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  1. Toyota IST fuel efficiency City 10-13 km/l Outstation 18 km/l Highway 23km/l (90-100kmph)
  2. thanks B/W for the info.
  3. Thanks lot Sampath. I thought new IST is more fuel efficient as famous Corolla 121. Because it has a 1NZ-FE engine, same as Corolla 121 engine. Does IST (NCP 110) have an average fuel economy meter?
  4. Thanks lot B/W. Any other ist owners...?
  5. Thanks for the reply, There are some information about old IST (NCP 60). But I'm looking for the new model (NCP 110).
  6. I'm planning to buy a toyota ist 2007/2008 and would like to know some information about fuel efficiency, maintenance etc... and also your opinion about this selection vs Fit hybrid ?
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