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  1. So far, no misfires or rough idle and no, unfortunately I wasn't observing.
  2. Hi, My car is a Viva Elite (7 years old and mileage is 57,000 Km). Few days after the engine tuneup, I have noticed that I have try twice (with the key) to ignite the engine when the engine is cool. When the engine is cool, first attempt always fails and only in the second attempt engine ignites. However this doesn't occur when the engine is hot. When the engine is hot, engine starts properly with the first attempt. Any advice regarding the matter is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. My vehicle is a viva elite which was purchased in 2013 and it's millage is almost 40,000 Km. I have done a wheel alignment about a week ago. I have noticed the below issue after the wheel alignment. Issue: As you already know when steering wheel has rotated to a certain direction during a turn it automatically rotate back to it's default position. But now when I rotate the steering wheel fully (doing a right turn or U turn etc.) it doesn't rotate back to it's default position. However if I partially rotate the steering wheel the wheel rotates back to it's default position without any issue. Also steering wheel behave normally when I do reverse driving. Thanks in advance for any advise and help.
  4. My problem was automatically solved itself for couple of weeks. However it occurred again recently and this time I can clearly hear some kind of "moving belt" sound within the clock area when I started the car. I probably need to show this to a technician. However just want to update the situation.
  5. After 8-9 hours it gives "current time - 5 hours", generally. I didn't do anything to the battery, however about two weeks ago I put the car for the service. However the problem didn't occur immediatly after the service, almost after a week after. I follow the instructions in manual and set the time again and again after each reset.
  6. This is kind of weird problem. When I switch off the engine and starts the engine again after 8 - 10 hours, my digital clock gives incorrect time (time difference with the actual time is around 5 hours). But if I turn the engine off for 2 - 5 hours this problem doesn't occur. I appreciate any advise on this matter.
  7. Is there any place (within Sri Lanka) where I can purchase touch up paints for Viva Elite? Thanks in advance for your repplies.
  8. Thanks for the repplies. First thing I do when I start the car is releasing the hand brakes and yes, it is a automatic transmission. Good to know it's a common thing.
  9. My vehicle is a Viva Elite (2013) and I recently bought it. As soon as I starts the car if I press the brakes it generates an abnomal sound. But if I press the brakes while driving the car that sound doesn't generate. I appriciate any advice on this.
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