy too
  15. nagaya

    Anyone using Atlas BX Battery ?

    hehe then better to use normal lead acid batteries My last Shin-Kobe (now Hitachi ?) battery lasted for 5 years and got it replaced by a cheap Exide battery, no worries for more than a year now