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  1. Advice needed, my car's abs system is currently in need of a abs system replacement and I have found one at a reasonable price with a warranty, the only problem is it appears to be of a different Prius model ( 3rd gen but not 30 model) the mechanic said they would reprogram the abs system to match the car model. Is this a relaible fix?
  2. Grid

    Professional Car painter Needed

    Borelesgamuwa towards bellanwia temple there's a road on the left - bulathsingha Mawath (adjoining jayasinghe motors), just a few meters down there's a paint shop. Their work is solid. Fully restored an evo with an immaculate paint job from them.
  3. Grid

    KIA Picanto 2017. Should I buy?

    Thanks for the Info, much appreciated. I personally believe the new Picanto is the best looking out if the lot. Though when it comes to resale value I don't think any car holds it's value in the Sri lankan market as well as an Indian Suzuki or a Toyota.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a brand new car to buy and I am quite interested in the new Picanto as it looks very nice and the fit and finish of the inside plastics is quite excellent compared to other cars in the price range and they have a 5 year warranty as well. I need to know how is the fuel economy within city and if the engine has enough power to wizz around traffic. Or is it better to go for the other alternatives in this price bracket like the Toyota Wigo, Suzuki Celerio or the Perodua Axia?
  5. I got the xr's engine and carb serviced.. replace engine oil put a new air filter ... ( total cost 4600 ) runs like a dream... like your'll said I checked to see if it was just surface rust by sanding it with an 80g sandpaper... most of it was just surface rust but the area near the swing arm bolt on the right side was completely rusted.. so I took it to a welder and asked him to get that fixed.. ( cost 600 ) and now it's pretty much perfect other than the rear tyre... I got an offer for 200,000 ... is it worth it?
  6. It's not a few months... it's may 2015 for my license. .. also the reason I'm not a fan of the xr is because it doesn't have an electric motor... I'm pretty short at 5'8 so it's really difficult for me to keep kicking it..
  7. I wasn't planning to go outsation on the xr.. btw even I wasn't allowed to ride until I was about to become 17
  8. you should check out the rust on my bike.. it was kept for about 5 years without use... biggest suprise was when I pulled it out the garage and after about 10 kicks ot fired up... I guess that's what people call japanese reliability ah..
  9. thanks for the feedback on what bike I should get.. what bike would anyone recommend I get for about 2 1/2 lakhs? I preffer motards but a dual sport is fine ...
  10. also it's too hacked up to do anything...and the frame is rusting near the rear shock
  11. ha ha. no it's not a brag.. mine is a really hacked up bike , it's yom is 94 .. I don't see the w orth in buying a new rear tyre as I'm going to buy a new bike anyway.. (I wasn't the one who hacked it)
  12. I was thinking of getting rid of the bike completely. . Is the demak dtm a good bet? since I'm into supermoto's it's well within my price range and looks pretty good.. I haven't ridden it but im pretty interested In it.. (tired of cramps in my leg trying to kick that bloody overcompressed engine)..
  13. what do you mean idiot? I'm a pretty safe rider you know
  14. That too when he's riding a xr 250 with very bad brakes and worn off rear tyre ..