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  1. codexdj

    Fuel Efficiency

    I think he has a terrible throttle
  2. codexdj

    Fuel Efficiency

    WOW! Congrtz man! Figures are nice for a sexy beast like this
  3. codexdj

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle : Toyota Belta 2007 Transmission Type : CVT Engine Capacity : 1.3 Fuel : 92 octane Km per Ltr (city/long distance) : 11-12 / 16-18
  4. codexdj

    Fuel Economy Of My Toyota Belta

    Some more fuel economy figures for Belta 1.3cc based on full tank test. Colombo - N'Eliya : 14 kmpl with AC N'Eliya - Puttalam : 19 kmpl with AC
  5. I'm thinking of shifting to alloy wheels (165/70R14) and not thinking of changing OEM size. Do you think I should balance (and add weight if needed) each wheel after shifting to alloys? Different shops says different things. Some say that I have to realign them, but I do know that I don't have to realign, but not sure about balancing. Some shops say that I should balance & some say that I don't have to. Please enlighten me. Do we have to balance wheels once in a while anyway? (per 20000 km, etc) Thanks!!
  6. Ultimate replacement for the INSIGHT which is to be discontinued.
  7. codexdj

    Auto Ac Conversion From Manual Ac

    I always ask my passenger to adjust it. Your arguments are valid WATCHMAN thanks!
  8. codexdj

    Auto Ac Conversion From Manual Ac

    CW, If you have driven a car with manual ac you would know it. In auto control, all i have to do is set temperature and fan level then don't even have to look at it! But NOW, I have to control fan speed if the temperature is too high and too low and sometimes have to control cool level as well. This takes my attention off from the road which is very dangerous. On top of that the resale value would uplift slightly if I would be able to replace this with a original belta dash. Also, a slight improvement in fuel efficiency. My top priority is the 1st point!! Would like to know if there is some other way to overcome this. Thanks for asking
  9. codexdj

    Auto Ac Conversion From Manual Ac

    Thanks for the instructions CW! If I had the repair manuals for belta I would have some hope, but without them I'm not even gonna think of trying diy. I have the workshop manuals of 1000cc 1kr-fe engine of belta but drive a 1300cc 2sz-fe! Any suggestions where I can buy the whole system with installation? The guy must know what he is doing since there are whole lot of lines going in and out in the area. Btw, I asked Toyota Lanka about this and they told me that they could bring the dash board down for me if I tell them a chasis number of a similar model that has climate control. I will not back down until I'm certain that this cannot be done/ or is not worth the risk and will keep you posted. Anyone happen to own 1300cc belta workshop manuals? Much appreciated if can post here Thanks!
  10. codexdj

    Auto Ac Conversion From Manual Ac

    usually G grade comes with auto a/c yes! I will try to find a dash board that supports auto ac. I hope all relevant sensors are also mounted on the dashb it self. I will also ask the agent as well and post it here. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm not sure whether I'm posting in the correct section or using the correct jargons. I have a belta 2007 with manully controlled AC and I want to control it to auto system where I can set the temperature. Is this possible? Is it recommended? If so where can I do it from? Thanks!
  12. I saw the new location somewhere around in Borella last week! I can't remember the exact place. It was still under construction but from the look of it, it will soon be opened.
  13. codexdj

    Engine Problem With Micro Trend

    And they say "SUPPORT LOCAL PRODUCTS" **sigh** Feel sorry for you bro!
  14. codexdj

    Abs Light Won't Turn On

    Ask the dealer first and if he says NO, then Do a diagnostic scan to find whether there is a error in ABS system, just to confirm.
  15. Stick to the user manual that the Toyota have provided. All the advice you need is in there. Read it FULLY . . I say again FULLY . . . before you do anything else!!!