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  1. This adjustment cannot be adjusted by a simple wheel alignment . why dont you take your car to unimo again and tell them about this problem since it came after they changed the knuckle. maybe someone messed up something during the repair
  2. whoa!! GDI ? nop dont even think about GDI. would be too much trouble . since your a first car buyer . better to go with the premio.
  3. Check if the disk backing plate has been bent or is bent by hitting something when you turn the steering. or you brake pad wear indicators are touching the disk . p.s - tyre tie rod ends ...
  4. There is a Non Mitsubishi section in Unit#d Mot#rs . u could take your car there and get this sorted out. Since they have their own emmision test equipment you wouldn't have to just rely on the words of who ever fixed it saying that the issue is fixed without any guarantees.
  5. probably a worn out brass cone inside the gearbox . if it is a brass cone , it can be replaced by taking the gearbox apart .
  6. Dushyantha

    Trolley Jack

    Sorry i dont remember the brand .its red colour if thats any help . but if its chinese the brand doesnt matter that much. all of them have the same kind of quality that you would expect form a chinese jack . my suggestion is . go to panchikawatta and have a look at some shops . any chinese jack would do since its only used for diy work . some jacks come with cheap plastic trolley wheels . make sure you dont buy one of those coz they tend to break off after some time .other than that theres no other thing to worry about .
  7. Dushyantha

    Trolley Jack

    been using a chinese jack for like 4-5 years for my diy work which i bought from panchi and there were instances where it has stood in the rain for days. still works fine though . make sure that you buy a pair of axel stands with the jack .
  8. And did you check if the correct ATF was used ?
  9. Hi . welcome to the forum . i see you are a newbie hence you might have not searched the forum . its always good to search the forum and see if anyone has asked this question before instead of starting multiple threads with the same question . next time please do so . This lancer power windows was discussed earlier and people who had the idea of converting to powershutter ultimately found it more easier to just swap the doors instead of hacking through doorcards. If you want to retain the original look then swapping the doors is easier because its hard to find only the doorcard and even if you find them they would be priceeeey . but then if you just want to move the windows with a button then a universal conversion kit is available that can be fixed to the existing manual window mechanism but it would definitely look ugly with the out of place switches and stuff instead of the original. heres a thread about power windows that might help you .
  10. Thanks for the reply Davy . what was the clearcoat you used ? was it the spray can type or 2k paint ? im planing on spraying a 2k clearcoat . would the 2k paint be harsh on the plastic lens ?
  11. no point in resurfacing the drums without replacing the brake liners . since your front brake pads were worn out the rears would also need to be replaced at some point in the near future so when you replace the liners make sure you face the drums
  12. Sealant ? like a car wax ? or a headlight sealant ? are they available in sri lanka ? what do you think about the clear coating method ? wouldnt that be a more permanent method ? do u know of anyone who has tried clear coating headlights ?
  13. Hi muditha. Thanx for the reply. Your photi comparison is exactly how my headlights looked like. Just after the polishing. But as time passed im seeing them get yellowish again. I know that using a sanding paper and then polishing it would make them appear new again. But im searching for a more permanent solution like clearcoating the headlights. But then havent still found anyone who tried this. I would hav clearcoated it but am not sure about how safe it would be for the plastic lense
  14. good to hear you sorted out the problem without much difficulty . when replacing brakepads its always good to resurface the disks as well because now you have a completely flat brake pad surface and if you look at the disk you would be able to see that the disk surface isnt completely flat. resurfacing is where the disks are put in a lathe and the disk surface is machined to give a smooth even surface so that the break pads sit flush on the disk . Not an expert but i think that sound in the vdeo comes when the brake disk surfaces are polished and shiny . and facing the disks and drums would solve your issue i guess .
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