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  1. Any one has replaced side mirror glass only without the full set? How the quality and accuracy of the local mirrors. Where to get done?

    1. Davy


      Did once at Darley Road. Was okay and pretty close to original. But there was a difference in size of the objects in the mirror when you compare it to the original mirror on the opposite side of the car. At least in my case. But you won't notice unless you look really closely. I did and I couldn't stop seeing the difference and my OCD got the best of me. So ordered a replacement mirror (just the glass) from eBay.

      Charges to cut the mirror was around 550 back in 2012 or so. Was a 15 minute job. 

  2. Car AC stops randomly for a minute or two. Blowing cool air after that as usual. happens around 1-2 times for a 20 km journey
  3. at a 3rd place, having said 2 places failed to find, finally found that valve stem was culprit. water buble at 3 seconds interval like, replaced the valve's pin kinda unit....
  4. dilan_randika

    Tire air drops

    hi, after i pump 30psi to all 4 tires, when checking after about 1 month, 3 tires become 27. 1 ack tire become 17. no tire puncture detected after checking in 3 tire shops. what can be the reason?
  5. Hi, check engine comes on first run of the day only. keep on for about 2 mins and gets off not happens in somedays (seems like when fuel tank is high in fuel ???) Issue with fuel pressure or bad fuel tank cap?
  6. dont worry it was just an answer to "an average 1300 - 1600 CC petrol (non-hybrid) car in Sri Lanka does about 7-8kmpl in traffic (max 9)"
  7. "Belta 1300cc hits 11.5 - 12.5 may be thanking to the cvt gear box.." u got it wrong. read the above.....
  8. 9 years old Belta 1300cc hits 11.5 - 12.5 ... may be thanking to the cvt gear box.. just my 5 cents ..
  9. in addition, here i want to emphasis this too.. 1. ordinary place procedure scan -> clean speed sensor n clear codes -> asked to run, if check eng. comes again, asked to replace vss 2. advice by t.p call by tune up mechanic go ahead & replace speed sensor 3. the agent (TL) scan -> clear codes -> asked to run. if comes again, asked to bring for complete wire harness check. at this point, they had come to conclusion that this probably not something to do with the sensor as the nature of the issue is coming. lesson to learn -> ' the steps, procedure etc. of the agent is very professional & it associates their skills.... ' [it should be so in other hand u know ] just my 2 cents....... again hope for the best .....
  10. finally the issue went off its own for last 2-3days ....... hope for the best ...... 2 things done to the car b4 the result 1. fixed tire punch of a front wheel which had been for sometime b4 finally decided to check & fixed. 2. google god somewhere said, remove fuel cap & let fuel gas pressure built in to b released itself. did that too 1st one is silly but found the below in google. but think this car model is not that much advanced right? even iCVT equipped. " Low Tire Pressure On some of today's most new vehicles your car monitors your tire pressure. If it gets low your check engine light may come on. This is a great warning as low tire pressure can cause your fuel efficiency to drop by 10 percent or more. "
  11. exactly..... how come ...?????
  12. 1. Daily 2. Same pattern. I even know the place it comes on on my way. Such a funny pattern. 3. no 4. no 5. no
  13. Thnx Rumesh. But y this kinda 'check engine on' appearance. i mean 2 times per day in 1st journey only. if it's something to do with the sensor, shouldn't check engine warns continuously ?
  14. Pleas Help. Car: Toyota Belta 2008 1300cc Issue: On the 1st journey of the day, after drive 2KM, check engine light on & then off. after drive about 0.5KM from there, again check engine light On & then gets off. Not getting on for that day again. Same thing happens daily. scan result: error code p0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor fault. What can be the issue? Please help.
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